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“Please ensure you wear your race number. As having numbers on, helps the… Race Director”.
Race Director – CRMCC Valued Volunteer

From the Presidents Desk

To all members.  It is time for us as a club to move forward in our cycling experience as we celebrate 30 years since the founding of our club.  At the 20th anniversary in 2013, we had 450 members.   I thank the current 250 members for your support and efforts in keeping us going through much change and challenges of recent years.  While there are many things listed below, they are simply the requirements members have indicated would assist with their cycling in the club.  Of course, this is not necessarily the full or comprehensive list.  As a volunteer club we seek assistance from its members.  Please consider your ability to help in any of these areas and please let us know.

What’s been achieved and where we are at:

1.We are trialling a new program of road racing without NSW for 2023.

a. Sunday winter road races are in the calendar at one a month for at least 6 races.  This is being trialled between April and September inclusive to see how participation goes.  Our next Sunday event is 21 May at Lookout Hill and future events are on 25/6, 16/7, 13/8 & 3/9.

b. The new 6-race Super Series at SDTC has been well attended with 75 club members racing at least once in just 2 events.

c. A Mini Tour will be trialled- 2 events in one day on 3rd September. This is also Father’s Day  – to give everyone a heads up.

d. Generally, open road races entries are well up compared to the last couple of years.

e. Feedback to the committee on the road program, or suggestions for new road courses is appreciated. Planning for the 2024 program will commence in August this year.

2. All trophy & medal races are back on the race program e.g. Tonelli H’cap 17/6, Cole Family Secret H’cap 8/7 and Age based Road Championship 16/9 all at Uriarra, M&H Age Standard Time Trial 12/8 at Lookout Hill and Iron Mike 19/8 outside SFP.

3. There is support and mentoring available to those who wish it from either Mark Taylor or Matt Hinchcliffe.

4. We have spent time on the bicycle group or at BAG meetings to advocate our requirements.  Also liaison with Stromlo & Arboretum plus We Ride group about improvements to SFP for a 12Km closed circuit and extension to the crit track etc.  At this stage there is still no funding available and we will be paying to park at SFP once the car park has been upgraded over winter.

5. We continue to be a member of the AVCC (Australian Veterans Cycling Council).  This has meant our fees remain low as our insurance costs have been very competitive.  At present we are the cheapest club to race on the road in the country as we pass on no other fees to members.

6. We have been working our way through and responding to many of the suggestions made in the membership survey of 2019.

Immediate Priorities for the Club:

1. We remain a volunteer club that relies on all its members contributing their time to help us our achieve our goals and run our race program.  Our primary purpose is racing for those 30 years and over and to do that we need to service our membership and increase our participation rates particularly at Road Races and Track (velodrome).

2. NSW Racing – we can only race in NSW by hiring Traffic Controllers and a Race Referee/Director or equivalent due to the difference in qualification requirements in the ACT and Nationally.  As the country moves to more a professional approach in road management of traffic, it is becoming prohibitively expensive to continue to hire people for events in NSW.  Until we can work out a strategy to make racing affordable, we will limit our number of NSW events.  At present it costs us about $2000 to run a race depending upon what course etc.  We would need a minimum of 100 or more participants to keep race fees to around $25.  At present we only get around 30-40 in many road races depending upon the weather meaning race fees higher than $50 if we were to cover costs.

3. 30th Anniversary Celebrations – this year we are seeking help to plan and propose how we celebrate 30 years of cycling.  This could involve a combination of a social event, a ride and cake after plus any other suggestions.  Please contact myself or the committee if you are able to assist.

4. Van Co-ordination required to assist with checking out van occasionally, keeping an eye on maintenance schedule and assisting new Van drivers thru the steps required.  This could be a number of people to help here.  If you feel you can please let us know.

5. Rides Co-ordination – for occasional training, non-competitive and social rides to support new comers, novices and other members seeking a more social aspect to our race program.  This will cover a range of ability levels and could involve coffee after.  This can be more than one person in fact a few to lighten the load.

6. Committee structure to help the club executive in running and administering the club e.g. a recent call was made in the Bleat for members to form a group to look into the future and improve the club.  Only one volunteer so far.  It would be good to have a number of people.

7. A how to and tips & hints segment in the Bleat on a regular basis (fortnightly or monthly).  Requires someone with ability to co-ordinate in their busy schedule time to assist others.  This could simply be a link to relevant information on the internet with suggestions on techniques, nutrition, mechanical advice and racing strategies etc.

8. Arrange seminars or coaching sessions from experienced cyclists e.g. could be an online meeting.  Needs someone to find a topic, chase a presenter maybe once every 6-8 weeks, schedule a meeting, invite members and other trimmings associated with these seminars.

9.  Communications Co-ordination/Co-ordinator.  To develop and implement a strategic approach to club communications through platforms available to us and our members.  We already have some of this and would like a review and co-ordinated strategy to get the best for our members e.g. The Bleat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, website etc. and use these platforms to advertise to increase membership.

Further Priorities for the club going forward:

1. Brand development of CRMCC – more than just club kit.

2. Buddy system for riders seeking support.

3. Assistance for members needing a lift to races/events.

4. More descriptions about events – profiles, laps etc

5. Exemption from marshalling & substitute with other ways to help support the club.

6. Future training & support in marshalling, race directing/refereeing and traffic control.

7. Seeking a more diverse group on the clubs executive committee.

8. Develop a volunteer strategy – recognise and support our volunteers.

9. Develop a membership strategy – growth, engagement and support.

10. Manage our documentation, storage & easier access for our members. 

11. Operational strategy to grow the cycling experience for our members.

12. Induction information for new members and a novice program.

If you are interested in finding out more on any of these matters or are able to assist in any way please contact someone on the executive you know directly or email the committee or

Kim Malcolm – President CRMCC

RACING – Lookout Hill Graded Scratch

Sunday 21 May , 1.30pm – Lookout Hill – Graded Scratch

Format: Lookout Hill
3.5 km toward Tharwa, U turn, 5km toward Point Hut, U turn to Lookout Hill. 4 laps. The Classic lookout-hilltop finish!
Directions: Observation lookout on Tidbinbilla Road about 2.5 km towards Tharwa from Point Hut / Tidbinbilla Rd intersection (or about 4.5 km from Tharwa village).

Race Officials needed: Director x 1, ETC x 1 – please email the

Race Report – Sutton Super Series

From the Director’s chair of SDTC – 13 May. No F Grade race due to only one rider being registered. F Grade was absorbed into E Grade

E Grade
1st           281        Sarah Stephens
2nd          282        Russell Marston
3rd           287        Elizabeth Lowe (F Grade)
4th           86           Ashley Sked
5th           278        Ian Morton
6th           339        Linda Stals
DSN       124        Cat Riley

E Grade had 30 minutes plus One lap.  We had one non-starter, Cat Riley, due to a scare with a non-cycle friendly driver on the way to the race.  The race began in the Anti-Clockwise direction just for a change.  Early on, Linda Stals found the pace and/or the course too hot, and was the first to pop off the back of the bunch.  E Grade motored along for a good while before losing Ian Morton with 10 minutes still to go. On the last lap Sarah Stephens attacked and gained a good gap on the bunch.  Coming into the finish, Sarah held her gap and came across the line first.  The bunch sprint was won Russell Marston, closely followed by F Grader, Elizabeth Lowe and Ashley Sked.  Bringing up the rear was Ian Morton and Linda Stals who persisted and finished on the tough course.

D Grade
1st           78           Mark K Taylor
2nd          465        Gregory Harris
3rd           424        Michael Hanbury
4th           135        Terry Moore
5th           231        Anthony Beasley
6th           182        Nick Boylan
7th           84           Allan Bontjer
8th           202        Shirley-Anne Taylor

D Grade had 40 minutes plus One lap; although, the race director mistakenly said 50 minutes plus One, to which he was quickly corrected by the concerned bunch.  The bunch rode well together and only managed to drop Allan Bontjer and Shirley-Anne Taylor over the course of the race, with both riders riding stubbornly hard until the finish.  Mark Taylor won the sprint from Gregory Harris and Michael Hanbury, with Terry Moore, Anthony Beasley and Nick Boylan close behind.  Allan and Shirley-Anne both finished strongly, getting a great workout from their efforts today.

C Grade
1st           702        Matthew Pooley (Visitor)
2nd          378        Tobias McLenaghan
3rd           143        Timothy Jolly
4th           533        Krusty Bryant
5th           237        Roslyn Hurt
6th           136        Nathan Monck
7th           534        Ian Preston
8th           336        David Buckley
9th           256        Aaron Thomson (A Grade)
10th        423        Gavin Stephens
11th        409        Andrew Remely
12th        168        Stuart Roesler
13th        204        Luke Philps
14th        667        Dale Kleeman
DNF       501        Ed Logue
DNF       386        Nicholas Jeffries (did not report in, not seen in finishing chute)
DNF       503        Peter Merrick (did not report in, not seen in finishing chute)

C Grade with the largest bunch, also had 40 minutes plus One lap for their race.  With a bigger bunch the pace was quick from the start.  Their appeared to be a number of attacks to try and get away, with the bunch stringing out and then coming back together.  Eventually, two of the My Ride team riders were able to break free from the bunch. They continued to increase their lead throughout the race.  With the main bunch splintering with riders dropping off.  Eventually, with our two leaders out front, a main bunch chasing, and the dropped riders forming a second chasing bunch. Whether due to the strength of the two leaders, who increased a huge lead by the end, or whether the strength of the My Ride team numbers in the bunch prevented any real chance of closure.  Nevertheless, all riders showed great determination in pushing through until the end.  The two leaders, Tobias McLenaghan and Matthew Pooley (our Visitor), came to the line well clear of the chasing bunch, with Matthew winning the sprint.  From the main bunch, Timothy Jolly won the sprint from Krusty Bryant and Roslyn Hurt.  With Nathan Monck, Ian Preston, David Buckley and Aaron Thomson finishing just behind them.  In the second bunch, we had Gavin Stephens win the bunch sprint from Andrew Remely, Stuart Roesler and Luke Philps.  Dale Kleeman well off the back and riding by himself for much of the race, still finished strong.

B Grade
1st           356        Michael Davies
2nd          685        Todd Sowter
3rd           619        Craig Tozer
4th           132        Andrew Murrell
5th           589        Daniel Crocker
6th           304        Ross Goggin
7th           109        Alana Forster
DNF       67           Conan Liu (Mechanical)

B Grade had 50 minutes plus One lap for their race.  A smaller bunch for B Grade, but still managed to maintain a good pace throughout the race.  With the only casualty of the pace being Alana Forster who dropped off early in the race.  One mishap, with Conan Liu suffering an unfortunate mechanical and unable to continue.  Alana continued bravely, turning the race into a time trial to the finish. With one lap to go, the bunch was still together, and despite all efforts remained this way until they rounded the last corner.  Michael Davies took out the sprint with Todd Sowter and Craig Tozer taking the minor placings.  Andrew Murrell, Daniel Crocker and Ross Goggin were not far behind.

A Grade
1st           19         Stuart Griffiths
2nd          43         Michael Tolhurst
3rd           462       Sebastian Mueller
4th           71         Trent Smyth
5th           445       John Bridge
6th           510       Marc Vroomans (B Grade)
7th           257       Daniel Lekhac
8th           15         Stephen Blackburn
9th           273       Nathan Spillane
10th        382        Jason Irwin
11th        240        Rowan McMurray
12th        2            David Parker
DNF       574        Dimitar Dojcinoski (Puncture)

A Grade with a strong turnout, had 50 minutes plus One lap.  Marc Vroomans from B Grade decided to ride with the A bunch today.  The pace of the A Grade field clearly quick, and they were soon closing in on the B Grade bunch.  A Grade also had their casualties with a few riders popping off earlier than they would have wanted.  Kudos to all who persevered through to the finish.  Unfortunately, Dimitar Dojcinoski suffered a puncture in the pot hole through the causeway crossing.  In the end, Stuart Griffiths was too strong for the bunch, with Michael Tolhurst and Sebastian Mueller coming in 2nd and 3rd places.  Trent Smyth, John Bridge, Marc Vroomans, Daniel Lekhac, Stephen Blackburn, and Nathan Spillane finishing in that order.  Off the back, but still strong rides from Jason Irwin, Rowan McMurray, and David Parker.

David Wilkinson – Race Director

Sutton Super Series – Points Score

Here’s the point score after two rounds. Please check your results carefully and provide any feedback to Please do this now while memories are fresh as it will be very difficult to change quirky results from April if you wait until the last round in September. After two rounds, the number of riders still in the running for the 12-point bonus for competing in all rounds has dropped dramatically!

Promotions for Sutton Super Series Races
Toby McLenaghan C to B
Mick Hanbury D to C
Aaron Thompson C to B

Rob Langridge – Handicapper