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Ian Morton

From the Race Committee

The RMS has been updated with the ACT races that we have currently secured approval. The Committee is still working on NSW events.

We are looking for volunteers to fill the Race Director and Marshal positions so that we can ensure the running of these races.


Tuesday, 22nd February: Stromlo Criterium – Club Championship

Note: Tomorrow’s Crit is only for men age groups M1 (30-34) thru M5 (50-54)

Note: Pre-registration required by 22 Feb 2022 3:50 pm.

No late entries accepted.

Where: Stromlo Forest Park

Race Description:
M4 (45-49)/M5 (50-54) @5:50 40 min
M1 (30-34)/ M2 (35-39)/M3 (40-44) @6:40 45 min
*Age Classification is the Age that you turn on your birthday in 2022, e.g. a rider who turns 40 in December 2022 is classed as M3 (40-44) or W2 (40-49) for all events during 2022.

Race Director:  Allan Bontjer Contact: Email:    Ph  0422 808 035

Marshals: Rosemary Robinson

Thursday, 24th February: Track Racing

The Program for Thursday is;
5.30pm – 6.00pm: Warm-up and free practice,
6.00pm – 6.20pm: 8-lap graded scratch race,
6.20pm – 6.50pm: 2-lap paired match races (Omnium Event),
6.50pm – 7.10pm: 2-lap handicap race,
7.10pm – 7.30pm: Italian pursuit.

Sunday, 27th February – Tharwa – Age Standard Time Trial

Note: Pre-registration required by 26 Feb 2022 6:00 pm.

Any requests for Grade changes should be sorted out with the Handicapper prior to registration.

Where: Start near Cuppacumbalong Homestead entry. Parking in Tharwa village or picnic area adjacent western end of Tharwa Bridge.
When: 9:00 am.
Race Description:
From carpark near bridge to Apollo Rd and return.

Race Director:  tba Contact: Email: tba    Ph  tba

Marshals: tba


SFP Criterium – 15th February

Race 1 – M8, M9, M10 and M11, 30 min +2 laps.

The age groups rolled out as separate bunches, and we had the pleasure of seeing some very aggressive and varied racing.

First M8 rolled away and locked into a very tight bunch. While there were plenty of attacks, with Brian Peak and David Rowe leading the charge, none got very far or lasted more than a lap. The pace was high and saw the bunch whittle down from 9 to 7 at the end for an extremely tight sprint, which saw Eoin Rothery take 1st, Brian Peak 2nd and Bruce McMillan 3rd.

Next, the M9 saw Mark Taylor attack hard on lap 1 taking Alex and Rico with him. These three stayed away for the rest of the race before Mark won in a decisive sprint finish.

M10 saw one of the most impressive rides of the night. Des Brown showed his exceptional form establishing a sizable break within the first lap, and going on to lap his M10 competition and take 1st. Dennis Puniard and Michael Spoljaric worked well together before sprinting for 2nd with Dennis taking it out.

Finally Bernard Crowe, rode a relentless pace for the 30 mins + 2 laps flying the flag for the M11 category inspiring all present. Chapeau Bernie 1st!

Chapeau Bernie 1st!Capital Region Masters Cycling Club
M8: Eoin Rothery, Brian Peak, Bruce McMillanCapital Region Masters Cycling Club
M9: Mark K Taylor, Alex Sommariva, Rico FitchCapital Region Masters Cycling Club
M10: Des Brown, Dennis Puniard, Mijo (michael) SpoljaricCapital Region Masters Cycling Club
M11: Bernard Crowe Race 2 – Women’s all ages, 30 min +2 laps.Capital Region Masters Cycling ClubWomen’s startWith 15 riders and perfect weather, the handful of spectators present were going to be treated to a thrilling battle in the women’s age criterium championships. It was great to see such a big turnout. The race didn’t attract anyone in the W1 starters, so it was expected that the W2s of Peta Brill, Vanessa Judge and new member Marnie Rose would be the major protagonists. Last year, Vanessa put on a Filippo Ganna-esque performance to ride everyone off her wheel in the last few laps to take victory. This year we were again expecting Terry Moore to put in a few attacks to thin out the field, while Liz Lowe and Alison Hale would be using their excellent positioning skills and sprint to be right up there in the action.This year’s race was different. The bunch rode a high pace for the full 30 mins with the few attacks which managed to gap the field not gaining more than a couple of bike lengths before being neutralised. The inevitable sprint finish was fast and saw Peta Brill show her superb sprinting form to lead a tight bunch home.W2, 1st Peta Brill, 2nd Marnie Rose and Vanessa Judge 3rd. W3 1st Alison Hale, 2nd Pat Rooke, 3rd Cat Riley. W4 1st Terry Moore and W5 1st Gai Monahan.Capital Region Masters Cycling Club
W2: Peta Brill, Marnie Rose, Vanessa JudgeCapital Region Masters Cycling Club
W3: Alison Hale, Pat Rooke, Cat RileyCapital Region Masters Cycling Club
W4: Terry Moore, Michelle HodgettsCapital Region Masters Cycling Club
M5: Gai Monahan Race 3 – M6 and M7, 35 min +2 laps.The M6 race was a highly aggressive race among a strong field. Darren Blackhurst firing the first shot with the first of his solo break away attempts , had the field chasing and strung out with a couple of riders dropped early and committing to time trial mode for the duration. At about the 20 min mark Chris Short created excitement attacking hard with Conan Liu and Michael Langdon shadowing, but not driving and happy to wait for the bunch kick. After the bunch chased back on to the leading 3 and Darren tried his luck for the 3rd time before the bunch settled in for a cracking last 2 laps. The bell lap saw Conan attack uncharacteristically early ultimately leading out the sprint from long range and being overtaken by Chris 1st and Michael 2nd in a photo finish. Chapeau to regular C graders Warwick Wilson 4th and Matthew Hardy 5th who were right there in the bunch, putting in very impressive rides.While M7 was the biggest field of the night, the race saw Mark Harris attack from the gun, setting a pace so high that only David McCook, Michael Foulds and Dale Kleeman could follow. Once the gap established the pace of this group stayed impressively high, and working together well until around the 20 min mark when Mark started turning the screws despatching his companions 1 by 1, but not before they had not only lapped the rest of the M7 field but also caught and passed M6. The race had solo riders crossing the line Mark 1st, David 2nd and Dale 3rd after which it was another couple of solo riders before the M7 bunch arrived mostly together for a vigorous bunch sprint.Capital Region Masters Cycling Club
M6: Christopher Short, Michael Langdon, Conan LiuCapital Region Masters Cycling Club
M7: Mark Harris, David McCook, Dale Kleeman I’d like to thank Marc Harris and Seymour Savell-Boss for Marshalling, and also Rob Langridge for being master of ceremonies, awarding medals to our champions in all our age groups. Matt Hinchliffe Track Racing – 17th FebruaryThe evening weather for the season’s 10th track racing session was near perfect. It was fine and sunny. The temperature was comfortable and the wind was light. Attendance was quite poor for the conditions, with 13 riders, 8 in A grade and 5 in B grade. Frank O’Sullivan lined up in B grade for his first track outing.The 8-lap A grade scratch race had several attacks. It started at tempo pace with Ben Davis doing the first lap before handing on to James Newhouse. Lead outs by Tony Beasley, Craig Kentwell and Michael Langdon followed. Michael raised the pace. However, this stung Kerry Knowler and Lindy Hou into action on the tandem and they were soon leading out. Then Ben Davis put in a burst causing the pack to string out. Ben held a high pace until the bell lap when Michael Langdon accelerated into the lead, pursued by Tony Beasley and Craig Kentwell. These three riders crossed the line in that order, with Ben Davis hanging on for fourth place. It was a good effort by all A graders.The B Grade scratch race started in with Karen Clutson leading out. Alison Hale then took a one lap lead-out. She hung high on the banking after turning over the lead to Graeme O’Neill. However, Alison decided it was too early for an attack and allowed an orderly change over to Frank O’Sullivan, Phil Coulton and Karen Clutson. The change overs brought Alison to the front for the penultimate lap. Graeme O’Neill stood out of the saddle and attacked as the bell lap approached. However, this was like poking a hornet’s nest. Immediately, Alison Hale and Karen Clutson blasted out from the pack and Frank O’Sullivan rounded Graeme in hot pursuit of the pair. Alison proved too strong for Karen. She opened a gap in the back straight and powered home for the win. Karen Clutson pushed hard and held on the second place from Frank O’Sullivan in third place.The evening’s second event was a 1-lap, standing start time trial that counted as the second event of a 4-event, Omnium Championship. The times were competitive with Michael Langdon setting the benchmark at 27.96 seconds. Michael was the only A1 rider competing. However, the A2 group set excellent times with three riders under 30 seconds, namely Tim Jolly (28.78s), Ben Davis (29.79s) and Craig Kentwell (29.97s). In B Grade, new rider Frank O’Sullivan set a great time of 29.98 seconds for a win. Karen Clutson (31.09s) and Alison Hale (31.48s) picked up second and third placings with quick rides.The evenings third event was a 4-lap handicap with A & B grades combined. This is a hard race, so it was good to see 11 of the 14 riders lining up for another dose of punishment. Graeme O’Neill led out at limit. However, within one lap both Alison Hale and Karen Clutson blasted past Graeme. Karen probably over cooked the early lap, as she faded towards the end. Alison also faded slightly, but hung on for fourth. For a change, it was a feast for back markers, with Craig Kentwell taking the win from the scratch rider Michael Langdon. Tony Beasley put in a great effort for third placing.The track session closed with the usual, all-in, Italian pursuit. This event ended up with 2 teams of only 4 riders. Team 1 thought they had good prospects, as they were more experienced and hoped to profit from the best teamwork. Things were looking up for them, initially, as they made a good start and their second rider Alison Hale soon gained a small advantage over Team 2. Team 1 retained a slight lead as the race progressed and the anchor riders took over. However, Team 1’s lead was not sufficient. Team 2’s anchor rider Craig Kentwell scorched around the final lap, turning around the small deficit for a close win (less than half a bike length). It was good, exciting racing by both teams.Major place getters were as follows:
8-Lap Scratch: (A1 Grade) Michael Langdon. (A2 Grade) Tony Beasley, Craig Kentwell, Ben Davis. (B Grade) Alison Hale, Karen Clutson, Frank O’Sullivan.
1-Lap SS TT: (A1 Grade) Michael Langdon (27.96s). (A2 Grade) Tim Jolly (28.78s), Ben Davis (29.79s), Craig Kentwell (29.97s). (B Grade) Frank O’Sullivan (29.98s), Karen Clutson (31.09s) Alison Hale (31.48s).
Combined 4-lap Handicap: Craig Kentwell, Michael Langdon, Tony Beasley.
Combined Italian Pursuit: Winner Team 2 (Craig Kentwell, Tim Jolly, Frank O’Sullivan, Phil Coulton).Omnium Championship Points after Round 2:
Graeme O’Neill (10), Michael Langdon (8), Tony Beasley (6), James Newhouse (6), Kerry Knowler (5), Lindy Hou (5), Frank O’Sullivan, (4), Alison Hale (3), Tim Jolly (3).Season Point Score Update:
Alison Hale (201), Tony Beasley (195), Craig Kentwell (170), James Newhouse (160), Michael Langdon (158), Ken Birch (119), Graeme O’Neill (109), John Paul De Sousa (99), Bruce Griffin (97), Kerry Knowler (93), Karen Clutson (84), Phil Coulton (75), Wayne Benham (68), Warwick Wilson (62), Ben Davis (58). Graeme O’Neill Unsubscribe from the Capital Region Masters Cycling Club (ACT) mailing list. ReplyForward