Worthington Handicap – (Harry and Billie Worthington)

F and A Tonelli Handicap(Frank and Angie Tonelli)

Iron Mike – (Berguild Family Trophy)

Cole Family Trophy – (Barry and Christine Cole)

M & H Time Trial – (Marylin and Henry Beaverstock)

Memorial Trophy

Canberra Cycles Trophy

Club Road Championships

Elders Age Standard Time Trial

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Worthington Handicap (Harry and Billie Worthington)

The race is dedicated to Harry Worthington. He was a champion cyclist, competing up to an age when most people have long ago hung up their bike clips and retired. Billie and Harry moved to Cooma in 1962 and conducted their business, Worthington’s Sports Store, for many years. Harry helped start the Canberra Old Boys and the current ACY Veteran’s Cycling Club.

F and A Tonelli Handicap – (Frank and Angie Tonelli)

Frank Tonelli was one of the stalwarts of the club in its formative years.  He contributed time, money and expertise as the club struggled to get going and together with Barry Cole, Henry Beaverstock and others, is owed a tremendous debt of gratitude.  Frank was one of the real characters and stayed in F grade for years, leading out every sprint and coming 3rd and 4th in many races.

Iron Mike Handicap (Berguild Trophy)

The Mike Handicap has been run by the Canberra Old Boys, ACT Veteran’s Cycling Club and the Canberra Cycling Club (CCC) as a tribute to Iron Mike – Mike Paral. By Legend the race course follows one of Mike’s favourite training rides, Weston Creek to the end of the bitumen (and Beyond some say, maybe as far out as Piccadilly Circus) returning to Canberra suburbia and then out again.
The CCC still run the out and back and out again course to make a race of 128km as a graded scratch for ABC grades, once out and back for DEF. The CCC Iron Mike is held in memory of club hardman from the early eighties, Mike Paral. Mike, who was formerly of the Canberra Old Boys, shortly before the COBACC merged with the Canberra Wests to form the CCC, died in March 1983 while competing in a track event at Goulburn.
The Iron Mike is regarded as one of the toughest races on the Canberra calendar. The race is held on a demanding undulating course that includes four major climbs, including the 3km three sisters climb back out of Uriarra Crossing. The ACT Veteran’s club still runs a traditional handicap, making for a challenging race of about 64km.
The hardship of therace was once the uphill never ending finish up to Deeks Drive, but nowadays the race finishes on the superb Stromolo Forest Park racing circuit which Peter McLennan fought so hard to have built. The Three Sisters are the major obstacle on the return journey. You will not see any riders walking up these three formidable climbs, as the standard of racing is quite high in the ACT Veteran’s Cycling Club.

Cole Family Trophy

Barry Cole, long term member and original ACTVCC committee member. Barry is usually on hand to present the trophies and the club is grateful for his support over many years of service. Barry was also involved with the Australian Veteran’s Cycling Council, representing the club at the AVCC.

M and H Age Standard Time Trial

The M&H Trophy, which is a perpetual trophy donated by Henry and Marylin Beaverstock. The trophies (one for men and one for women) go to those who beat their age standard time by the greatest amount. This is not necessarily the fastest time, and in the history of the event the trophy has rarely been won by the quickest rider.
To make the event more interesting and hopefully encourage more competitors, Henry and Marylin have now kindly donated a second pair of trophies (one for men and one for women) for the riders with the fastest times.

Memorial Trophy

Memorial Trophy
2020 Presentation