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  • Fitability Fundraising Trivia Night
  • From the Desk of the Handicapper
  • Racing this Week
  • From the Race Committee
  • Gunning 2 Day Report

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Ian Morton

Fitability Fundraising Trivia Night

Many of the ACT Vet members know that tandem cycling had given the opportunity for vision impaired members to ride and race on the bike. This fundraising will help Fitability keeps the bikes in good working order. So that many vision impaired people ant those with other disabilities can have the opportunity to experience the joys of cycling.

Friday 31st May, 6:30 to 9:30 at Canberra Labor Club, Belconnen. Cost: $20 plus booking fee. Don’t miss out – it should be a fantastic fun night! Bring your partners, friends and family. A great opportunity to mix socially with other Vet members and to raise money for a wonderful program.

Buy your tickets here https://eventplus.net/TN19.

Lindy Hou
Mobile: 0402 113 836
Email: lindy@lindyhou.com


From the Desk of the Handicapper

Changes this week;

Frank Zeller C to B

Rob Langridge



Saturday, 1st June: Old Federal Highway Graded Scratch

Where: Turn left off new Federal Hwy (dual carriageway) after Bywong Rd. The intersection is signposted to Gundaroo and approx 9 km after Sutton Rd overpass. Park in gravel pit on corner of next intersection about 100 m in from highway.
When: 1:30 pm.
Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number
Race Description:
Old Federal Highway Gravel Pit to Lake George and back. ABCD 4 laps for 48km. EFG 3 laps for 36km.

Race Director: David Stewart-Thomson Contact: Email: david.stewart.thomson@gmail.com    Ph  0435 320 506

Marshals: Anthony O’Connor, Theresa McLachlan, Brian Chugg, Peter Young


From the Race Committee

1st Aiders Needed

SMA are struggling to provide 1st aiders to support our races. We cannot race without a dedicated 1st aider on hand. The best option is for race directors and marshals to have 1st aid qualifications so they can also undertake the 1st aid role. 1st aid kit is in the van and in the office at Stromlo. Members will be asked to direct or marshal about two times a year.

The club will reimburse training costs. The next SMA course is on 19 May. See https://sma.org.au/training-courses/nationally-recognised-training/hltaid003-provide-first-aid/ for details.


Event Traffic Controller course for 1 June 2019

The next ETC Training course is on Saturday 1st June. YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO PAY – ACT Government is funding the training.

We currently only have about 40 ETCs from a club of 300 members. Members need to share the burden of helping to run races. Having enough traffic controllers available in the club is critical to our ability to run races in the ACT and it is likely we will need to have ETCs for NSW races in the future. ETCs are eligible for reimbursement of $100 for marshalling at ACT road races.

Course details are available on Blended Learning’s web site – http://www.blendedlearning.edu.au/home/courses/programs-courses/event-traffic-controller/.


Upcoming Marshal Roster

Thank you to those who have already volunteered to help. Nominees, in blue have been selected based on results from the previous race season and the period since they last helped at a race. Nominees are requested to advise their availability/unavailability to the race committee (race.committee@actvets.cc) as soon as possible.

Summer series crit races are held at Stromlo Forest Park on Tuesday evenings and road races are held on Sunday mornings.

Date Event Director Marshals
15-Jun Tidbinbilla -Pierces Creek Heath Chester
3 (finish chute & 2 ETCs) Terry Moore*, Brendan Byatt*, Allan Sieper
22-Jun Yass Chris Nolan
6 (2 drivers, finish chute & 3 turn marshals) Andrew Harrold, Robert Solomon, Iver Lange, Andrew Hislop, Donald de SMET May run short of finish marshal vacant
29-Jun Lookout Hill – Apollo Paul Scherl
3 (finish chute & 2 ETCs) Richard Gorrell*, Seymour Savell-boss*, Mark Kitchen
06-Jul Old Federal Highway Linda Stals
4 (2 drivers, finish chute & 1 turn marshals) Jason Chalker, Frank Zeller, Ally Roche, Bruce Goodfellow
13-Jul Honeysuckle Creek Ross Robinson
3 (finish chute & 2 ETCs) Sue Powell*, Bob Millar*, Kevin Wells
20-Jul Dalton Simon Milnes
5 (2 drivers, finish chute & 2 turn marshals), Duane Toohey, Wayne Spratford, Sue Bowden, Philip Anderson
03-Aug Lookout Hill Peter Marshall
3 (finish chute & 2 ETCs) Steve Simms*, Howard Moffat*, Bradley McCallum
10-Aug Breadalbane Ben Davis
5 (2 drivers, finish chute & 2 turn marshals) Jeremy Gillman-Wells, Darren Blackhurst(1st aid?) Craig O’Neall, Will Robb, Simon Johnston
17-Aug Old Federal Highway Ian Morton
4 (2 drivers, finish chute & 1 turn marshals) Peter Horch, Ross ScuttsAndrew Yates , Michael Colquhoun
24-Aug Sutton Driver Training Centre Roger Northcote
1 (finish chute) Mike Hayes
31-Aug Uriarra Shane Warburton
5 (finish chute & 4 ETCs) John Paul De Sousa*, David Jukes*, Robert Brunato*, Conan Liu*, Michael Payne
07-Sep Stromlo FP west – Uriarra Andrew Remely
4 (finish chute & 3 ETCs) Andy Matz*, Bob Millar*, Gerard Tiffenvacant*
21-Sep Breadalbane Rainer Wilton 4 (2 drivers, [short turn & finish chute] & far turn marshal) Lewis Cressy, Terry Merrigan, Rowan McMurray, Simon Porombka
28-Sep Dog Trap Road vacant 5 (2 drivers, finish chute & 2 turn marshals) Adam Potts, David Dickson, Warwick Wilson, David Johnson, Stjepan Hirsler Brandie O’Connor

* denotes ETC required for ACT races.

Ian McVay
Race Committee


Peter McLennan Gunning 2 Day Report:

So, as I sat this morning and commenced this report, I was so glad the weather held for the weekend. Albeit Saturday was windy, up to 35kmph winds, it was at least a shorts and tee shirt type of day. Sunday however cooled considerably after the rain and the wind still blew making the ride out to Gunning tough and the final event the Time Trial a challenge.

First, let me thank all the marshals and lead and tail car drivers who arrived on time and took up their roles with passion. Just ask Seymour who was still talking about how much fun it was to be the lead car on Saturday. With out our marshals we do not have racing, so I really appreciated the many hours they put in each day.


  • Jim Anderson Turn Marshal Gunning
  • Russell Marston Turn Marshal Gunning
  • Bruce Griffin KOM
  • Kim Malcolm KOM
  • Seymour Saville-Boss Driver
  • Sue Powell Driver
  • Damien Copeland Start/Finish
  • Manning Copeland Start/Finish
  • Graham Hendrie Start/Finish


  • Damien Copeland Turn Marshal in Breadalbane (finish line)
  • Manning Copeland Turn Marshal in Breadalbane (finish line)
  • Robert Solomon Turn Marshal Gunning
  • Ben Healy Turn Marshal Gunning
  • Bob Miller Driver
  • Sue Powell Driver
  • Graham Hendrie Start/Finish (50km and TT)
  • Don Mankewich Start/Finish (50km and TT)
  • Seymour Saville-Boss KOM
  • Russell Marston KOM


A big thanks to Jan Koehler for organising the extra goodies for Saturday afternoon tea and the BBQ on Sunday and to John for providing and cooking the BBQ Sunday.

So, what happened in the race!!!! Who knows as I was at the start/finish line for two days?

For those interested in he results and that should be everyone in the Club of course they are posted here;

A total of 60 plus riders entered the event which is up on the last two years. In 2018 there were 50 riders, in 2017 there were 46 riders and we are creeping back up to our best attendance in recent years when in 2016, 75 riders competed.

The attrition rate was high with 19 DNF’s meaning approximately 33% of the field failed to finish the event. E grade faired best with 83% of entered riders finishing (10 from 12).

The primes after the long climb from Gunning provided valuable seconds to riders each day in the overall classification. Please note that time bonuses are only applied to the General Classification and not the individual road race times.

Did the change in having the time trial last make any difference? By the comments I received riders liked the change. You can be the judge and any constructive comments should be forwarded to the Race Committee.

As the Race Director I had a great weekend out. Good racing witnessed, when they crossed the line and a great bunch of marshals who made my job easy. Take it from me Race Directing is not that hard. If you are yet to experience it take the plunge, there are plenty of seasoned directors who would be willing to assist on your first event.


G Grade

Bernie Crowe GC Time 4:52:25

F Grade

1st Rosemary Robinson GC Time 3:32:24
2nd Ian Morton +3:28
3rd Tony Beasley/John Barlow +13:51

E Grade

1st Lindy Hou/James Sullivan GC Time 3:13:35
2nd Rico Fitch +0:05
3rd Alex Sommariva +0:37

D Grade

Brian Peak GC Time 3:13:09
2nd Brian Chugg +0:26
3rd Des Brown +1:13

C Grade

1st Frank Zeller GC Time 4:30:56
2nd Adam Potts +1:39
3rd Ian McVay +2:43

B Grade

1st Matt Hinchcliffe GC Time 4:19:40
2nd Rob Langridge +0:33
3rd David Dickson +0:40

A Grade

1st Christophe Barberet GC Time 4:15:19
2nd Christopher Short +0:07
3rd Marc Vroomans +0:10
Note: Christophe was originally awarded second place but there was a correction to his Time Trial result following the presentation giving Christophe the overall win.

Phill Coulton


Report from C Grade

…it was all about Frank.

riding Cerevelo C65 Disc brake, 11sp cabled

C grade 17 sans 1, was champing at the bit ready to go.

Stage 1 1st lap

Zester took off early down the hill, just to shake out the legs, not for long. Onto the rollers at 7-8 km in and #507 goes off ahead, Zoylan asks “whoz that guy ?“…. “dunno, never seen him before“. Thinking to myself, “this will not be a problem, we are a big Zoo with some fit looking pro guys (… you know who you are) we’ll pick him up” (retrespecto: oh how wrong I was !!). 50 m turned into 300 400 pretty quickly by the time were onto the dual lane ramp.

I picked up the pace a bit, wanting the Zoo to come with me and setup a Sprint for the 1st Prime. Then zap, checking back a quarter way up the straight, the Zoo was way back. Zeller was still in sight at the top of the straight, only just. After the prime, Zoylan implored “he has 35secs“. Gruppo was together through Poplars, Zolan driving. At the turn Zeller was comfortably ahead, easily with the tail wind.

Block head wind, surely he is to crack, zoloing in this ! As we entered the Poplars he had cleared the end without us. Zzheet !.. this guy is good. Urgencia now, all the way back to Gunning, Zolan activating with Zoylan and Ztewart-T going flat out including much fist shaking.

Stage 1 2nd lap

At the same point of the rollers on 1st lap, Zotts did a Zeller (gentler). Yeah no problem I can hold this ! Concentrating on this, McZay passes, and joins Zotts. Zzheet ! Heading up to the prime, no motivation now, no time bonus possible, I was ztranded on the front, no-one else prepared to help, except Zoylan. Rotating, after the old railway Sprint prime point, we cracked a gap from the Zoo. Pure magic, I looked back, Zoylan had pulled up and the Zoo was now Gruppo Retardo. Now I am set to zolo TT fulgaZ the gap to Zotts and McZay. At the Poplars they were two thirds of the straight ahead, c’mon…. if I cannot get them by the turn then I am a Zappa into the wind. That’s what happened, crushed by Zotts and McZay who worked together efficiently, but to no avail on Zeller who just rode away for 90km ! Peter McLennan would have had a mazzive smile.

Stage 2

The Zoo had been reshaped, owing to hopeless time gaps, maybe 10 turned up to play, no Zchwencke no Zorombka but kudos to Zrbaut, Zolloway and especially Zcutts. Leading the Zoo, Zeller did most of the 25km work into the wind by himself to the turn. Zates questioning “can he do this to the end ?” Of course he can I responded. Not wanting a replay of the dual lane zfiasco I checked the Zeller surges to the top, with high cadence reaching Max bpm, Zotts bridged and passed me, on his way to Zeller who just kept going like a long running EnergiZer. Before the prime McZay and Zester worked together to join me. As a Trio we rotated looking for elbows, and had Zotts in our reach as he laboured on the exit rise at the end of the Poplars, Zeller still generously ahead. Zotts seeing us coming, crazed, and lifted keeping his 150m gap. Using the superb surface of the Breadalbane entry with tail wind was Zwift.

Stage 3

For us, GC was already sorted by now. Starting in Stage 2 finish order, I had my sights set on finishing 2nd. My goal was to get some Zymmetry with my road place finish positions, 4th, 3rd and 2nd, notwithstanding many minutes behind. Job done.


John Paul 323 #FABIAN