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In this week’s Bleat;

  • Gunning 2 Day
  • Event Traffic Controller courses for 2018
  • RMS Race distances
  • Interstate Events
  • Racing this Week
  • Race Reports

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Ian Morton

Gunning 2 Day

Make sure you reserve the weekend of the 5th/6th May for the Gunning 2 Day.

We are still awaiting NSW police approvals so we will be releasing the full event details once those final approvals have been secured.

The Race Director for Gunning on the weekend will be Dougal Torrance. If you can assist with the event as a Marshal or Driver, the club can offer payment to offset petrol costs and other expenses. If you can help, please contact Dougal at president.actvets.cc.

Event Traffic Controller courses for 2018

Two courses (free) have been scheduled for 2018, 21st April and 8 September. Details are available on Cycling ACT’s web site http://www.act.cycling.org.au/Road/News/2018-cycling-event-traffic-controllers-course-dates-confirmed

Members previously accredited as ATCs will need to do the updated training course to get ETC accreditation. Having enough controllers available in the club is critical to our ability to run races in the ACT and it is likely we will need to have ETCs for NSW races in the future. Please register for a place on one of the courses ASAP as numbers are limited.

Ian McVay

RMS Race distances

I have been asked why race distances listed in RMS are sometimes different from those actually raced. This is because RMS is somewhat inflexible at specifying race distances, as the distances in RMS are pre-set for each location. The actual distance may change from that in RMS, for example, due to a different turn point being used. For the most accurate details on race distances, refer to the weekly Bleat.

Ian McVay

Interstate and Local Events

  • Giro d’Canberra
    20 May 2018
    • Want to take on the challenge? The ride features 2500 metre climbs and 130km of stunning Canberra Brindabella countryside
    • Cycling is powering ahead in Canberra
    • Giro d’ Canberra is in its third year and growing
    • Lots of interest from Sydney based riders
    • Get in on the early stages of a growing annual event
    • A chance to promote your community cycling activities
    • Fully supported ride with vehicles and food stations
    • Organised by the Rotary Club of Woden Daybreak

    Entries:www.GirodCanberra.gofundraise.com.au. For further information: Barry Welsby Mob: 0413729951 EMail: welsbw@internode.on.net.



Saturday, 7th April: Cooma Graded Scratch

Saturday sees us return to Cooma to what had been the traditional opener for the winter road season, the ‘Tee Tree Handicap’. This year however, we will be racing a graded scratch. Several local riders are expected to join the race so please make them welcome.

Where: The start point is 5km from the centre of Cooma. Head out on Bombala Street towards Bega and turn off on to Church Road which becomes Maffra Road after Myalla Road. The start is 3.8km along Maffra Road. There is adequate parking approx 200m before the start point and limited parking at the start line. The turn point is 3.3km past Cottage Creek Road or 20km.
When: 1:30 pm.
Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number.
Race Description:
Cooma – Bobundra Rd – 40km out and back
If you are interested in the race profile: https://www.strava.com/routes/12500387.

Race Director: Robert Langridge Contact: Email: rlangridge88@gmail.com    Ph  0450400658

Marshals: Tess McLachlan, Jarrod Cook, Kevin Wells

Upcoming Marshal Roster

There was little response from club members to last week’s special Bleat requesting directors and marshals for upcoming races. I appreciate the efforts being made by a few to help with managing races.

To resolve this issue, the race committee has assigned responsibilities to members based on the following:
– not having directed or marshalled in the last 12 months
– not holding a committee position
– having successfully raced during the previous season (i.e. high point scorers)

Names of those allocated appear in blue in the attached list. If you are unavailable on your allocated date, please arrange to organise a swap with another rider and advise the race committee (race.committee@actvets.cc).

ETCs: Thank you to the positive response I received from ETCs to volunteer for upcoming races. We still need to try and fill spots as per the vacant *s in the marshal list below. Can we please have some more nominations to fill these? If you are yet to complete your ETC training due to the requirement to be mentored, please contact the race committee to organise for one of the club’s mentors to assess you at one of the upcoming ACT races.

Date Event Director Marshals
14th April Uriarra Allan Bontjer Peter Young, Warren Smith*, Howard Moffat*, Andy Matz*
21st April Lookout Hill Ian Preston Brian Chugg, Bob Miller*, *, *, *, Michael David Brice
28th April Orroral Valley Mark Harris Bruce Jones, *, *
5th& 6th May Gunning Dougal Torrance Day 1: Bob Miller + 8 additional volunteers
Day 2:John McMaster + 8 additional volunteers
12th May Smiths Rd/Apollo TT Paul Scherl Rainer Wilton, Tony Weir*, *
19th May Dog Trap Rd Mark Taylor Daniel Grillo, Peter Klein, Alex Sommariva, Donald de Smet
2nd June Old Federal Highway Steven Simms Bernie Crowe, Adam Potts, Alwyn Chilver, Steve Crispin, Jason Parkes
16th June Pierces Creek Brian Holloway Chris Short, *, *
23rd June Honeysuckle Creek Paul Robey Michael Carr, *
30th June Lookout Hill Susan Frost Ben Healy, *, *

* denotes ETC required for ACT races.


Stromlo – 27th March

It was welcome to the final Tuesday crit race of the summer season. Under breathless winds with only 20 mins per race it was setup to be fast and frenetic racing throughout the night. And with racing free on the night, you couldn’t ask for a better deal.

A Grade

Some minor attacks early on but all were contained. Paul Ledbrook with 10 mins to go decided to test his legs but after about a lap the roving peloton swallowed him up. As they came past for the final lap, it was a case of who’d blink first as they were looking around as to who would make the first move. It came down to a final mass sprint. Usually my money would be on Mark Harris, but as he battled traffic, Paul Scherl shot down the grandstand side to take the win ahead of Seymour Savell-Boss with Mark Harris in 3rd.

B Grade

With no Dougal in the bunch, racing started off rather sedate. Halfway through the race Rob Langridge thought he’d try to steal a break with the view that anyone who overtakes me will be moved to A grade next season. They weren’t listening and the large peloton kept on upping the pace over the final few laps. Another mass sprint looked likely but coming down the final straight two riders were battling it out with Bruce Goodfellow and Allan Bontjer neck and neck all the way to the line. Bruce took the win with Allan securing 2nd place and the season pointscore win in 2nd. Seconds behind them was a large group of riders with Mark Taylor taking 3rd.

C Grade

The only other possible contender to take out the season pointscore was Ian Preston and C grade made it very hard for him on the night chasing him down each time he made a move off the front. This high pace split the grade but a core group of riders remained at the head of the field. It came down to another mass sprint with Shane Warburton just edging out Michael Hanbury and Gillian Lugg in 3rd place.

D Grade

A big field of 24 riders lined up for the start of D grade. It was going to be a fast race and it didn’t disappoint with riders attacking, getting caught, counterattacking and getting caught again. The field was like a swarming pack of bees as they raced hard for 20 mins. Par for the course on the night was a mass sprint with Kirsty Cummin smashing away for a fine win ahead of Matt Morgan in 2nd and Kevin Newhouse in 3rd.

E Grade

In a fading light, E grade were content to whittle away 19 mins before getting down to business. A few roos to contend with over the closing stages of the race with Dale Dummett showing how to sprint downhill taking the win ahead of David O’Keefe in 2nd and Doug Lean in 3rd.

F Grade

Driven by the V8 engine of Paul Robey, F grade motored around and only dropped the 1 rider during the race. Paul’s efforts early in the race saw him tire with Susan Frost taking the reins and romping home for the win ahead of Mike Hayes and Paul Robey in 3rd.

G Grade

Bernie joined F grade and stayed with them for a good part of ¾ of the race and then slowed down to be the last rider across the line for the 2017/18 crit season.

Thankyou to Ian McVay for helping out with finish line duties, setup and closing up, Kirsti for telling everyone to put their money away as racing was free and everyone who competed throughout the crit season to make it an enjoyable event to race direct.

Ben Davis


The 2017-18 Track Racing Season concluded on Wednesday 28 March with a final, combined Italian Pursuit, trophy presentation and small celebration to mark the end of an excellent racing season.

The 2017-18 track season saw 38 riders participating in one or more track sessions. The high-banked, Bundadome track is a great venue for racing. Overall, the attendance was very similar to last year, with 15 – 20 riders being the norm. The enjoyment level was as high as ever. The season started well with good attendance and most of the previous regulars back for another dose of high adrenaline racing. We were blessed with great weather this year. There were no session cancellations due to rain. Only a single session had to be shortened because of poor weather.

There were 21 track sessions with around 75 races over the season. The season provided a variety of race formats including scratch races, handicaps, pursuits, match races, sprints and time trials. All of the races contributed to an overall Track Championship. For the fourth year in a row, the gold medal for this championship was won by Michael Langdon. Michael started and finished the season in great form and impressed everyone with his spirited riding, ability and enthusiasm for track racing. The silver and bronze medals for the track championship were won by Hamish Anderson and Ross Scutts respectively. Only a single point separated Hamish and Ross in the championship. Both riders were deserving medal winners and real track stalwarts.

As usual, we had a core of regular riders who turned up week in, week out. For example, Ross Scutts competed in every track session. Hamish Anderson, John Paul De Sousa and Michael Langdon missed only two sessions over the racing season. There were around 20 other riders who raced consistently.

The track season was almost injury free. Late in the season, Rowan McMurray clipped a pedal on the steep banking at low speed and tumbled down the track. We were all relieved that Rowan had minor injuries and was back competing with success a week later. The group tries to learn from any mistakes made and be conscious of the hazards of close racing. In the last six years, we have only had two minor accidents at track, so it is likely the safest race discipline offered by the club.

The standard of riding was high and most of the regular riders improved considerably over the season. The most improved rider was Hamish Anderson, who commenced the season in B grade and progressed to be a front runner in A grade. As previously indicated, Hamish also managed second place in the season track championship.

The track season included a Christmas Wheel Race with the trophy taken by Michael Langdon. Towards the end of the season, we ran a four-event Omnium Championship that was won by Ken Birch. Ken’s form improved markedly over the season.

This summary would not be complete without acknowledging all the parties who contributed to a great track season. This includes the club committee who book the venue, support the track racing discipline and publish results, the first aiders from Sports Medicine, all those who assisted in myriad ways over the season and, finally, the riders who invariably displayed the best competitive spirit and camaraderie.

Track Christmas Wheel Race Results (1st – 5th):
Michael Langdon, Hamish Anderson, Dave Mullins, Ben Robey, Paul Kennedy

Final Track Championship Point Scores:
Michael Langdon (384), Hamish Anderson (307), Ross Scutts (306), Steve Hirsler (268), John Paul DeSousa (253), Tony Beasley (240), Phil Anderson (211), Phil Coulton (175), Ben Robey (154).

Final Omnium Championship Scores:
Ken Birch (15), Michael Langdon (14), Hamish Anderson (11), Rowan McMurray, Steve Hirsler, Phil Anderson (10), Tony Beasley, (9), Ross Scutts (8), Kerry Knowler, Dougal Torrance (7).

Track Trophy and Medal Winners
(L to R: Ken Birch, Hamish Anderson, Michael Langdon, Ross Scutts)


Graeme O’Neill