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Ian Morton

From the Race Committee

Change to RMS Race entry

If you are asked via email to help direct or marshal at an upcoming race, your name will also appear on the RMS race calendar followed by a red TBC (To Be Confirmed). You should inform the race committee of your availability, or not, to help out at the event. This is specified in the Club’s Race Officiation Obligations – https://actvets.cc/racing-with-us/marshal-schedule/.

If you enter a race while having an unconfirmed directing or marshalling request, the RMS entry system now will display the message “You are scheduled to help at an upcoming event. Please contact the race committee to confirm your availability.

Most members are responding to requests in a timely manner. However if we need to keep chasing up people, it is probable that RMS will be changed to stop race entries for members with outstanding requests.

ETC Mentoring

Now that we’re back racing, we would like to provide opportunities for people who have completed ETC Training to undertake their mentoring and complete their qualification. There will be two opportunities before the end of the year:

– 28 November (this weekend) at Tidbinbilla; and
– 19 December at Cotter Reserve.

Please contact the Race Committee if you would like to take this opportunity.

Ian McVay
Race Committee


From the Desk of the Handicapper


Ben Neal C to B
Chris Reis E to D

Rob Langridge


Tuesday, 23rd November: Stromlo Criterium

Note: Pre-registration required by 23 Nov 2021 3:50 pm.

Any requests for Grade changes should be sorted out with the Handicapper prior to registration.

Where: Stromlo Forest Park
Race Description:
B/D 5:50 B 40m+2, D 35m+2
E/F/G 6:35 28 min + 2 laps
A/C 7:10 A 40m+2, C 35m+2

Race Director: Rosemary Robinson Contact: Email: rosemaryr2@iinet.net.au    Ph  0417 898 917

Marshals: Eoin Rothery

Wednesday, 24th November: Track Racing

The Program for Wednesday is;
5.30pm – 6.00pm: Warm-up and free practice;
6.00pm – 6.20pm: 8-lap graded scratch race;
6.20pm – 6.40pm: 2-lap handicap;
6.40pm – 7.00pm: Graded snowball;
7.00pm – 7.20pm: Italian pursuit.

Sunday, 28th November: Club Championship

Reminder: All riders must pre-register on the ACT Vets website (https://rms.actvets.cc/calendar) by 27/11/2021 6:00 PM prior to the race. There is no registration on the day.

Any requests for Grade changes should be sorted out with the Handicapper prior to registration.

Where: Intersection of Tidbinbilla Reserve Rd and Paddy’s River Road approx 14 km from Point Hut Crossing.
Parking: Off the road on either side of Paddy’s River Road. For road safety reasons, please DO NOT park on the corners of the intersection. Road traffic can be busy and dangerous, especially around the times we are finishing..
When: 9:00 am.
Race Description:
TNR to Power Lines, to top of Pierces Creek and return to TNR for one lap. 40km 1 lap, 30km 1/2 lap to Pierces Creek.
Men 1-4 (30 – 48yrs) do 48km. Rest do 30km.

Race Director:  Michael Fawke Contact: Email: twizzled801@gmail.com    Ph  0414 685 464

Marshals: Andrew Matz ETC, Ben Neal, Mick Donaldson ETC, Van driver – Robert Langridge


SFP Criterium – 16th November

It was a chill wind blowing through SFP this past Tuesday. The grandstand and course looked desolate with just the odd runner, dog walker and bike rider meandering about. But as the time crept past 5.30 ACT Capital Region Master cyclists swarmed in ready for another evening of exhilaration and glory that is Tuesday night crits.

EFG grades were up first and after briefing the race director they rolled out in an orderly fashion. G grade was settled early when Gai took advantage of Bernie’s reluctance to pedal on the downhill and scooted off for a solo effort. E and F settled into their orderly processions for the race. Only 527 was seen fading off after 14 mins. F was a bunch sprint won by Robert Solomon followed 2 laps later by E’s bunch sprint with Chris Reis taking the glory.

A and C rolled out with A grade boss Gerard Tiffen volunteering to take a lap out at the start to go scare some roos. A and C were steady for about 5 mins but then A grade started to see a flurry of feints. But it was not until A grade passed C grade 11 minutes into the race that the hopes and dreams of the back end of A grade were dashed (cmon handicapper grading is not a one way ticket and they (I) shouldn’t have to beg to go down). They split into 3 groups with Team Tiffen well represented in front group and shortly some normally reliable A grade animators (Terra, Christophe, Mr Payne) were gone and would not see the front again. It then settled down to 2 groups working nicely, little Daniel Lekhac had a dig off the front with 10 to go as he knew big GT pretty much would monster the sprint. He was brought back and then the front group sprinted in the shadow of Gerard Tiffen as he basked in glory for another evening.

After getting overtaken by A grade C grade decided to stomp on pedals and get strung out for a little while. The effect was exacerbated by some newcomer ‘accidently’ latching onto some dropped A graders which made his breakaway effort seem effortless. A few C’s starting to slide out the back at this stage eg Greg Mitchell. Of course it came back to a big bunch sprint in C with Ben Neal spinning in the saddle like a junior on restricted gears to take the win over Dominator who tried to twist his bike into a pretzel with a grinding 40rpm display of muscularity.

B and D were last away with the wind and temperature rapidly dropping. There was some animation in B grade from some green jersey riders and it looked like Joshua Bolton wearing the number of the beast 666, was going to send B grade to hell with a late promising solo effort. But nay it was just another B grade bunchie with Jeremy Schieb taking a convincing win. D grade rolled around yelled at each other for a bit, got confused with a dropped Mark Harradine being mistaken for one of their own but steadied the ship for a bunch sprint with Lance Purdon giving his fully doped Trek Madone the glory it deserves.

Heath Chester

Track Racing – 17th November

Wednesday 17 November saw the third track racing session for the 2021-22 season. For a change, the weather was settled. It was fine and cool with a brisk headwind in the back straight. Attendance was satisfactory with 14 riders, 9 in A grade and 5 in B grade.

The 8-lap A grade scratch race started with Tony Beasley leading out at a good clip. Over the first 6 laps Michael Langdon, Craig Kentwell, James Newhouse, John Paul De Sousa, Warwick Wilson, Steve Jones and Ben Davis took turns at the front, with the pace holding a good tempo. On lap 7, Tony Beasley rotated to the front and upped the pace. The pack reacted immediately. By the final bend on lap 7, the whole pack was splayed up the banking poised for a final sprint lap. Michael Langdon attacked first with Craig Kentwell in hot pursuit. John Paul De Sousa and Steve Jones were a little late to react. However, they were soon at full pace and overhauled Craig Kentwell in the back straight. Michael Langdon held out to take the win. John Paul and Steve Jones contested the placings with John Paul just pipping Steve for second place. Steve Jones was third with Craig Kentwell holding on for fourth and top points in the A2 group.

The B Grade scratch race began at a good tempo and was quite orderly for five laps with all riders taking turns at the front. On lap 6 the pace kicked up and the pack began to string out in pursuit. The final two laps were quite torrid. Alison Hale and Ken Birch contested the win with Alison proving the stronger. Ken took second place while Phil Coulton had a good ride into third spot.

The next event was 2-lap, all-in handicap where 12 riders from A & B grades competed. Graeme O’Neill led out from limit. By 1.5 laps, the trailing riders streamed past limit for a fast finish. This race was very satisfying for the handicapper, as the bulk of the field finished as a bunch. Alison Hale was having a good night and confirmed her good form with a win. Alison was followed closely by Ken Birch and James Newhouse, who both had good rides for second and third respectively.

The next events were graded mystery races. In these events the finish (bell) lap is determined at random once the race has started. As it turned out, the A grade race was 6 laps and the B grade race 5 laps. In A grade, Rowan McMurray attacked at an opportune time and quickly gained a 5m lead going into the bell lap. John Paul De Sousa took up an immediate pursuit. However, Rowan was able to hold off John Paul for the win. John Paul took second place just holding out a fast-finishing Steve Jones in third. The B grade race was all together when the bell lap was called. The one lap sprint saw Alison Hale outpace Ken Birch and Phil Coulton in that order.

The final event for the evening was, as usual, an Italian Pursuit. Both teams performed well and rode in disciplined fashion. On paper, it looked like Team 1 would establish an early lead, with Team 2 having the power to run down Team 1 in the final laps. In practice, things were a little different. Phil Coulton got Team 1 off to a scorching start and the early riders built a handy lead, as expected. As the latter part of the race unfolded, Team 2 were pegging back the lead and looked set for a close finish. However, John Paul De Sousa and Rowan McMurray put in very solid turns for the final 2 laps, conceding little pace to Steve Jones and Michael Langdon for Team 2. The result was a comfortable win to Team 1.

Major place getters were as follows:
8-Lap Scratch: (A1 Grade) Michael Langdon, John Paul De Sousa, Steve Jones. (A2 Grade) Craig Kentwell, Tony Beasley, James Newhouse. (B Grade) Alison Hale, Ken Birch, Phil Coulton.
2-Lap Handicap: Alison Hale, Ken Birch, James Newhouse.
Mystery Races: (A1 Grade) Rowan McMurray, John Paul De Sousa, Steve Jones. (A2 Grade) Craig Kentwell, Tony Beasley, James Newhouse. (B Grade) Alison Hale, Ken Birch, Phil Coulton.
Combined Italian Pursuit: Winner Team 1 (Ben Davis, Rowan McMurray, Alison Hale, John Paul De Sousa, Warwick Wilson, Craig Kentwell, Phil Coulton).

Season Point Score after Round 3:
Alison Hale (57), Michael Langdon (53), Ken Birch (50), Tony Beasley (49), John Paul De Sousa (47), James Newhouse (45), Craig Kentwell (45), Phil Coulton (33), Graeme O’Neill (31), Karen Clutson (30), Warwick Wilson (30), Steve Jones (25), Bruce Griffin (24), Ian Drayton (24), Ben Robey (23).

Graeme O’Neill

Uriarra Homestead – Graded Handicap – 21st November

With wet roads and the forecast of rain, only eighteen hardy riders turned up for today’s road race at Uriarra Homestead.

A grade stayed together for two laps before Gerard Tiffin put the power down to split the group and make a break during the final half lap. The win was easily taken by Gerard Tiffin with a long-range sprint for second and third between Christophe Barbaret and Matt Rizzuto, with Christophe holding on for second place.

B grade was the largest category with seven riders rolling out together. By the end of the first lap continued pressure had split the group to a lead bunch of four riders who stayed together until the final push up from Uriarra where Tristan Fuge and Simon Priest broke away with Tristan Fuge taking a strong win. There was a reasonable gap to third Paul Watson and fourth Daniel Crocker.

C grade mainly held together well throughout the whole race with the places only decided on the final sprint with John Paul De Sousa taking first, followed by Ian Preston and Clinton Porteous .

The final group to roll out was D grade with three riders who again stayed together for the full 2 1/2 laps until the final sprint, which was won by Mark Taylor, followed by Mark Taylor taking out second position.

Good racing by all, with the weather gods being on the side of the riders with the race finishing before the light rain rolled in.


Cat Riley