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Ian Morton

From the Race Committee

NSW Racing

Unfortunately we still do not have a solution to the problem of accredition for Traffic Controllers for NSW events.

To enable us to run events in NSW we have been using the services of professional traffic controllers. These are a very expensive option and are not financially sustainable in the long term.

While it is our intention to support our currently advertised race calendar for the remainder of the year, we will be reviewing upcoming events to assess the number of races that we can afford to run in NSW.

We would like to get feedback from Club Members about racing in NSW. Please let the Race Committee ( know your thoughts.


No Scheduled Racing this week

Next race is planned for 18 June at Yass.

Note we are looking for a Race Referee and some Marshals. Please let the Race Committee ( know if you can assist.


Sutton Driver Training Centre – 4th June

What a cold old day it was! I think my fingers and toes have finally thawed. 46 masters signed up to race – 40 blokes and 6 gals – there were 2 x DNS and 5 x DNF.

To everyone surprise the race was changed into a Points race sometime during the week – I think the Handicapper is looking to see who can be promoted up a grade…… The Points race format did keep everyone on their toes, everyone was trying to remember which lap the whistle had been blown and which they had to sprint on…

First off was C and D, both grades played nice and stayed together. After each sprint prime, the leaders allowed the others to catch up (or were they just smart and trying hide out of the wind). In C grade Matt Hinchcliffe took out the first 3 primes before letting others get some points, this and his third place in the final sprint ensured him the win with 10 points, 2nd was Tim Jolly, who only needed to win the final sprint to get his points, followed by Stuart Roesler in 3rd. D grade saw Andrew Hislop win the most points (9), followed by Marc Cisterna in 2nd then Anthony Beasley in 3rd.

The next race was E and F (no G graders today). This is where the girls reigned supreme. In E grade there was a breakaway of four, but no one could match the sprint of Ali Hale in all but one of the sprints giving her 1st place with 13 points. Allan Bontjer got 2nd and Russell Marston 3rd. Special mention to Sarah Stephens who got a prime in her first race – personally I don’t think she will be in E grade for long. F grade saw Cat Riley and Liz Lowe battle it out for the primes, taking turns before Cat put on her time trial legs to ride away alone for the final sprint. Cat was 1st with 13 points, Liz was 2nd (12) followed by Michelle Hodgetts in 3rd.

The last race was A and B, both grades may have complained about the cold at the start, but this did not slow their pace, forcing the most DFNs. A grade stayed together for the first few laps before David Parker and Brad Peppinck broke away. Brad gave David all the prime wins (is there something going on there??) before Steve Crispin finally bridged the gap, unfortunately for him this wasn’t enough. David won with 17 points, Brad was 2nd (14) and Steve 3rd (11). B grade saw a blistering pace put on by Jason Irwin. He put the peddle to metal leaving everyone in his wake, getting all but one prime, 22 points (shh…don’t tell the handicapper – I think he may be in A grade next race). Conan Lui collected enough points for 2nd (12) followed by Michael Rowland in 3rd (7).

Thanks to Emma Padovan (marshal) and Brian Peak (van driver) and special to Keith Joliffe for stepping in as first aider at the last minute. Also, thanks to everyone on the sideline who help me tell ‘who was who’ in the primes, as most numbers where hidden because everyone had on their winter layers.

Pat Rooke