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August 2021

ACT Veterans Bleat, Monday 30th August, 2021

Hello Vets,

In the Bleat this week;

•  ACT Lockdown

•  Racing this Week

Ian Morton

ACT Lockdown

The current lockdown is scheduled to end on 2nd September. This would allow this weekend’s race to proceed.

Given the current case numbers, it seems highly likely that the lockdown will be extended and that we will be forced to cancel the race.

Please check the RMS and The Bleat for any updates.


Saturday, 4th September – Iron Mike Handicap (Corrected)

Reminder: All riders must pre-register on the ACT Vets website ( by 3/09/2021 6:00 PM prior to the race. There is no registration on the day.

Any requests for Grade changes should be sorted out with the Handicapper prior to registration.

Where: Drive aprox 2.5km north west on Uriarra Rd from the intersection with Opperman Ave, Wright (the main entry to SFP).
When: 1:30 pm.
Race Description:
Iron Mike Classic Race
Race start and finish on Uriarra Road at SFP western car park. Race goes past the homestead to end of bitumen and return.
NOTE: riders are NOT to attack on the descents onto Uriarra crossing on either the outward or return legs.

Race Director:  Heath Chester Contact: Email:    Ph  0419 162 193

Marshals: Cat Riley, Robert Diamond ETC, Mick Donaldson ETC, Charles Nicoll ETC
Van driver – Des Brown

ACT Veterans Bleat, Monday 23rd August, 2021

Hello Vets,

In the Bleat this week;

•  From the Desk of the Handicapper

•  Racing this Week

Ian Morton

From the Desk of the Handicapper

Please list cycling black spots that can’t be avoided by cyclists

Researchers at the Centre for Automotive Safety Research at the University of Adelaide want to identify locations in the ACT where they could study cyclists interacting with traffic and infrastructure. Given that the name of the centre is for ‘automotive safety’, let’s hope they come up with more than ‘they should pay rego!‘ Nonetheless in the pursuit of science, could members list places they find particularly treacherous or where motorists persistently flout the law, such as pedestrian crossings where the rider is on the driver’s left and the drivers only look for traffic on the right while storming through the crossing. Once the sites are identified, the researchers hope to set up cameras to record these interactions. This was posted to Facebook recently and there were a number of responses.

Please send comments to Places listed so far include Barton Highway, Northbourne Ave, Drakeford Drive and so on.

Zwift racing opportunity

The race committee and enthusiastic members are planning on holding a Zwift race on 4 September at a yet-to-be decided time. The race will be a 40km handicap. This is an expression of interest. Please email if you have the equipment and are keen to race on the day. A similar message is also posted on Facebook. For ease of administration, if you can view the Vets club page on Facebook, please like the page to show your interest.

I don’t have the equipment so the chances of the club handicapper rigging it for his own benefit are slim.

Disclaimer: This event is not an official ACT Veterans’ Cycling Club event, is not covered by insurance and a first aid officer will not be in attendance. Members and non-members participate at their own risk.

Jay Vine in the Vuelta

The Spanish grand tour, Vuelta a Espana, is currently showing on SBS. Local rider Jay Vine is riding his first grand tour and world tour race in the Alpecin Fenix team as a support rider. So far he’s done some big turns on the front and got into a breakaway. Make sure you give Jay and fellow Canberra rider Michael Matthews all the support you can as they battle away during three weeks of ‘hell’ in Spain.

Rob Langridge


Saturday, 28st August – Race cancelled.

ACT Veterans Bleat, Monday 16th August, 2021

Hello Vets,

A very short Bleat this week;

•  Racing this Week

Ian Morton


Saturday, 21st August – Race cancelled due to the COVID lockdown.

ACT Veterans Bleat, Monday 9th August, 2021

ACT Veterans Cycling Club

Hello Vets,

In the Bleat this week;

•  From the Desk of the President

•  Racing in surrounding NSW in 2022

•  Racing this Week

Ian Morton

From the Desk of the President

Findings of the ACTVCC Evaluation Report

The Committee engaged an external evaluator in 2020 to conduct an evaluation of ACTVCC, to look at how well we engage with our members and target group, and how this could be improved. The Committee would like to thank Erin Barry for her work to undertake the evaluation and produce the report, and to thank the many Vets members, former members and other people who participated in this evaluation.

Erin has provided an abbreviated version of the full report, which summarises the key findings and includes the recommendations. A link to the report that can be found using Google drive

The Committee welcomes the report, which provides valuable feedback from members and considerations about how we could build upon the existing strengths of the club. We have been discussing the report’s recommendations and considering what the next steps might be, noting the limited capacity of the Committee to take on additional work. We are seeking interested persons to assist us in implementing some of the findings, for example:

  • Someone with communications experience/expertise who would be interested in developing and implementing a member’s engagement communications strategy.
  • If you have capacity and experience and are would like to work with the race committee to support race logistics.
  • If you’re a cycling coach and could help with coaching sessions or give members regular tips or training.
  • If you have an interest in mentoring or being involved in a ‘buddy-rider’ program for inexperienced racers.

If you are interested in supporting the Club in any of these or other report recommendations areas, please contact me at

Seymour Savell-Boss
ACT Vets Cycling Club President.

Racing in surrounding NSW in 2022

Work for the 2022 race program is commencing with some 21 races in NSW planned. Racing in NSW this year did not occur as councils (in February) requested updated traffic management plans and more detailed information in the application than previously required.

But the key challenge is meeting NSW traffic marshal requirements. The ACT Government has not been able to get ACT ETC qualifications recognised in NSW.

We have been running races in NSW using ‘Traffic Marshals’ – who can’t control traffic, only cyclists.

We need people with NSW ‘Traffic Controller’ and ‘Implement traffic control plan’ qualifications (the latter being able to correctly interpret a traffic management plan for signage).

This will require sufficient numbers of club members acquiring accreditation to support the 21 races. Discussions with training providers are underway and advice on dates will be provided as soon as they are locked in.

Training is expected to require a full day. Your NSW qualifications are also national qualifications and will cover you in the ACT as well.

Chris Short


Saturday, 14th August – no scheduled race

ACT Veterans Bleat, Monday 2nd August, 2021

Hello Vets,

In the Bleat this week;

•  From the Desk of the President

   Reduced Membership Fee for remainder of 2021

•  Racing this Week

•  Race Report

Ian Morton

From the Desk of the President

Cranky Bicycle Worx vouchers

Congratulations to Week 5’s voucher winner #667 Dale Kleeman.

A massive thank you to Stu Carling who has donated 10 bike service vouchers to the Vets Club for his workshop, located in Downer. For full details of Cranky Bicycle Works, see Stu’s facebook page:

Seymour Savell-Boss
ACT Vets Cycling Club President.

Reduced Membership Fee for remainder of 2021.

From 3 July 2021, a reduced membership rate is available for new and renewing members for the remainder of this year. Our fees have reduced from $125 to $105 in line with the AVCC membership fee reduction. This reduction will not impact on member benefits or insurance.

Please note that club membership is for a calendar year so membership will expire on 31 December 2021.

Kirsti McVay
ACT Vets Cycling Club Treasurer.


Saturday, 7th August – no scheduled race


Smiths Rd – Naas Rd – Secret Handicap – 24th July

Thirty four riders turned up on a pleasant Saturday winter afternoon at Lookout Hill for the annual M&H Age Standard Time Trial, with the M&H Trophy up for grabs. The M&H Trophy, is a perpetual trophy donated by Henry and Marilyn Beaverstock, with the trophies going to those who beat their age standard time by the greatest amount (Standard times are based on age-related tables and are related to actual age on the day of any event). As always, the Age Standard winner is not necessarily always the fastest time, so it would be interesting to see whether this year if the trophy would be won by the quickest rider.

With rain on and off throughout the morning, the weather turned for the better for once, and a mild and pleasant afternoon beckoned the riders. However, as is so often the case, about 30 minutes before start time, the wind picked up significantly and all the riders had to contend with a strong northerly wind.

Starting in age order (youngest to oldest), riders took of at 30 second intervals heading south from Lookout Hill, u-turning near Tharwa, riding north to just before the Point Hut turnoff before u-turning again to the top of Lookout Hill and then repeating for a second lap. With the strong northerly wind, it meant the leg from Tharwa to Point Hut was extremely tough, before a little bit of a helping hand on the climb up to the finish.

The effort by everyone was super impressive. With the hill to the finish, you could tell by breathing rates at the finish line that everyone had emptied the tank in this race of truth. However, there had to be winners on the day.

The winner of this years female M&H trophy with an age standard of +4:48.5 was Rosemary Robinson. It was a very tight event in this category with all participants very close on time. In second place with an age standard of +5:07.7 was Cat Riley, and in third was Jan Koehler with an age standard of +5:57.1.

ACT Veterans Cycling Club

The winner of this years male M&H trophy with a remarkable age standard of -04:06.9 was Anthony Willemsen. Anthony was kept honest by Gerard Tiffen in second place with an age standard of -03:56.9 and Steve Crispin in third with an age standard of -03:54.8. As you can see with these differences, it was a very close race.

ACT Veterans Cycling Club

In the female category, the fastest time of the day went to Cat Riley with a time of 41:26.7, narrowly ahead of Rosemary (41:43.5) and Alison Hale (43:31.4). There were literally seconds in it between Alison, Linda Stahls (43:36.3) and Jan Koehler (32:38.1).

In the male category, it was one of those rare occasions where the fastest rider of the day also won the Age Standard! A massive accomplishment by Anthony finishing in a time of 29:02.1. The fastest times followed the age standard for the top three with Gerard taking second narrowly behind in 21:12.1 and Steve a tiny bit further back in 29:20.2.

Given the conditions, a surprising number of riders beat their age standard time. In addition to Anthony, Gerard and Steve, big kudos go to Brendan Byatt, Al Raitt, Michael Fawke, Tristan Fuge, Christopher Short, David Dickson, Owain Tilley, Dale Kleeman, and Anthony Beasley.

Grade placings (in terms of age standard) were:-A grade: Anthony Williemsen, Gerard Tiffen, Steve Crispin -B grade: Michael Fawke, Tristan Fuge, Christopher Short -C grade: Owain Tilley, Dale Kleeman, Warwick Wilson -D grade: Anthony Beasley, Robert Langridge, Anthony Dick -E grade: Rosemary Robinson, Jan Koehler, Linda Stahls -F Grade: Cat Riley, Pat Rooke, Chis Copeland -G Grade: Bernard Crowe

For full results, please see the RMS (

A huge thanks goes out to all those who made the day possible, especially: Matt Hinchcliffe for driving the van and organising all the refreshments; Paul Welsh and Seymour Savell-Boss for controlling traffic and marshalling, Wayne Spratford for marshalling; Simon Whitehead for first aiding; and Ian McVay for all the organising, support and timing.

Thanks for everyone who turned up, was a great afternoon out!


Peter Merrick

ACT Veterans Cycling ClubMichael Fawke has posted photos on the ACT Vets
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