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Ian Morton

Cycling study at the University of Canberra

I’m Felicity, a third-year PhD candidate in Environmental Physiology at the University of Canberra Research Institute for Sport and Exercise. I’m currently recruiting cyclists for my second study, which investigates the effect of variations in relative humidity on thermal and physiology responses during a cycling time trial in the heat.

What we are looking for;
– Trained male cyclists and triathletes (18-55 years)
– Cycling a minimum of 250km per week
– Can reach 5W/Kg during a VO2max test

What we require from you;
– ~3 weeks of testing at UCRISE
– 2 x 2hr familiarisation trials
– 4 x 2hr 30km time trials in varying relative humidity in a hot environment

What we will be measuring;
– Performance – average power output (W), cadence (rpm), speed (kph)
– Thermal response – core and skin temperature, sweat loss
– Cardiorespiratory response – VO2max, heart rate, cardiac output

What we will give you;
– Your VO2max
– A comprehnsive physiological and performance profile

At the end of study completion, participants receive their VO2max and a comprehensive performance and physiology profile. It’s a great chance to fit in extra training sessions and collect data you may not normally be able to collect. It’s also a great chance to see how well you perform in a variety of environments!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Kind Regards,


Felicity Bright
BAppSc (Ex&SpSc) (Hons)
University of Canberra Research Institute for Sport and Exercise (UCRISE)
Bruce | ACT 2617 | Australia
PhD Candidate
Phone: +61 400 413 895

COVID-19 Restrictions

There are legal requirements in place for people returning to the ACT from Victoria and particular places in New South Wales to self-quarantine.

Members who have been to any of these locations in the past 14 days should be complying with ACT Government quarantine restrictions.

Members should stay home if you have been feeling unwell or showing symptoms of COVID-19 or been in contact with someone who has felt unwell in the past 2 weeks.


Tuesday, 3rd November: Stromlo Criterium

Where: Stromlo Forest Park
Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number.
Race Description:
B/D 5:50 B 35m+2, D 30m+2
E/F/G 6:25 22 min + 2 laps
A/C 6:55 A 35m+2, C 30m+2

Race Director:  Penelope Anderson Contact: Email:    Ph  0458 651 046

Marshals: Dale Riley

Wednesday, 4th November: Track Racing

The Program for Wednesday is;
5.30pm – 6.00pm: Warm-up and free practice;
6.00pm – 6.20pm: 8-lap graded scratch race;
6.20pm – 6.40pm: 4-lap handicap race;
6.40pm – 7.10pm: Graded mystery race;
7.10pm – 7.30pm: Italian pursuit.

Sunday, 8th November: Sutton Driver Training Centre – Criterium – Graded

Reminder: Ride in your Road Grade.

Where: Approx 0.5 km along Sutton Rd from intersection of Sutton Rd and Pialligo Avenue.
When: 9:00 am.
Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number
Race Description:
E/F/G: 9.00am 30 mins + 1 lap
A/B: 9.40am 50 mins + 1 lap
C/D: 10.40am 40 mins + 1 lap

Race Director:  Dennis Puniard Contact: Email:    Ph 0407 220 885

Marshals: Anthony O’Connor


SFP Criterium – 27th October

It must have been the inclement weather early in the day, but not many people turned up to the race. The track was wet but no rain and no wind.

First to go we had E,F,G E grade with two riders went first followed by F & G together. Penelope in E grade took off in the first lap then TT for the rest of the twenty minutes with Chris Copeland coming home for second. F&G did roll softly together with Mike Hayes doing few big pull at the front, this ended with a close spring won by Adrian Breen followed by a fast finishing Mike Hayes and David Witteveen for third. Special mention to Mijo Spoljaric, the lone G grade, who did finished with F grade.

Only six A grade riders did show up, the low number did not stop them to go full gaz from the mark! Early a rider got dropped, and then half way through the race Ben Morisson had a flat. The riders did not relent right to the finish with a fast and close sprint, won by Jimmy Carol, a very close second Liam O’Dea, third Patrick Quade.

C grade the bunch stayed together for ten minutes when Joel Rahman took off, the bunch must have been asleep, Joel just keep pulling away . No real chase was organized and Joel finished with a good gap. (“Welcome in B grade” – I could hear the Handicapper). The bunch was happy to fight for second and third, the close sprint was won by Adam Strickland and Wayne Donchi.

B grade the bunch was going nicely around the track until Daniel Crocker went away, the pressure was on the bunch to chase, this was getting more exciting. The bunch got split few times but went back together until bell lap. Bruce Goodfellow won the sprint, second Craig Tozer, third Colin Kelley

D grade rolled away pleasantly very social for ten minutes then David Row put the pressure on and broke the bunch, of the eleven starter five got dropped, the race had finally started, we saw lots of surges which were chased down and more riders getting dropped .Of the four riders still in the fight for a podium, the fast finisher David Row won the sprint by few bikes length, second Ian Morton and third Mark Harradine.

Thanks to the committees members to have helped to set up the sign in. Special thanks to Greg Collis to marshal and run a smooth event. And of course the First Aid Officer Simon Whitehead.

Alain Arbaut

Track Racing – 28th October

Wednesday 28 October saw the third track racing session for the 2020-21 season. Conditions were overcast and cool. Fortunately, rain held off until the session was completed. There was a stiff headwind in the back straight. Attendance was satisfactory for the conditions, with 14 riders, 8 in A grade and 6 in B grade.

The 8-lap A grade scratch race started at a modest pace, with Dougal Torrance, John Paul De Sousa and Ben Robey taking turns up front. On lap 3 Steve Hirsler kicked up the pace before rolling over to give Tony Beasley, Ben Davis, Steve Jones and Kerry Knowler turns on the front. On lap 5 Dougal Torrance rotated back to the front and took off, soon gaining 15m on the bunch. Ben Robey and John Paul De Sousa pursued, without result, as Dougal increased his lead to around 20m going into the bell lap. Over the bell lap Steve Jones launched from the trailing pack and put in a mighty pursuit, gradually reeling in Dougal and overtaking him as the finish line approached. Dougal hung on for second place and John Paul De Sousa won the pack sprint for third place.

In the B Grade scratch race, Phil Coulton, Ian Drayton, Ken Birch, Phil Anderson and Bruce Griffin swapped the lead in an orderly fashion for the first five laps. On Lap 6 Ian Drayton took the lead and attacked. Ken Birch pursued immediately and the rest of the bunch streamed around a slowing rider, also in pursuit. By the bell lap there were three riders close to Ian, but unable to overtake. Ian took a comfortable win with Phil Anderson and Ken Birch emerging from the pursuing group to take second and third places respectively.

The evening’s second event was a 20-lap graded points race. This race had 4 sprints at 5 lap intervals. The A grade event was initially dominated by Dougal Torrance who attacked early and banked the first two sprints. The latter half of the race was dominated by Steve Jones and Kerry Knowler who gapped the field and set themselves up for the final two sprints. Kerry took the third sprint with Steve in tow. However, by the last sprint Kerry was tiring in front of a fast closing pack. In this situation, Steve Jones took the initiative and sprinted out for a double points win. Kerry hung on for second. The final points tally was interesting. Steve Jones and Dougal Torrance were tied on 20 points for first place. Kerry Knowler and John Paul De Sousa were tied on 8 points for second place. Ben Robey was third with 7 points.

The B grade points race was dominated by Ian Drayton who won 3 of the 4 sprints. Phil Coulton managed to pip Ian for one of the sprints. The points wash up was Ian Drayton (24), Phil Coulton (20), Bruce Griffin (13).

After a small delay to patch up Graeme O’Neill after a spill, the track session closed with a hurriedly organised Italian pursuit. Only 8 riders volunteered for this race. However, it was the usual close fought contest. Both teams rode flawlessly and circulated with a gap that was never more than a few metres. Team 2 took the win with John Paul De Sousa putting in a solid final lap to gain the small winning margin over Ben Davis. It was another good race to watch.

Major place getters were as follows:
8-Lap Scratch: (A Grade) Steve Jones, Dougal Torrance, John Paul De Sousa. (B Grade) Ian Drayton, Phil Anderson, Ken Birch.
20-Lap Points Race: (A Grade) Steve Jones & Dougal Torrance (20), Kerry Knowler & John Paul De Sousa (8), Ben Robey (7). (B Grade) Ian Drayton (24), Phil Coulton (20), Bruce Griffin (13).
Combined Italian Pursuit: Winner Team 2 (Phil Anderson, John Paul De Sousa, Ben Robey, Ian Drayton).

Season Point Score Update:
Steve Jones (45), Phil Anderson (44), John Paul De Sousa (43), Phil Coulton (41), Bruce Griffin (40), Ian Drayton (36), Tony Beasley (32), Ken Birch (31), Ben Robey (31), Steve Hirsler (30).

Graeme O’Neill

Dog Trap Road – Handicap – 1st November

A surprisingly warm, sunny but breezy spring day greeted 34 riders on Sunday morning for the Dog Trap Road Memorial handicap race. E2 were first off the line with riders heading into the wind to the short turn before turning and flying with the wind to the long turn. At the end of the 1st lap, most of the grades were still together except B Grade, who had split into two bunches. A, B & C grades had, at this stage, made up some time on D & E grades, with the trio of E2s – Penny Anderson, Mark Taylor and Ian Morton – working well together to maintain their lead.

Coming into the final return leg E2 were still leading, with the other grades coming together behind them. In the final sprint for the checkered flag, Penny Anderson got the better of Mark Taylor and Ian Morton to take the win, closely followed by a mix of A & B graders. Fastest time of the day, no surprises, went to Steve Crispin with 1hr 9mins 3sec.

ACT Veterans Cycling Club

Ian Morton (3rd), Penny Anderson (1st), Mark Taylor (2nd)

Many thanks to Graham Hendrie for driving the van and doing the timing. Thanks to the marshals, Grant Shaw, Shirley-Anne Taylor, Kurt Andrews, Rodney Welch and Tristan Dimmock for all their help. And thanks to Ian McVay for all his behind-the-scenes organising.

Ian Preston
Race Referee