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Jan Koehler (standing in for Ian Morton)

From the Desk of the Handicapper

No changes to handicaps this week.

Rob Langridge


Saturday 17th Aug 2019: Old Federal Highway Graded Scratch

Where: Turn left off new Federal Hwy (dual carriageway) after Bywong Rd. The intersection is signposted to Gundaroo and approx 9 km after Sutton Rd overpass. Park in gravel pit on corner of next intersection about 100 m in from highway.
When: 1:30 pm.
Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number

Race Description:

Old Federal Highway Gravel Pit to Lake George and back. ABCD 4 laps for 48km. EFG 3 laps for 36km.

Race Director: Ian Morton Contact: Email: mortoni@optusnet.com.au; ph: 0411 112 007

Marshals: Peter Horch, Ross Scutts, Andrew Yates, Ed Logue

From the Race Committee

Upcoming Marshal Roster

Thank you to those who have already volunteered to help. Nominees, in blue have been selected based on results from the previous race season and the period since they last helped at a race. Nominees are requested to advise their availability/unavailability to the race committee (race.committee@actvets.cc) as soon as possible.

Summer series crit races are held at Stromlo Forest Park on Tuesday evenings and road races are held on Sunday mornings.

Date Event Director Marshals
24-Aug Sutton Driver Training Centre Roger Northcote 1 (finish chute) Mike Hayes
31-Aug Uriarra Shane Warburton 5 (finish chute & 4 ETCs) John Paul De Sousa*, David Jukes*, Robert Brunato*, Conan Liu*, Michael Payne
7-Sep Stromlo FP west – Uriarra Andrew Remely 4 (finish chute & 3 ETCs) Andy Matz*, Bob Miller*, Ed (Keith) Joliffe*, Gerard Tiffen
14-Sep Stromlo FP Stewart Roesler 1 (finish chute) Jeremy Ross
21-Sep Breadalbane Rainer Wilton 4 (2 drivers, [short turn & finish chute] & far turn marshal) Lewis Cressy, Rowan McMurray,
Terry Merrigan, Simon Porombka
28-Sep Dog Trap Road  


Rico Fitch



5 (2 drivers, finish chute & 2 turn marshals) Adam Potts, David Dickson, Warwick Wilson, David Johnson, Stjepan Hirsler
8-Oct Crit Mark Harris  
mharris1960@gmail.com. Paul Delmenico
15-Oct Crit Michael Reppion Travis Hicks
20-Oct Corin Alain Arbaut 1 (finish chute)
arbaut@grapevine.net.au david wilson
22-Oct Crit Christophe Barberet  
Christophe.Barberet@humanservices.gov.au Michelle Hodgetts
29-Oct Crit Daniel Grillo  
danandllewella@bigpond.com David Gillies
3-Nov Uriarra Brian Peak 4 (finish chute & 3 ETCs) Seymour Savell-Boss*, Neil Burton*, Lindsay Graham*
brianpeak1@me.com Christopher Hodgson
5-Nov Crit Susan Frost Felipe Lopes Reis
10-Nov Sutton Driver Training Centre Bryan Holloway 1 (finish chute)
bholls001@hotmail.com Stephen Isbel

* denotes ETC required for ACT races.

Ian McVay
Race Committee


Breadalbane Memorial Handicap – 10th August

Race Director’s Report

The weather gods had whipped up a beautiful scene overnight along the old Hume Highway with a mix of snow and black ice scattered along the Cullerin range. Add to that a 60+kmh roaring southerly and for the 20 riders who turned up to race it was going to be a very interesting race battling the elements and each other. As we assembled at the Breadalbane Community Hall the sago snow was falling outside and the heater was pumping inside it was decided to hold a quick vote to see if each rider still wanted to race. It was unanimous that the race was on. 50km out and back course with the turnaround point just short of Gunning.

Bernie Crowe started the proceedings but was soon back at the finish line after thinking the conditions weren’t to his liking. Bob Miller decided that after not racing all year that this was to be his comeback race on his sparkly new Trek. Good day to pick a race Bob! Bob lead the charge representing the lone E grader followed by the other grades in 4 min increments with A grade giving up an 18 min head start going off last.

Whilst riders were out on course, I checked the weather and the apparent temperature was a biting -7. Best place to wait for the riders was either behind the club van or in our cars. First rider to come into view was Steve Crispin who finished the course in a time of 1hr12mins. We estimate Steve’s average speed on the return leg was a healthy 60kmh. That Southerly sure helped! 2nd place went to Seymour Savell-Boss and 3rd place to Roger Northcote. All riders made it safely back to the finish and defrosted in the community hall with a warm cuppa.

Many thanks to the brave marshals:

Tony Sheehan who froze with me on the finish line

Owain Tilley who ensured riders did not turn into popsicles on the Cullerin range

Jeremy Gillman-Wells who kept the lead car protecting riders from all the obstacles

Darren Blackhurst who made sure every rider made it back safely in the trail car

Howard Moffatt who was our official photographer and turn point marshal at Gunning

Graham Hendrie who always does a sterling job with the results, setup and keeping the van well placed to block the freezing wind

Simon Whitehead our Sports med who thankfully didn’t need to defrost any riders on the day

Ben Davis

Howard Moffat shared some photos from the race on the weekend.

Breadalbane August 2019

B-Grade Rider Report

The ABM had a “damaging winds” warning out for an area that included Breadalbane- Gunning, but there was little chance of rain, and the Committee made a good decision to run the race.  Twenty riders turned up to take on the wind and race each other.  Upon arrival there were many second thoughts, it was windier and colder than we expected.  We could see snow patches on the hills and there was a little fine, icy sleet before the race started.  Our “warmup” consisted of putting some gear on and testing our choice by riding horribly slowly into the wind before being blown back. Then we hid in the warm Community Centre or in cars until a few minutes before our designated handicap start.

I have never seen Ian McVay race in anything longer than shorts and was delighted to discover today would be no different, though he did have covered arms & a gilet.  When I expressed concern Ian insisted: “it’s not even all that cold”.   Objective meteorological data proves otherwise: during the race the Goulburn weather station indicated 5-6C, westerly winds of 45-55kph with gusts to 70, and apparent temperatures of -4 to -7.  Two other hard men wore shorts, everyone else more sensibly wore longs or at least leg warmers.  I wore: biblongs, a t-shirt base-layer, a jacket with wind proof chest panels, wind proof gloves, wool socks and neoprene toe warmers.  This worked well, I was never cold after the race started.

The challenge was riding into the gale 23km to Gunning. In B-grade we (Seymour, Rob, Paul Hollins & I) adopted a team time trial method, rather than rolling through. The front bloke would bash into the wind for a turn before pulling off and seeking some shelter at the back.  Though the wind was so strong that riding behind a few riders was still hard.  With willing efforts and teamwork we went faster than I thought possible.  We caught C-grade on the downhill off Cullerin, and they appropriately tagged on whilst we kept pushing downhill and then up the short hill to the Gunning turn.  There was immediate relief after the turn: much easier, warmer and quieter with the wind.  We too soon passed the A-grade trio coming up the short hill, the gap seemed insufficient.  At the base of the Cullerin hill we caught D-grade and Rob then led a surge that split our group, leaving him, Seymour, Ian McVay and I in the lead.  With less than 1km of the hill left, we still had not seen A-grade.  Where was Steve Crispin? I looked back and saw him loitering with intent about 50m behind. Soon after he surged past with an out of the saddle attack, and we were racing for second.  A common experience in the club when Steve is racing!

Our reward came after cresting the hill.  Racing past the poplars with the tailwind taking turns to Breadalbane was a blast, often spinning out in top gear in the faster sections.   Never gone that fast on a flat road. Seymour outsprinted Rob and I for second.

Our time of 1:18 was good for 34kph, which I thought was great in the conditions.  We were 10 minutes slower into the wind to Gunning than the return with the wind but up the Cullerin hill.  Steve’s time of 1:12 amounted to 37kph, racing alone on the return leg, was truly excellent, showing the form which may put him in medal contention at the Nationals this year.

I think everyone who raced enjoyed the different challenge the conditions posed. Lots of happy smiles and comments afterwards.  A race to remember.  Perhaps Ian was right, it wasn’t all that cold, as long as you dressed well.  Many thanks to Ben, Graham, and the marshals, who did a great job running a safe race.


Roger Northcote