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Ian Morton


Tuesday, 30th November: Stromlo Criterium

Note: Pre-registration required by 30 Nov 2021 3:50 pm.

Any requests for Grade changes should be sorted out with the Handicapper prior to registration.

Where: Stromlo Forest Park
Race Description:
A/C 5:50 A 42m+2, C 38m+2
B/D 6:35 B 42m+2, D 38m+2
E/F/G 7:20 28 min + 2 laps

Race Director: Stephen Terracini Contact: Email:    Ph  0411 406 911

Marshals: Kieran Butler

Wednesday, 1st December: Track Racing

The Program for Wednesday is;
5.30pm – 6.00pm: Warm-up and free practice;
6.00pm – 6.20pm: 8-lap graded scratch race;
6.20pm – 6.40pm: 2-lap handicap;
6.40pm – 7.00pm: Graded snowball;
7.00pm – 7.20pm: Italian pursuit.

Sunday, 5th No Race

Unfortunately the scourge of club racing (no, not Swooping Magpies), but lack of Racing Approvals has caught us out again so Sunday’s race has had to be canceled.


SFP Criterium – 23rd November

Fine, mild and calm conditions made for a pleasant evening of racing.

To start the evening, 22 D graders rolled together as a bunch. About half way through the race Rico Fitch and Mark Taylor launched an attack and had a reasonable break….but were reeled in. After a few more antics, Mark Taylor was first across the line, followed by Craig O’Neall and then Kevin Newhouse.

There was plenty of action from the 36 guys in B grade, including as early breakaway from Seymour Savell-Boss, Dan Crocker and Peter Young. The break swelled to five or six riders for a period before being reabsorbed by the main bunch. At the halfway point, Joshua Bolton was Bolt-ing away for a solo sprint and stayed out in front alone for several laps. The final sprint saw Simon Priest claim first, Bruce Goodfellow second, Dale Riley third and Joshua Bolton forth.

Next came E, F and G grade. Bernie Crowe rode a consistent pace as he time-trialed to another G grade win.

After the first two laps, the F grade bunch was split in two, with the orange red and fluro trio of Robert Solomons, Miche Hodges and Adrian Breen outshining and outpacing the rest. They crossed the line in that order with Mike Haynes coming in forth.

E grade consisted of eleven riders on ten bikes. Cat Riley did a lot of the work at the front of the bunch in the first half of the race. With half a lap to go the tandem pair upped the pace on the straight with Pat Rooke strategically positioned on their back wheel and the rest in hot pursuit. In the sprint finish, Lindy Hou and Colin Calderwood narrowly beat Pat by about a tire’s width with Mick Donaldson third and Dale Dummett forth.

As the daylight dimmed, A and C grade took to the track with 25 in each bunch. There was action a-plenty from both these grades with numerous attacks and chases. In C grade Steven Terracini pressed out in front with four laps to go. Craig Lindermayer won the sprint with Clinton Porteous second, Andrew Buick third and Tom Stewart Moore forth.

Matt Rizzuto launched a solo attack out of A grade. With six minutes to go and light fading fast, he had company. Line honors went to Gerard Tiffen first, Jeremy Gillman-Wells second and Matthew Corby third.

Rosemary Robinson

Track Racing – 24th November

The track racing session for 24 November was canceled due to rain. The steeply banked velodrome is too dangerous to ride when wet.

Season Point Score after Round 3:
Alison Hale (57), Michael Langdon (53), Ken Birch (50), Tony Beasley (49), John Paul De Sousa (47), James Newhouse (45), Craig Kentwell (45), Phil Coulton (33), Graeme O’Neill (31), Karen Clutson (30), Warwick Wilson (30), Steve Jones (25), Bruce Griffin (24), Ian Drayton (24), Ben Robey (23).

Graeme O’Neill

Club Championship – 28th November

Capital Region Masters Cycling ClubWomen’s F3 L to R: Rosemary Robinson, Terry Moore (1st)Capital Region Masters Cycling ClubM1 winner Tristan Fuge. Tristan will have to wait until 2069 to match Lindsay
Graham’s feat of winning the M11 title.
Capital Region Masters Cycling ClubM2 Winner Simon Priest. Track and field fans from the 80s will notice his variation
of Florence Giffith-Joyner’s famous ‘one legger’
Capital Region Masters Cycling ClubM4 L to R: Heath Wade, Jeremy Gillman-Wells, Gerard Tiffen
Capital Region Masters Cycling ClubM5 L to R: Christophe Barbaret, Matt Rizzuto, Nathan SpillaneCapital Region Masters Cycling ClubM9 L to R: Alex Sommariva, Mark Taylor (1st).
Capital Region Masters Cycling ClubM10: Des Brown and his new crownsCapital Region Masters Cycling ClubM11 Champ Lindsay Graham.