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Ian Morton

From the Desk of the Handicapper

Please list cycling black spots that can’t be avoided by cyclists

Researchers at the Centre for Automotive Safety Research at the University of Adelaide want to identify locations in the ACT where they could study cyclists interacting with traffic and infrastructure. Given that the name of the centre is for ‘automotive safety’, let’s hope they come up with more than ‘they should pay rego!‘ Nonetheless in the pursuit of science, could members list places they find particularly treacherous or where motorists persistently flout the law, such as pedestrian crossings where the rider is on the driver’s left and the drivers only look for traffic on the right while storming through the crossing. Once the sites are identified, the researchers hope to set up cameras to record these interactions. This was posted to Facebook recently and there were a number of responses.

Please send comments to handicapper@actvets.cc. Places listed so far include Barton Highway, Northbourne Ave, Drakeford Drive and so on.

Zwift racing opportunity

The race committee and enthusiastic members are planning on holding a Zwift race on 4 September at a yet-to-be decided time. The race will be a 40km handicap. This is an expression of interest. Please email handicapper@actvets.cc if you have the equipment and are keen to race on the day. A similar message is also posted on Facebook. For ease of administration, if you can view the Vets club page on Facebook, please like the page to show your interest.

I don’t have the equipment so the chances of the club handicapper rigging it for his own benefit are slim.

Disclaimer: This event is not an official ACT Veterans’ Cycling Club event, is not covered by insurance and a first aid officer will not be in attendance. Members and non-members participate at their own risk.

Jay Vine in the Vuelta

The Spanish grand tour, Vuelta a Espana, is currently showing on SBS. Local rider Jay Vine is riding his first grand tour and world tour race in the Alpecin Fenix team as a support rider. So far he’s done some big turns on the front and got into a breakaway. Make sure you give Jay and fellow Canberra rider Michael Matthews all the support you can as they battle away during three weeks of ‘hell’ in Spain.

Rob Langridge


Saturday, 28st August – Race cancelled.