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•  Seeking female ACT Vets members for online focus groups

•  From the Desk of the Handicapper

•  2021 AGM – Held in a COVID Safe Environment

•  COVID-19 Restrictions

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Ian Morton

Seeking female ACT Vets members for online focus groups

We have engaged an external evaluator, Erin, to look at how well we engage with our membership and target group, to identify what works well and what can be improved. Many of you participated in an online survey late last year.

Erin is inviting female members (former members also welcome) to participate in an online focus group. This will provide an opportunity for female members to provide direct feedback about the club, discuss specific issues emerging from the survey findings, and consider how the club may better respond to women’s interests.

Three times are available to choose from:

  • 4:00pm, Sunday 24 January 2021
  • 7:30pm, Wednesday 27 January 2021
  • 7:30pm, Thursday 28 January [New additional time]

Focus groups will take one hour and be held via the online platform Zoom. To participate or for more information, contact erinbarry@hotmail.com.

If you would like to contribute but are unable to attend these session times, please contact Erin to arrange a separate time for a phone call.

For more information about the evaluation activities, visit the ACTVCC website: https://actvets.cc/about/have-your-say-actvcc-survey.

From the Desk of the Handicapper


Conan Liu B to A

Rob Langridge

2021 AGM – Held in a COVID Safe Environment

The AGM for 2021 will be held on Monday 15th February 2021 at 7:00pm in the Loft Meeting Room at the Raiders Club Weston.

COVID-19 Restrictions

There are conditions for travelers from other states.

Members should stay home if you have been feeling unwell or showing symptoms of COVID-19 or been in contact with someone who has felt unwell in the past 2 weeks.


Tuesday, 19th January: Stromlo Criterium

Where: Stromlo Forest Park
Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number.
Race Description:
E/F/G 5:50 30 min + 2 laps
A/C 6:30 A 45m+2, C 40m+2
B/D 7:20 B 45m+2, D 40m+2

Race Director:  Penelope Anderson Contact: Email: penelopeanderson100@gmail.com    Ph  0458 651 046

Marshals: Josh Quilliam

Wednesday, 20th January: Track Racing

The Program for Wednesday is;
5.30pm – 6.00pm: Warm-up and free practice;
6.00pm – 6.20pm: 8-lap graded scratch race;
6.20pm – 6.50pm: 1-lap SS time trial.
6.50pm – 7.10pm: 2-lap handicap.
7.10pm – 7.30pm: Italian pursuit

Sunday, 24th January – Mt Majura – Time Trial Uphill

Where: Assemble at Base of Mnt Majura Rd
When: 9:00 am.
Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number
Race Description:
Mnt Majura hill climb
Average Grade: 7.8%

Race Director: David Hennessy Contact: Email: lehenn@bigpond.com    Ph  0411 484 516


SFP Criterium – 12th January

The threat of a thunderstorm and high winds were the backdrop to racing on 12 January 2020, although not enough to deter a strong turn out as crits ramped back up for 2021.

In A grade, Dan Lekhac was the undisputed winner of the ‘combativity’ prize attacking off the front and spending the first thirty minutes away with Liam O’dea also working hard swapping turns. After being brought back with a strong chase led by Mark Harris, Matt Corby and Paul Scherl, Dan took off again trying his luck solo but was brought back to the fold once more. In the closing stages, Jason Chalker managed to get a gap and looked like potentially staying away before Marc Vroomans opened up a lengthy sprint but carried his speed all the way to the finish line having time to sit up and enjoy his second win in a row, undefeated in 2021. Mark Harris and Matt Corby rounded out the podium.

C grade was another hotly contested affair dominated by the Terracinis who took turns to attack and open up a series of breaks. After a flurry of attacks, Andrew and Stephen Terracini got away with Frank Zeller as the bunch behind struggled to get organised, despite a strong effort by Ben Neal to get across to the leaders. In the end, Andrew and Frank were left to fight it out for the win and despite Frank opening up the sprint, it was Andrew who had the better legs crossing first for a well deserved victory.

After an orderly start, the tranquility in B grade was upset by Rainer Wilton making a guest appearance after a mechanical kept him from starting in A grade. The pace was kept high by Dan Crocker and David McCook, with Al Raitt regularly featuring in the attacks. Roman McMurray and Darren Blackhurst also put in strong efforts to get away but were reeled back by the bunch. In the end, it came down to a bunch sprint with Conan Liu timing it to perfection and enjoying the win, followed by Kieran Buttler and Gareth Downey.

After a civilised start, Mike Golding disrupted the peace attacking around the 15 minute mark. Further attacks by Terry Moore, Ian Morton, and Mark Taylor followed but were brought back. Brian Chugg established a small gap staying away with Mark Taylor for a lap, before further attacks from John Ross and Eoin Rothery. Following the pattern of the night, a bunch sprint ensued won by Kevin Newhouse from Paul Clare and Alex Somma Riva.

With light fading and the flashes of lightning in the distance, E and F grade set off together. Chris Reis kept up early pace along with Geoff Ellacot and Rosemary Robinson. The bunch cooperated well rolling turns until Pat Rooke kicked things off with two laps to go, attacking off the front. In E grade, Chris Reis took a flyer from collarbone with plenty of time to enjoy the win, followed by Geoff Ellacot and M Donaldson. Colin Calderwood, who contested the sprint with E grade, was a deserving winner in F grade, followed by Dennis Puniant and Bob Mitter.

Lastly, a reminder to all bunches when overtaking slower riders/bunches to hold their line, particularly when the pass takes place at the bends. While everyone stayed upright, the B grade bunch cut across D grade when passing making for some tense moments and riders were squeezed in the corner.

Brad Peppinck

Track Racing – 13th January

Wednesday 13 January saw the resumption of the track racing season in 2021. The evening was hot and still. The temperature cooled slightly over the evening, providing quite good conditions for racing. Attendance was good with 15 riders, 7 in A grade and 8 in B grade.

The 8-lap A grade scratch race started at an easy pace with Martin Graham and Ben Davis taking the initial turns. It was not until lap 4 that the pace increased as Steve Hirsler rolled to the front. By lap 6 Craig Kentwell and Wayne Benham had positioned themselves high on the banking in prime position to attack. Craig attacked as lap 7 commenced, with Wayne in hot pursuit. The final two laps were contested at a scorching pace. Steve Jones gradually worked his way to the front and took the win. Martin Graham also progressed to take second spot. Wayne Benham overtook Craig Kentwell and held on for third place.

The B Grade scratch race was quite orderly for the first 6 laps with riders swapping the lead lap by lap. Ian Drayton rolled into lead on lap 7 and initiated an early sprint over 1 + 3/4 laps. The pace was hot with James Newhouse and Ken Birch pursuing Ian and the remainder of the bunch hanging on relentlessly. Ian Drayton held out for a well-deserved win. Phil Anderson overtook Ken Birch over the final lap and took second placing. Ken held out the remaining bunch to take third place.

The evening’s second event was a 200 fly, a flat out, flying start sprint over 200 metres. This is a popular and highly technical event where the flying start needs to be spot on for a good time. The A grade times were quite close. However, Steve Jones put in an outstanding sprint for best time at 12.87 seconds. Closest to Steve were Wayne Benham (13.78 seconds) and Craig Kentwell (13.97 seconds). Ian Drayton put in the best B grade time at 14.62 seconds. Ken Birch was a close second at 14.95 seconds and Tony Beasley was only a fraction slower at 15.02 seconds for third placing.

The third event for the evening was a graded mystery race where the final lap signal is given, at random, in the range 5 – 8 laps. Sometimes this event can be won by a combination of luck and initiative. However, for both A and B grade, the bunches stayed tight over the critical laps and the event results were down to pure pace. In A grade, Steve Jones took the win ahead of Craig Kentwell in second and Wayne Benham in third place. In B grade Ian Drayton demonstrated his strength with a win over Phil Anderson (second) and Ken Birch (third).

The track session closed with the usual, all-in, Italian pursuit. The teams were 6 riders each. The event was a bit more one sided than usual. Both teams had good starts and rode without error. However, team 1 had the edge and soon gained around 15m advantage that they held to the finish.

Major place getters for Wednesday were as follows:
8-Lap Scratch: (A Grade) Steve Jones, Martin Graham, Wayne Benham. (B Grade) Ian Drayton, Ken Birch, Tony Beasley.
200m Fly: (A Grade) Steve Jones (12.87s), Wayne Benham (13.78s), Craig Kentwell (13.97s). (B Grade) Ian Drayton (14.62s), Ken Birch (14.95s), Tony Beasley (15.02s).
Mystery Race: (A Grade) Steve Jones, Craig Kentwell, Wayne Benham. (B Grade) Ian Drayton, Phil Anderson, Ken Birch.
Combined Italian Pursuit: Winner Team 1 (Steve Jones, Rowan McMurray, Ian Drayton, Ken Birch, Colin Calderwood, Graeme O’Neill).

Season Point Score Update:
Ian Drayton (139), Steve Jones (138), Phil Anderson (137), Ken Birch (124), James Newhouse (113), John Paul De Sousa (111), Phil Coulton (105), Wayne Benham (93), Alison Hale (92), Bruce Griffin (85).

Graeme O’Neill