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•  Closure of Stromlo Forest Park

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Ian Morton

Closure of Stromlo Forest Park

Due to recent heavy rain, the Stromlo Forest Park facility is currently closed, including the Crit Track.

The Race Committee has a meeting scheduled for Tuesday afternoon 3pm with SFP Management to discuss being able to use the Criterium Track despite the site closure this week and going forward. At this stage we remain optimistic that Crits will go ahead, so plan to race. We will confirm by 4pm tomorrow.

From the Desk of the Handicapper


Ally Roche E to D

Rob Langridge
Club Handicapper

From the Committee

CRMCC Club kit order

We have had some interest in doing another CRMCC Club kit order. Could anyone interested in having the kit portal open again please email with the items you would be interested in and even the potential size if known (eg. Medium bibs, medium jersey, large socks) and Jimmy will gauge whether there is enough interest for an order. This would be for delivery before Christmas – 5-6 weeks delivery time. Thank you!

First Aid Qualifications

Could members who are First Aid qualified to email the Race Committee ( so we can build a Master list for future reference?

Reduced Membership Fee for Remainder of 2022

A reduced membership fee of $80 is now available for new members and non-financial members wishing to rejoin the club between now and 31 December 2022. Register via the AVCC online membership portal at


Tuesday, 18th October: Stromlo Criterium


Note: Registration required by 25 Oct 2022 5:00 pm.
Any requests for Grade changes should be sorted out with the Handicapper prior to registration.
Late entries may be considered in exceptional circumstances. Please email

Where: Stromlo Forest Park

Race Description:
E/F/G 5:50 20 min 2 laps
A/C 6:15 A 30m 2, C 25m 2
B/D 6:50 B 30m 2, D 25m 2
Sunset @ 7:27

Race Director:  Bruce Griffin Contact: Email:    Ph  0402 000 619

Marshals: Frank Zeller

ps For those members riding home after the race, don’t forget your lights. It will be getting dark soon after the racing.

Thursday, 27th October: Track Racing

The Program for Thursday is;
5.30pm – 6.00pm: Warm-up and free practice.
6.00pm – 6.20pm: 8-lap graded scratch race.
6.20pm – 6.40pm: 2-lap Handicap.
6.40pm – 7.00pm: Italian Pursuit.

Sunday, 30th October: No Scheduled Race


SFP Criterium – 18th October

Another perfect evening for racing was met with enthusiasm and many racers leaving home without their numbers. Unfortunately this has made for an interesting report with many attacks and podiums spots going to John and Jane Doe..

A & C grades were set off precisely at 5:50 with a few late arrivals joining the racing a lap down. A grade can best be described as a series of failed attacks by individual and groups of John Does. At the fifth min Callum Henshaw attacked but he was quickly shut down by James Thorp and James Meadley, and joined by Gareth Downey and Paul Scherl to establish a mini-break. Without crosswinds and riders backing up from Bowral every move was closely watched, and all attacks were shut down. The A grade trophy was won by Gerard Tiffen who got a superb leadout from Meadley, with James Thorp second and Matt Corby backing up for a fast finishing third.

C Grade set of 15 seconds behind A grade which allowed 95% of them the vital nanseconds to attach their numbers. The race resulted in 2 long range attacks and a tense sprint home with an unfortunate single accident entering the home straight. Thanks to the 2 riders that pulled over to lend assistance to Duncan (who we wish all the best for a speedy recovery and return). Dave Buckley kicked off with the first long long long range attack around the 5 min mark and looked set to ride away until he unexpectedly sat up when he noticed the handicapper pointing at him. Ian Preston detecting a slowing pack chose this moment to take the second long range attack which kept him away until the bell lap and the sprint home. Ian would and should have won if not for A Grade deciding to take a breather after passing him and Ian choosing not to draft. In the end, Paul Clare snuck a cheeky snuck a win over Craig O’Neall who was aiming for 2 in a row with Stephen Terracini in Bronze.

B & D were next off with B grade setting a gentile pace for the entire evening with much chatter and a song being heard in the group. There were no discernible attacks or they were well covered. B grade was also very supportive of letting D grade finish before picking up the pace again with 3 laps to go. Racing for sheep stations on the final lap, Julian Singson was seen dabbing over the finish line in first followed by Andrew Yates and Tobias McLenaghan singing we are the champions.

D Grade quickly setoff behind B grade to the groans of a few thinking that the marshals would give B Grade a half a lap head start…sorry guys get peddling and get racing. The first and only real attack was through Steve Harrison mid-race after his Bowral laden legs began to warm up. Steve set a cracking pace which eventually created fractured in D grade into three groups. The sprint home was won by Sonja Falez with strongman Steve Harrison second and Andrew Peel in third.

Finally E, F & G set off and the only grades to sport all their race numbers, well done team. This group was also the only group with a certain winner, G Grader Gai Monahan set a cracking pace from start to finish and easily beat her shadow. For both E & F grades they were both comfortable settling in for the long hall and vying their time for royalty and stepping up on the podium. Starting with E grade, first was Ally Roche, followed by Linda Stals, Chris Copeland, Mick Donaldson, Rico Fitch. F Grade, Bob Miller brought home the bacon followed closely by Lindsay Graham, Paul Robey and newbie and ex professional hurdler Bob Craine. Thanks E, F & G for wearing your numbers it was greatly appreciated.

Mega Big thanks to Ross Heazlewood for marshalling and bringing his own broom, I expected to see him fly off on it when he left. Simon Whitehead for his first aiding and repair service, the handicapper Rob for getting everything opened, closed, and keeping a close eye on both Dave Buckley & Ian Preston. Finally, a special mention to Chloe Hanbury for her marshalling and sign dancing even though she doesn’t even race!

Mick Hanbury

Track Racing – 20th October

Thursday 20 October saw the first track racing session for the 2022-23 season. The weather was quite threatening, throughout the day. However, rain held off as the racing session approached, eventually occurring well after the session was completed. There was a brisk headwind in the front straight, an unusual wind direction for the Bundadome. Attendance was poor (11 riders) but understandable, given the conditions.

The 8-lap A grade scratch race started with Warwick Wilson leading out at a steady tempo. Tim Jolly, Hamish Anderson, Craig Kentwell and John Paul De Sousa took one lap turns on the front before Warwick Wilson again rolled into the lead on lap 6. Warwick raised the pace a notch and the pack started to drift apart. However, as the bell lap approached, the pack consolidated and started spreading up the banking, poised for the sprint. Tim Jolly led out the sprint closely followed by Craig Kentwell, John Paul De Sousa and Hamish Anderson. Tim managed to hold off the pursuers to take the win, closely followed by John Paul De Sousa in second place and Hamish Anderson third.

The B Grade scratch race began with James Newhouse leading out. Graeme O’Neill immediately dropped off the back, having pulled out of a cleat. Graeme steadied himself, dropped a lap, then rejoined the bunch on lap 2. The first four laps were orderly with riders swapping out turns and maintaining a good pace. Ed Garnett put in a solid turn, then Alison Hale carefully positioned herself high with two laps remaining. The pace came on as the bell lap approached. Initially James Newhouse and Alison Hale pulled out about 10 metres from the bunch. Alison pulled a further 5 metres on James in the final turn and surged on for the win. James held second place with Mark Canaider finishing strongly for third place.

The second event was a 1-lap standing start time trial. This event is quite technical and requires a strong initial acceleration and tidy, high-speed sprint to the finish. Not all riders had their technique honed to perfection in this first race session. However, Tim Jolly (28.82s) and John Paul De Sousa (29.12s) put in good times in A1 grade. Hamish Anderson, riding in A2 grade put in the best time (28.45s). There were also some impressive B grade times, namely Ed Garnett (29.90s), James Newhouse (30.84s) and Bruce Griffin (31.65s).

The final event for the evening was the usual Italian Pursuit. Teamwork is the crucial element for this event, but this was below par for both teams. This is understandable for the season’s first race session. Initially, Team 2 looked ragged and Team 1 rode well to gain a decent advantage after three laps. The race then went downhill for Team 1 with Craig Kentwell gapping the following riders and Hamish Anderson struggling to hold pace. Then Team 1 compounded the mistake by John Paul De Sousa passing his lead rider and heading off solo. Team 2’s transgressions were a bit to brazen for the commissaire, so the race was awarded to Team 2. Normally the technique in this race improves steadily throughout the season. At this stage, there is plenty of room for improvement.

Major place getters were as follows:
8-Lap Scratch: (A1 Grade) Tim Jolly, John Paul De Sousa. (A2 Grade) Hamish Anderson, Craig Kentwell, Warwick Wilson. (B Grade) Alison Hale, James Newhouse, Mark Canaider.
1-Lap SS TT: (A1 Grade) Tim Jolly (28.82s), John Paul De Sousa (29.12s). (A2 Grade) Hamish Anderson (28.45s), Warwick Wilson (29.30s), Craig Kentwell (30.05s). (B Grade) Ed Garnett (29.90s), James Newhouse (30.84s), Bruce Griffin (31.65s).
Combined Italian Pursuit: Winner Team 2 (Tim Jolly, Warwick Wilson, Conan Liu, Colin Calderwood, Mark Canaider, Bruce Griffin).

Season Point Score Update:
Tim Jolly (20), Hamish Anderson (18), Warwick Wilson (17), James Newhouse (16), John Paul De Sousa (16), Alison Hale (15), Craig Kentwell (15), Bruce Griffin (15), Ed Garnett (14).

Graeme O’Neill