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In the Bleat this week;

•  2021 Annual General Meeting

•  Handlebar, Stromlo (Grease Monkeys)

•  From the Desk of the Handicapper

•  From the Race Committee

•  First Aid Courses – 27 February and 3 March

•  Cycling study at the University of Canberra

•  COVID-19 Restrictions

•  Racing this Week

•  Race Reports

Ian Morton

2021 Annual General Meeting

Thanks to those who attended this evening’s AGM.

2021 Committee

Ths Committe for this year is;

  • President: Seymour Savell-Boss
  • Vice-President: Ian McVay
  • Club Secretary: Russell Marston
  • Treasurer and Membership: Kirsti McVay
  • Welfare officer: Rob Langridge
  • General committee: Rob Langridge (Handicapper), Ian Morton (The Bleat), Kim Malcolm, Andy Matz, Dougal Torrance, Craig Tozer
  • Track Racing: Graeme O’Neill

Handlebar, Stromlo (Grease Monkeys)

Dear Members,

We have been talking with the owners of the Handlebar at Stromlo about opening up on a Tuesday night to sell us burgers and beers. There is a catch… they need to know that at least 20 will take up the opportunity.

I’m pretty sure with a 100 or so riders a week a fair few would enjoy some carbs, a chance to brag about the win, console each other about a failed long range attack. Whatever motivates us, it would be a nice opportunity to sit down, have some food and or drink and socialise post-race*.

Of course, this isn’t just for riders, it’s a great opportunity for us to have families come out to see some great racing and then to sit down and eat and socialise together.

If you could email me at president@actvets.cc to register your genuine interest I can advise the Handlebar and see if we can get them to open up in the coming weeks until Crit season ends on 30 March.

If you’re not aware, the burgers are made by the Grease Monkeys crew, and are amazing.

ACT Vets Cycling Club President

*by all means eat a few burgers pre-ride, but I’m not cleaning up the track…

From the Desk of the Handicapper

This week’s promotions

– Peter Zygadio B to A road
– Heath Chester B to A crit
– Steve Jones C to B crit

Rob Langridge

First Aid Courses – 27 February and 3 March

For some time now, ACT Vets’ has been offering First Aid courses to members on a reimbursed basis with thanks to a Road Safety grant from the ACT Government.

With take up being lower than anticipated, we still have significant unexpended funds, and so with the ACT Government’s approval, we have extended the offer to other clubs and Pedal Power. Our expectation is that with the broader membership base of Pedal Power in particular, we will be able to get the required numbers for a couple of group courses in late February – early March.

If you still have an interest in undertaking a First Aid course and you are able to attend a group class on either of the two prospective dates, please click on the link below to register your interest.

Please note that places on the course will be limited to grant funds available.

Cycling study at the University of Canberra

I’m Felicity, a third-year PhD candidate in Environmental Physiology at the University of Canberra Research Institute for Sport and Exercise. I’m currently recruiting cyclists for my next study, which investigates the effect of airflow on thermophysiology and self-paced cycling performance.

What we are looking for;
– Male cyclists (18-55 years)
– Cycling approx 200km per week
– Free from injury and illness

What we require from you;
– 2 x 2 hr preliminary tests (VO2max test and a 15km familiarisation time trial)
– 4 x 30 km cycling time trials in a hot environment with varying wind speeds (testing session 2 hrs in total).
– Measures include: Cycling performance, cre and skin temperature, sweating response, oxygen uptake and cardiac output.

Where is the test?;
– University of Canberra Research Institute for Sport and Exercise environmental chamber.

When can you test;
– At a convenient time for you, basically anytime between 6am and 6pm. I’m happy to work around your weekend and weekday schedules.
– Trials are sepearted by a minimum of 48hrs (max 72hrs) and must be done around the same time of day.

What do you get;
– Your VO2max
– A comprehnsive physiological and performance profile

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Kind Regards,


Felicity Bright
BAppSc (Ex&SpSc) (Hons)
University of Canberra Research Institute for Sport and Exercise (UCRISE)
Bruce | ACT 2617 | Australia
PhD Candidate
Phone: +61 400 413 895
Email: felicity.bright@canberra.edu.au

COVID-19 Restrictions

There are conditions for travelers from other states.

Members should stay home if you have been feeling unwell or showing symptoms of COVID-19 or been in contact with someone who has felt unwell in the past 2 weeks.


Tuesday, 16th February: Stromlo Criterium – Age* Graded Club Championship – Part 1

Note: This race is Part 1 of the Age Graded Championships.

Racing is only for Men (ages 55 – 80+) and Women (all ages).

Next week is Part 2 which will be for Men (ages 30 – 54).

Where: Stromlo Forest Park
Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number.
Race Description:
M8 (65-69)/M9 (70-74)/M10 (75-80)/M11 (80+) @5:50 30 min
Women (All ages)** @6:30 30 min
M6 (55-59)/M7 (60-64) @7:10 35 min

*Age Classification is the Age that you turn on your birthday in 2021, e.g. a rider who turns 40 in December 2021 is classed as M3 (40-44) or W2 (40-49) for all events during 2021.

**While all Women will start together, results will be recorded for 10 year ages groups (30-39, 40-49, etc).

Race Director:  Seymour Savell-Boss Contact: Email: seymoursb@me.com    Ph  0405 020 741

Marshals: Ian Drayton

Wednesday, 17th February: Track Racing

The Program for Wednesday is;
5.30pm – 6.00pm: Warm-up and free practice.
6.00pm – 6.20pm: 8-lap graded scratch race.
6.20pm – 6.50pm: 1 lap screamer (standing start TT – Omnium Event).
6.50pm – 7.10pm: 4-lap handicap races.
7.10pm – 7.30pm: Italian pursuit.

Note: Thanks to a generous donation from Robert Langridge, the club now has a spare track bike for temporary loan to anyone who wishes to give track racing a go. If you are interested, bring your own pedals, tyre pump and tools to set saddle height etc. Users will be responsible for checking the bike and ensuring it is safely set up for racing. Come early if you wish to take up this option.

Sunday, 21st February – RACE CANCELLED

As previously advised, we are having problems with the approvals for Upper Lachlan Shire Council. We will not be able to get these resolved in time for this week’s race.

The Race Committee will advise if an alternate event can be organised.


SFP Criterium – 9th February

The weather for the afternoon’s crit racing was cool with a slight easterly blowing.

First race of the afternoon was E, F, and G. This week saw Gail Monahan seek revenge on Bernie in G grade by taking out G grade, surging away half-way thought the race for a convincing victory. In F grade, Bob Miller attacked the bunch with 14 mins to go and held the lead all the way to the end. Mike Hayes and David Witteveen taking out the minor places. 7 riders lined up for E grade with riders trying to get away at different stages of the race. Unfortunately, none of the riders were able to stay away, with Linda Stals taking out the bunch sprint, followed by Geoff Ellacott, and Penelope Anderson.

The pace was on early in A grade with attacks starting early in the race, to try and break-up the bunch. Health Wade was able to get away at the half-way point of the race, but the bunch wasn’t going to let him stay away for long, bringing him back into the pack with 15 mins to go. A grade stayed together for the remainder of the race for a sprint finish with Marc Vroomans taking victory ahead of Mark Harris, and Gerard Tiffen. The C grade race saw Dominic ‘Dominator’ Romano trying to breakaway early in the race, putting in a number of attacks but the other riders kept bringing him back. The race came down to a sprint finish with Steven Jones across the line first, followed by Adam Strickland, and James Tonkin.

B and D grade took to the track with the light fading and the wind starting to pick-up. The pace was on in B grade for the whole race which made it difficult for anyone to get away. There were many attempts but non stuck. Heath Chester won the closely contested sprint ahead of Mark Vardy and Colin Kelley. D grade saw Jason McAvoy breakaway from the bunch with 5 mins left on the clock and it looked like he was going to take it out, but the bunch ruined his fun, reeling him in with 2 laps to go with Josh Quilliam taking home the money ahead of Allan Bontjer, and Alex Sommariva.

Andrew Terracini

Track Racing – 10th February

The evening weather for the season’s 14th track racing session was sunny and warm with a slight headwind in the Bundadome back straight. Overall, conditions were very good for racing. Attendance held up, with 15 riders, 7 in A grade and 8 in B grade.

The 8-lap, A grade, scratch race started at a good pace with Martin Graham doing half a lap before Steve Hirsler cranked it up for a further lap. There were steady turns by John Paul De Sousa, Rowan McMurray, Steve Jones and Wayne Benham before Ben Davis rolled into the lead on lap 6 and increased the pace. Martin Graham quickly closed down the gap caused by Ben’s acceleration and, on lap 7, attacked with John Paul De Sousa, Rowan McMurray and Steve Jones in hot pursuit. The final lap was run at a torrid pace. John Paul De Sousa showed his improving form by running down Martin for first place. Rowan McMurray and Steve Jones also had good pace, rolling over Martin to gain second and third placings respectively.

The 8-lap B Grade scratch race was a steady, solid pace for 6 laps with turns by Tony Beasley, Bruce Griffin, James Newhouse, Colin Calderwood and Alison Hale. Phil Anderson took over the lead for lap 7 and held the pace until just into the bell lap when he accelerated out to commence a long sprint. Graeme O’Neill tried to follow in Phil’s wheel, but fell back with the bunch streaming past to take up a hot pursuit. Ultimately Tony Beasley, Alison Hale and James Newhouse proved too strong for Phil who tired after a long lead-out, The trio rolled across the line in the order listed.

The evening’s second event was a 200 Fly, a timed sprint over 200m from a flying start. Power, and flying start technique are the keys to this event. A-grade times were very competitive with the first three being Steve Jones (13.12s), John Paul De Sousa (13.46s) and Wayne Benham (13.88s). B-grade times were also quite competitive with the first three being Tony Beasley (14.47s), Bruce Griffin (14.84s) and James Newhouse (14.88s). The fastest rider (Steve Jones) averaged 56.8 km/hr over the timed section. The 200 Fly was the first event of a 4 event Omnium Championship for 2020-21.

The evening’s third events were 2-lap handicaps with A & B grades intermingled in two separate races. Race 1 was taken out by James Newhouse with Phil Anderson and Colin Calderwood in second and third places. Race 2 saw a massive initial attack by Bruce Griffin. This was sufficient to keep him ahead all the way to the line. Tony Beasley and Alison Hale rode well to take out second and third places respectively. Overall, it appeared the B grade riders were favoured by the handicaps.

The track session closed with the usual, all-in, Italian pursuit. This event had teams of 7 riders. Both teams made good starts and rode without error. When the selection for Team 2 was announced, there were howls from selected riders, implying they were underdogs. They did well for underdogs, as they matched Team 1 lap for lap. By the final lap, the Team 2 anchor rider Rowan McMurray started with a slight advantage over John Paul De Sousa. It was all Rowan needed to deliver an unexpected win for the ‘underdog’ Team 2.

Major place getters for Wednesday were as follows:
8-Lap Scratch: (A Grade) John Paul De Sousa, Rowan McMurray, Steve Jones. (B Grade) Tony Beasley, Alison Hale, James Newhouse.
200m Fly: (A Grade) Steve Jones (13.12s), John Paul De Sousa (13.46s), Wayne Benham (13.88s). (B Grade) Tony Beasley (14.47s), Bruce Griffin (14.84s), James Newhouse (14.88s).
2-Lap Handicap: (Race 1 A&B) James Newhouse, Phil Anderson, Colin Calderwood (Race 2 A&B) Bruce Griffin, Tony Beasley, Alison Hale.
Combined Italian Pursuit: Winner Team 2 (Rowan McMurray, Martin Graham, Wayne Benham, Colin Calderwood, Bruce Griffin, Phil Coulton, Alison Hale).

Omnium Championship Points:
Rowan McMurray (5), Alison Hale (5), Ben Davis, Tony Beasley (4), John Paul De Sousa (3), Phil Coulton (3), Steve Hirsler (2), Bruce Griffin (2), Wayne Benham (1), James Newhouse (1).

Season Point Score Update:
Steve Jones (204), Ian Drayton (198), Phil Anderson (190), James Newhouse (183), John Paul De Sousa (179), Ken Birch (163), Wayne Benham (156), Alison Hale (150), Phil Coulton (132), Bruce Griffin (114).

Graeme O’Neill

Corin Road – 14th January

Sunday’s race became a hill climb up Corin Rd from the Tidbinbilla Rd intersection to the ridge past Square Rocks carpark (which is just after Corin Forest Resort) for a distance of about 13km (with ascent of about 550m), as we did not receive the full usual race course approval in time. 31 riders came to test their legs on the clear, sunny autumn-like morning, and all completed the course – congratulations.

A grade started with 5 riders and reports are that Stephen Isbel was on a mission to beat his “best time” and rode the fastest time of 32mins 2 secs. He was followed by crafty Al Raitt and Brendan Byatt in third.

B grade had the largest turnout of 9 riders. It was won by Peter Zygadio closely followed by Henry Thomson then Tom Hartley.

C grade also had a good turnout with podium filled by Peter Blaint first, then Andrew Hislop and Clinton Porteous. Reports are that they challenged each other for much of the race.

D grade group separated early in the race and was won by David Buckley, with David Hennessy in second and Lance Purdon in third.

The 4 E and F graders wished to start together for the challenge, and it was good to see Jan Koehler back to racing. In E grade, Alex Sommariva charged home ahead of Jan. In F grade, it appears Sharon Landy enjoyed the hill and led the group to the finish line with Edward Joliffe riding tough to the end.

Thank you to the marshals Paul Welch and John Stokman, together with the invaluable work of Graham Hendrie preparing the race equipment for the van, recording the entries and race results, and the support of Ian McVay with the comprehensive Race Guidelines and answers to my questions.

Elton Ivers