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In the Bleat this week;

  • Dairy Flat working Bee
  • Team QOUN Crit race
  • From the Desk of the Handicapper
  • Event Traffic Controller’s Course – 7 December 2019
  • Racing this Week
  • From the Race Committee
  • Race Reports

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Ian Morton

Dairy Flat working Bee

Last year Nick Boylan put a large amount of effort into ensuring the Dairy Flat course was safe for racing prior to directing the event. This year we need to relieve Nick of this task.

We will be running a Working Bee on Saturday afternoon on 7th December at 4:00pm. Bring your work gear and gardening equipment along to help clear the course. Liquid refreshments and snacks will be provided. The more people helping out, the quicker it will be.

Team QOUN Crit race

Team QUON will be running the Crit at Stromlo on 12 December. More details of the event to come.

Note that the Grade start sequence will vary for this week as follows;

Grade Time Week 09 Race Duration
E/F/G 5:50 28 min 2 laps
B/D 6:25 B 42m 2, D 38m 2
A/C 7:15 A 42m 2, C 38m 2

From the Desk of the Handicapper


Simon Costello B to A road
Bryan Holloway C to B road/crit
Sally Thompson E to D road
Aaron Thomson B to A crit
Lewis Cressy B to A crit

Rob Langridge