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Ian Morton

From the Race Committee

Cooma Race

To try to fill the gaps in the Winter race calendar, the Race Committee has been trying for the last month to organise an event in Cooma. Unfortunately we were not able to obtain all the nessessary approvals. Thanks to Chris Short for his efforts is chasing the relevant authorities.


The Race Committee is pushing ahead with plans for the Gunning Two Day Event on the weekend of 7/8 May (Calendar to be updated). We are looking for a Race Director, 2 car drivers and 2 ETCs per day and sufficient Marshals to assist. Please let the Race Committe ( if you can assist.

From the Desk of the Handicapper

Crit Season Conclusion

The Crit season has concluded. Overall it was a very succesful season. Fortunately there were very few incidents and we were blessed with good weather (mostly). We saw good numbers and all the racing was in good spirit. The Club Championships went well. All of the Race Directors, including the newbies, did a good job. The kangaroos were generally well behaved so thanks to everyone who contributed.

Rob Langridge

Rotary Five Peaks Challenge

Rotary Five Peaks Challenge

Early bird entries close on 26 March. More details at:


No Scheduled Racing this week

Next race is planned for 30 April at Smiths – Naas Rd (Subject to approval. Calendar to be updated).


SFP Criterium – 22nd March

Apologies, last week’s Race Report did not reflect the results in F Grade. The placings were;
– 1st: Ross Heazlewood
– 2nd: Lindsay Graham
– 3rd: Paul Robey

Craig Tozer

SFP Criterium – 29th March

It was an evening of grim foreboding from the gloomy skies, but it was not impending rain, rather the last crit race of the season and the punishment that was about to be served out on the track. A couple of troublesome roos lurked down at Collarbone Corner looking to end someone’s evening – they gave a bit of excitement throughout the races but everyone managed to stay out of trouble. Meanwhile, the race officials enjoyed some fun with the timing as they figured out on the fly how to finish all groups in their allocated 20 minutes + two laps.

A grade took to the line without the dominant Gerard Tiffen – rumors from the bunch indicated that he was scared, or perhaps he was just in Budget Day lockup with half of Canberra. The race was full gas from the start, and within the first lap three groups had formed. Attacks continued as the trailing groups attempted to get back on the fast wheels. A solid break of seven riders established at the front, cutting a furious pace. But it was to be a race of attrition, as the front group was pared down to just four riders, and numerous other riders were spat out the back. In the last lap the leading quartet attacked each other, then Tristan Dimmock made what looked to be the winning move with a solid break off the front. Tristan held the lead into Collarbone Corner, but it was not to be as his faster breakaway companions hunted him down. In the end James Meadley took the win followed closely by Steve Crispin and Tristan Dimmock.

B grade consisting of 23 riders strung themselves out early in the race. Ben McDuff and Rowan McMurray attempted to make an early break – the crowd suggested it may have been a pre-race suicide pact as they were quickly hunted down. Just over half way through the race B grade determined it was time for carnage with numerous attacks. David McCook put in a solid solo break as his rainbow jersey streaked down the back straight. It was not to be as Ben McDuff rallied the troops to hunt him down. With the bell lap the pace went through the roof and many riders were shelled from the group. Into the last corner Seymour Savell-Boss had the race in the bag and rolled in for the win with a fast finishing Gavin Stephens almost catching him on the line, and Ben McDuff redeeming himself with third.

C grade quickly strung themselves out in the fading light. A couple of riders were discarded out the back early and enjoyed a quiet evening ride. Half way through the race Ian Preston led a break with his MyRide compariot. The duo battled off the front for a couple of laps but the group was intent on a bunch sprint finish. Paul Clare took a close win in the sprint with Craig O’Neall and Stephen Terracini nipping at his wheels for the placings.

D grade behaved themselves for the first half of the race, riding as a well formed peloton. A strong wind gust almost saw a touch of wheels and a crash right in front of the pavilion. This served a wake up call to the group who picked up the pace to string themselves out, and discard some riders in the process. Steven Harrison put in a strong kick to take the win over Steven Simms and Kevin Newhouse in the bunch sprint finish.

E, F and G grades had a higher than usual turnout which was fun for the race director tracking the lead riders and lapped riders. E grade at least established a leading group so we could decide when to call time for the last two laps. In the end, E grade delivered the closest finish of the night and the race officials had to revert to the honour system to determine the winner (luckily CRMCC riders are honourable and honest). It was Michelle Hodgetts taking the E grade win just millimeters in front of Geoff Ellacott, and Shirley-Anne Taylor. In F grade Dennis Puniard took the win with Lindsay Graham not far behind. In G grade Gai Monahan scored first with Bernard Crowe and Andre Swenson rounding out the podium.

Thanks to race director Dom Romano, Craig Lindenmayer and Mark Terracini for marshalling, and Simon Whitehead for assistance with equipment.

Finally, thank you to all of the volunteers who have put in an awesome effort to deliver a great crit racing season.

Craig Lindenmayer