Now that I have your attention, I encourage as many members as possible to attend the Clubs Annual General meeting (AGM).

As the new(ish) President I’d really appreciate members openly debating ideas for the direction of Club in 2017/18 and the AGM represents your best opportunity to participate in the shaping of the club for the future. If you’ve ever wanted to design a new race course, organise more club training rides, work with the ACT Government in providing better cycling facilities or even design the next club jersey, then the AGM is where you can put your hand up and contribute. There’s also the potential to put up your hand to join the Committee of the Club (downloaded from a nomination form) if you want to long lasting impact on the direction of the Club.

ACT Vets is a club run by club members for the benefit of club members and the more members that help in shaping the direction of the club then the better we’ll all be. Whilst we are supremely fit cyclists, the AGM will be concluded by complimentary beer and wine for those attending. Yes free beer….a cyclist’s 2nd best friend (right after coffee).

The AGM is on 7:30 Monday 3rd April 2017 at the Weston Club, 1 Liardet St Weston.

Dougal Torrance
ACT Veterans Cycling Club