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Ian Morton

From the Desk of the Vice President

Race Calendar

Please see our updated Calendar with all 28 remaining races/events across the ACT and NSW listed. Please note the exact courses and distances we have approval for, particularly in NSW, need a bit of tweaking to get spot on, but the details are 90% there! You can all start planning the remainder of your racing year! Along with your volunteering of course!

Any questions or comments please let the race committee know here, or at

AusCycling and AVCC

The Committee is currently approaching both AVCC and AusCycling to see what they each can offer us as a Club going forward?

Then we can begin discussions with both freely and see what options are out there.

David Parker
CRMCC Vice President

ps Don’t forget there is Zwift racing on Tuesday evenings.

Research Volunteers Wanted

Are you a cyclist who trains for over 5 hours or 150 km per week? Are you male and aged 18 to 50 years? Are you interested in endurance performance? Are you interested in how your body adapts to the heat?.

What’s involved? VO test, Haemoglobin mass testing, Two week cycling heat acclimation protocol in hot/dry and hot/humid environments. Heat response tests in hot/dry and hot/humid environments. Physiological measurements (body temperature, heart-rate, sweat loss) will be collected.

Get in touch – Mr Peter McDonald,, ph 04159 08082


No Scheduled Race this week.

Next Race: Sutton Driver Training – 4 June


Old Federal Highway – 21st May

A great day for riding in our second event in NSW for 2022. Thank you to our Marshalls Iain Johnstone lead car driver and also managing the finishing chute, Andrew Hislop for Following car and assisting in getting riders away at start line, Simon Whitehead with first aid, Owain Tilley for driver out the van and assistance from the race committee for setting the handicap (Rob Langridge), organising the race including approvals and traffic controllers (Chris Short) and overall management by David Parker with contributions from Kirsti McVay (Membership) to getting trial riders organised, Kevin Woods (Treasurer) pre-paying deposit for Traffic Controllers and Ian Morton for Bleat and reminders to get this race organised so quickly.

The weather was fine with a strong easterly blowing which introduced a cross wind to the challenge of completing 3 laps from Shingle Hill Way to top of Lake George and back. This was a handicapped race. Race briefings were completed for each group and apart from rubbish/debris on the edges, one pothole with loose gravel, some seeping springs in a couple of spots on the road and tyre fragments from burnouts just at the far turn the road conditions were good.

44 individuals started the race with only 4 DNF meaning 40 completed just over 36 Km. Well done to all competitors and congratulations to those who finished the course. A few minor hiccups with paper running out on the timing device and a couple of finishers not reporting to the finishing chute meant we may have got some of the timings and places out of order. Over all a good event which meant the handicapper got it fairly right with most of those on course returning within 3 minutes of each other. The rest of the field was strung out over the next 20 minutes. We had 2 trial riders in Yvonne Poels (F Grade) and Andrew Blair (A1).

F grade was away on time with 4 starters and Chris Copeland did a great first lap returning in about 25 minutes just after A1 had started.

E2 with 3 riders was away after 2 minutes followed 6 minutes later by E1 with 4 starters. Geoff Ellacott E2 had a great ride and managed to stay with leaders through out finishing in 8th spot.

D grade took off another 4 minutes later with 10 starters. This group broke up early, however, Anthony Beasley 6th and Marc Cisterna 7th keep up with front runners throughout.

C grade set out after another 6 minutes and this group seemed to do best on the day in keeping its numbers together for most of the race. A cracking pace was set in the first lap with much of C grade still together after the first lap and completing the lap in around 20 minutes. As the race progressed the group became smaller, however, the first 5 spots for the day came from this grade with a sprint to the line – Ian Preston 1st, Brian Peak 2nd, Clinton Porteous 3rd, Edmund Hall 4th and David Dickson 5th.

B grade set off 20 minutes after the start with 4 riders. This group worked hard together through the first 2 laps but by the 3rd Ben Healy and Ross Goggin had pulled away by the finish line in 19th & 20th place. Conan Liu missed the start for B but took off with A1 and found the pace too hot for the day and possibly the celebrations from the night before meant 1 lap was enough. Well done Conan for keeping up with A1.

A2 with 4 riders left 2 minutes after B grade and set a great pace throughout although Christophe Barberet 9th and Rainer Wilton 10th were able to stay away from A1 until the finish. David Parker was dropped early but managed to help out with A1 for about a lap before falling back in the field.

A1 were the last group on the road 24 minutes after the first group. The 4 riders worked hard together and were managing around or just over 19 minute laps. Consequently they managed to all come into the finish line close together with Andrew Blair 11th, Callum Hendshaw 12th, Bradley Peppinick 13th and Gerard Tiffen 14th. This group also did the 3 laps the fastest in around 58 minutes.

It was also great to see some familiar faces races after a bit of an absence. Ian McVay and Russell Marston made their first race in NSW for 2022. Ian was able to show some of us how to start the urn after we failed to get it going before the riders returned. Our apologies. Will write up Ian’s instructions for inclusion ie attached gas cylinder, turn on gas at cylinder, turn on dial to full on urn, use lighter or match, press button keeping pressed and pass flame into pilot hole at 45 degrees upwards until gas lights.

Also well done to Rosemary Robinson who possibly has only one ride left with the club. Rosemary has been a member for many years but is off to Pt Macquarie soon. Thanks for her contributions to our program and we wish her and family well in their new venture. Rosemary has been involved in almost 500 races with the club.

Well done all

Kim Malcolm