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Plenty to read about in this week’s Bleat;

  • AGM
  • Photo Comp
  • From the desk of the handicapper
  • Marshal scheduling for Winter season
  • Canberra to Bombala Rail Trail
  • AVCC National Champions
  • Racing this Week
  • Race Reports


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Ian Morton


Dear Members,

I encourage as many members as possible to attend the Clubs Annual General meeting (AGM).

As the new(ish) President I’d really appreciate members openly debating ideas for the direction of Club in 2017/18 and the AGM represents your best opportunity to participate in the shaping of the club for the future. If you’ve ever wanted to design a new race course, organise more club training rides, work with the ACT Government in providing better cycling facilities or even design the next club jersey, then the AGM is where you can put your hand up and contribute. There’s also the potential to put up your hand to join the Committee of the Club* if you want to long lasting impact on the direction of the Club.

ACT Vets is a club run by club members for the benefit of club members and the more members that help in shaping the direction of the club then the better we’ll all be. Whilst we are supremely fit cyclists, the AGM will be concluded by complimentary beer and wine for those attending. Yes free beer….a cyclist’s 2nd best friend (right after coffee).

The AGM is on 7:30 Monday 3rd April 2017 at the Weston Club, 1 Liardet St Weston


Dougal Torrance
ACT Veterans Cycling Club.


*Nomination forms for the ACTVets committee can be downloaded from CLICK HERE


Notice of Annual General Meeting 2017

Members are advised that the Annual General Meeting
of the ACT Veterans Cycling Club will be held on :
Monday 3rd April 2017
The Weston Club
1 Liardet St Weston
Commencing at 7:30 pm

Apologies also to the Secretary to be delivered to the Secretary or the Club Mail Box 7 days (27th Mar) prior to the AGM, or e-mailed to secretary@actvets.cc


Phill Coulton
ACTVets Club Secretary


Photo Comp

We’re looking to brighten up the web site with some photo’s, as such I’m announcing the first ACT Vets photo comp!

The winners will have their photo’s used on the new Vets web site. Winners will be announced at the AGM, Monday 3rd April 2017.

– Members photos may be used by the club for promotional purposes. Please contact me if you do not want a photograph of you to be used. When you’re photographing members, consider giving them a heads up at the start of the race.
– Photos must be posted to the club’s Facebook site(https://www.facebook.com/groups/ACTVets/). Please be aware that the user agreement with Facebook requires you to grant the rights to the photo to Facebook.
– feel free to use effects such as blurring to add extra impact.
– use your best 5 photos if you have that many – but don’t go overboard.
– extra consideration given to photographing the clubs lesser known activities (i.e. road, marshaling, admin and track)!
– the most likes won’t necessarily win… but they will be considered!

We’re not looking for the worlds best photos, just shots that promote the club in the best light.


Dougal Torrance
ACT Veterans Cycling Club.


From the desk of the handicapper


A special mention must go Seymour Savell-Boss who stood proudly on the third step of an imaginary podium after last Tuesday’s A grade criterium. Thirteen months ago he was languishing at the bottom of D grade, but after a year of hard work has claimed a fantastic result–and should serve as an inspiration to us all about the value of commitment and hard work. Seymour’s training partner Adams “Diesel” Potts has also been climbing the grades. He showed his strength with a few goes off the front in C grade and a third place on Sunday. Also celebrating was B grade winner Chris Nolan who had his first crit individual victory since 2006, which was when 65 riders would turn up to a Sunday points race at Dairy Flat.

This week’s Crit changes;
– Brian Chugg D to C
– Linda Stals E to D


With the absence of any recent racing some grades will need adjusting. New member Andy Matz strolled in for a solo victory in E grade yesterday and may find some harder opposition in D.

This week’s Road changes;
– Lindsay Graham G to F
– Damian Copeland B to C
– Andy Matz E to D


Marshal scheduling for Winter season

Members, in the past we’ve relied upon the process of calling for members to volunteer as marshal’s for races. This has proven difficult to manage for the race committee in ensuring we have sufficient marshals especially for our road races and more often than not the task of marshaling has been covered by just a few individuals. Marshals are critical to the survival of our racing schedule as we simply cannot conduct races safely without them.

Therefore for the 2017 winter season we are reverting to the scheduling of marshals for races. This is based on your participation in the 2016/2017 Summer season. The good news is that you only have to cover 1 race each for the entire calendar year.

We will be sending out the schedule several races in advance which means you should be well aware of when you have been scheduled and if the need arises for you to seek a replacement if you cannot cover your scheduled race. And please don’t leave it to the last minute to try and find a replacement.

Please note the following schedule for the first part of the season:

Date Location Nominated Marshals
22/4/2017 Lookout Hill Ian Preston, Phil Anderson
29/4/2017 Uriarra Marc Vroomans, James Curran
20/5/2017 Dog Trap Rd Adam Potts, Michael Hanbury, Mike Hayes,
Ben Healy, Andrew Murrell
3/6/2017 Old Federal Highway Chris Kon, Seymour Saville-boss,
Kirsty Cummin, Nicholas Stewart
17/6/2017 Pierces Creek Ben Morrison, Dennis Puniard


Race Committee


Canberra to Bombala Rail Trail

Andrew Carter is actively involved in the proposal to convert the old disused railway corridor from Canberra to Bombala to a Rail Trail. He is trying to get signatures on a petition to the local NSW member to promote the idea (see below). If you felt so inclined it would be great if you could sign the petition. The petition can be found on the Monaro Rail Trail web site, see link below. Click on Support Us then Online Petition.



Lindsay Graham


AVCC National Champions

Just to remind everyone that the 2017 Australian Veteran Cycling Council National Championships will be held in Maryborough, Victoria over the Easter weekend, from 15th to 17th April under the auspices of the Victorian Veteran Cycling Council. The championship events include criteriums, road races and the Mockridge Cup 25km time trial. Nominations close at midnight Saturday 8th April.

For registration and course details see the AVCC webpage at: http://www.ausvetcycling.com



Tuesday, 28th March: Stromlo Criterium

Where: Stromlo Forest Park
Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number.
Race Description:
A/C 20m + 2 @ 5:50
B/D 20m + 2 @ 6:15
E/F/G 20m + 2 @ 6:40
Sunset @ 7:12

This will be the last Crit for the 2016/17 Summer Race Season.

Race Director: Dougal Torrance
Contact: Email: dougal.torrance@hotmail.com    Ph  0400831421

2 x marshals required for this event.


Wednesday, 29th March: Track Racing

The 2016-17 Track Racing Season will conclude on 29 March with drinks, nibbles and Trophy Presentation – All welcome!

If anyone would like to bring a plate, it will be most appreciated. Note that there will be a race warm up (5.30pm) and single race event (6.00pm) as a prelude to the celebration.


Sunday, 2nd April: Uriarra Homestead Graded Scratch

REMINDER: Daylight Saving Time finishes on Sunday. Don’t forget to adjust your clocks.

Where: Intersection Uriarra Rd and Brindabella Rd
When: 9:00 am
Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number.
Race Description:
Uriarra Homestead – Blue Range Spur – Top of Crossing – Blue Range Spur – Top of Crossing – Finish

Require 3 ATCs, 2 x marshals. Please contact the Race Director if you can assist.

Race Director: Robert Miller
Contact: Email: photo@bobmiller.com.au    Ph  0411 271 656



Stromlo – 21st March

The weather threatened early and dumped 36mm in rain in Tuggers in quick time. By start time the conditions were perfect although the numbers were a little down. The races were all 20 minutes long so it meant that in the higher grades the pace was on.

B Grade

After an early push by Nick Boylan, B grade settled into a quick paced team time trial and remained that way until the sprint. The ferocity of the sprint splintered the field with Chris Nolan taking the honours from Mark Taylor and Warwick Wilson.

D Grade

Sean Fleming applied early pressure but was reeled in and the bunch stayed together for the remainder of the race. The ladies took the honours in the sprint with Kirsty Cummin prevailing over Gill Lugg and Sean Fleming.

E Grade

Rob Soloman and Tony Sheehan set the pace early, only to be reeled in by the pack. The bunch stayed together until the sprint. The sprint finish was very close and you could’ve thrown a blanket over the first 4 or 5. The ladies prevailed again with a fine win to Linda Stals followed by Ian Morton and Tony Sheehan.

F Grade

Mike Hayes was the aggressor and was off the front with 8 minutes to go. As the bunch came back together Mike started the sprint only to be beaten by David Witteveen with Howard Moffat third.

G Grade

Bernie Crowe was by himself but managed to stay on the back of F grade for all but 1 lap. Good effort that.

A Grade

The pace was on early with such a short race for A grade. 2 laps in and there was an explosion of roos at the top corner. From the director’s position I saw a large bunch of roos running in all directions at the top corner and one unfortunate roo lost their footing at the top of the straight. The bunch slowed appreciably possibly to change knicks but some fine handling skills meant that no one went down. Ben Morrison and other Quon riders pushed the pace and attempted to break up the race. With 10 to go El Pressidenta Dougal Torrance surged to the front. It was only at 6 min to go that a breakaway was established with a fine effort by Nathan Spillane, Paul Scherl and Seymour Savell-Boss to carve out a lead that was too big for the bunch to catch. These three worked brilliantly together and contested the sprint with Nathan Spillane taking the honours from Paul Scherl and Seymour Savell-Boss. Great effort for Seymour to be in the winning move and on the podium when 12 months ago he was in E and D grade. Must remember to do more training and drink less beer!

C Grade

C Grade rode an entertaining race with only 3 riders. At one stage, after A grade slowed for a roo inspired knicks change, C grade tacked on the back for a lap but the pace was too much. Ian Preston yet again was doing the majority of the work with assistance from Brian Chugg with a canny Steve Curran with calves like tree trunks waiting for the sprint. Mid race they decided to ride along talking about the weather and politics before they copped a berating from Ian’s significant other for being slack. Steve provided some welcome relief at the front and the bunch stayed together until the sprint where Steve let the calves do the talking followed by Brian Chugg and Ian Preston.

Thanks to Ian McVay with his marshalling assistance and roo scattering.


Bruce Griffin
Race Referee


Narrabundah Track Racing – 22nd March

The 22 March, Session 20 was the final, competitive track racing event for the 2016-17 season. The day brought a deluge to Canberra and by 2.00pm the prospects for racing looked dim. Amazingly, by 4.00pm there were signs of the weather clearing. By the warm up time (5.30pm) the track was dry and pristine. Thirteen riders attended, split almost equally between A and B grades. Throughout the racing, the weather remained almost perfect, cool with little wind.

Seven riders lined up in A grade for the initial 10-lap scratch race. Dougal Torrance enlivened this race with an immediate attack, soon gaining a gap of 100 metres. Dougal held a good pace. However, the pack did not panic. They circulated at increasing speed, drawing within striking distance of Dougal by Lap 5. At this point Michael Langdon accelerated to close the residual gap and the pack followed suit. Andrew Peel attacked on lap 8 with Paul Connor, John Paul De Sousa and Michael Langdon quickly jumping on his wheel. The foursome drew away from the rest of the pack. Approaching the bell lap, Michael Langdon attacked in a well timed move that soon had him 50 metres in front. Michael ultimately cruised over the line for a comfortable win over Paul Connor and Andrew Peel in second and third place respectively.

The 10-Lap B grade scratch race held a solid pace for five laps, dropping the first rider at that point. A few laps later, the tactical moves commenced as the pack slowed and spread over the banking. Riders jockeyed for position for a few further laps until the bell. At this point Steve Dean was well placed. He put in an attack that was soon covered by Tony Beasley, Ross Scutts and Ian Drayton. With the line approaching Tony Beasley surged around Steve and looked likely to win. At the last second, Steve threw his bike at the line, winning by no more than a tyre width. A very exciting finish, with Ross Scutts immediately crossing for third place.

The evening’s second event was a series of 2-lap match races with results accounted in the season’s Omnium Championship. The match races are always interesting as they throw up a variety of incidents and tactics. On the night, the most successful tactic was to attack well out and race from the front. The winners in this event were Michael Langdon, John Paul De Sousa, Ben Robey, Steve Dean, and John Lowe.

The next event was a 2 Lap handicap race. In A grade, the riders streamed off and were within striking distance of the lead rider Dougal Torrance, after the first lap. Dougal set a cracking pace. However, Paul Connor eventually surged past with the line in sight. Dougal held on for a good second place with John Paul De Sousa in third. B grade was very pleasing for the handicapper, with the whole field consolidating in the final bend. Ian Drayton put in a good finish to take the win from Ross Scutts and John Lowe.

The final combined Italian pursuit had six riders drawn from A and B grades on each team. Team 2 had one less A grade rider than Team 1 with compensation via stronger B grade selections. Team 1 gained a small advantage from the start. However, the first few changeovers were very close. By the back end of the race Team 1 had a very small margin that looked decisive. Paul Connor gave team 1 a scare on the last lap. With a big surge, he headed Michael Langdon in the initial half lap. However, it had been a hard night and Paul could not sustain the pace over the final half lap. This allowed Michael Langdon to take a very close win for Team1.

Major place getters were as follows: 10-Lap Scratch: (A Grade) Michael Langdon, Paul Connor, Andrew Peel. (B Grade) Steve Dean, Tony Beasley, Ross Scutts. 2-Lap Match Races: (Winners) Michael Langdon, John Paul De Sousa, Ben Robey, Steve Dean, John Lowe. 2-Lap Handicap: (A Grade) Paul Connor, Dougal Torrance, John Paul De Sousa. (B Grade) Ian Drayton, Ross Scutts, John Lowe. Combined Italian Pursuit Winner: Team 1 (Michael Langdon, Andrew Peel, John Paul de Sousa, Dougal Torrance, Graeme O’Neill, Ian Drayton).

Final Season Point Score:
Michael Langdon (332), Ross Scutts (295), Phil Anderson (290), Steve Jones (260), Tony Beasley (258), Alec Millett (220), John Paul de Sousa (203), Graeme O’Neill (198), Andrew Peel (197), Ben Robey (185), Kerry Knowler (174), Ian Drayton (173).

Final Omnium Points:
Ben Robey (14), Michael Langdon (14), Steve Dean (13), Ross Scutts (12), John Paul De Sousa (11), Andrew Peel (10), Dougal Torrance (8), Tony Beasley (8).


Graeme O’Neill


Lookout Hill – 26th March

Early morning fog running low through the valley with a gentle crisp morning breeze greeted a good rollout of 48 riders for graded scratch racing at Lookout Hill today. This time we provided a slightly different finish for the riders with the finish line in the long flat straight between lookout hill and Tharwa. This provided for a very clear view of the finish line and some excellent sprint finishes. With an out and back course from Lookout Hill to Apollo road the race suited the sprinters who could stay with the hill climbers over Mt Tennant, however Mt Tennant can also tire the sprinters legs so it could throw a few surprises.

G Grade (1 lap)

Bruce Jones decided to take the day off and help the marshals at the finish line leaving Bernie to join F grade to complete the 1 lap. Certainly a solo effort by Bernie for most of the race but nonetheless he was his cheery self coming past the finish line.

[Ed: Bernie had actually completed a Triathlon the day before so full marks for backing up for Sunday’s race]

F Grade (1 Lap)

Together for the entire lap only for Lindsay Graham to get the finish line in his sights and wind up a big gear to sprint for the win ahead of Ian Morton and Mary Lovett

E Grade (1 Lap)

Newcomer to the club, Andrew Matz showed that he is destined for greater things by taking the win alone on the line in an impressive time of 57:03 for the lap. He was a good 30 secs ahead of Terry Merrigan who rode a great race to finish 2nd ahead of Janette Koehler in a tight sprint finish.

D Grade (2 laps)

At the halfway mark, Bryan Holloway looked done for. But he rallied in the 2nd half of the race to get into a sprint finish. This was a great sprint finish with 4 of the 5 D graders all sprinting hard in the final straight. But in the end it was a tough ask to overcome the diesel engine of Bryan who narrowly edged out Peter Harding, Alain Arbaut and Terry Moore in that order.

C Grade (2 laps)

Big numbers in this grade and some heavy hitters came out to play. I put the director’s curse on Steve Schwenke by picking him to win in a sprint finish only for Steve to pull out after 1 lap. It came down to a sprint finish between 4 riders and yet again another regular trackie showed why track racing sharpens your sprinting skills with John Paul De Sousa taking the win ahead of Nick Boylan and Adam Potts.

B Grade (2 laps)

No roadie A graders turned up, but this still meant that B grade was a high quality field with many of the riders categorized as A in the crits and still very strong on the road. Their first lap was set at a fast pace as we had only just got the finish line/ turn point organised when then they appeared. However they split apart over the 2nd half of the race as only 6 riders were left in the final straight. There was some angry or maybe they were orgasmic noises in the final 80 metres during the sprint. Unsure which rider was louder but it distracted me from trying to pick the winner on the line. However after careful consideration, Roger Northcote proved he was not only winner of the noises but also on the road edging out Chris Short in 2nd and Matt Hinchcliffe in 3rd.

Road racing within the confines of the Territory always requires a large contingent of helpers to ensure all the road signs are out in the correct position, Traffic Controllers are managing the traffic as best as possible and that all results are recorded. For that I’d like to thank:

  • Des Brown for stepping up on Saturday to take on the ATC role at Tharwa where cars tend to ignore you. Well done Des!
  • Graham Hendrie for van duties, finish line recordings and the coffee and biscuits that everyone likes post race
  • Stjepan Hirsler who continues to put his hand up for helping out during his recovery phase
  • Bruce Jones who sacrificed his racing to help out at the finish line
  • Liz Lowe who rode out to ensure the ATC duty was fulfilled on the finish line/turn point.
  • Reinhard Mauch who had the ATC duties at the far southern end near Apollo Rd where talking to cows is a popular past time
  • Tom Roberts who keeps us all safe in the event of medical issues but his skills were not required today
  • and Polly Templeton, sporting a stylish neck brace after a nasty accident, who did the signon and kept the cars safe on lookout hill.


Ben Davis
Race Referee