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July 2022

Capital Region Masters – Weekly Bleat, Monday 25th July, 2022


In this week’s Bleat;

•  Van Repairs

•  Racing this Week

•  Race Report

Ian Morton

Van Repairs

Following an unfortunate incident with the Club Van some urgent repairs were required to the fuel tank.

Many thanks to John McMaster who was able to source and fit a replacement tank.


Saturday, 30th July – Lookout Hill – M & H Age Standard Time Trial

Reminder: All riders must register on the CRMCC Web site ( by 29/7/2022 6:00 PM prior to the race. There is no registration at the event.

Any requests for Grade changes should be sorted out with the Handicapper prior to registration.

Where: Observation lookout on Tidbinbilla Road about 2.5 km towards Tharwa from Point Hut / Tidbinbilla Rd intersection (or about 4.5 km from Tharwa village).
When: 1:30 pm.
Race Description:
20km TT course. Two laps of – Lookout Hill 3.5km toward Tharwa, U turn, 5km toward Point Hut, U turn to Lookout Hill.

Race Director:  Peter Young Contact: Email:    Ph 0414 806 934

Marshals: Paul Welsh ETC, Callum Henshaw, Polly Templeton ETC, Van driver – Anthony Dick


Smiths Road to Apollo Road Secret Handicap – 23rd July

Great day for racing, 14c and no wind.

17 riders turned up for the secret h’cap and all took off in grade order at the same time, riders not knowing what the time handicap was for their grade (or sub grade). These time h’caps would be added to the rider’s respective times across the line to determine the victors.

As could be expected the pack quickly fractured but of course not knowing your grade’s respective h’cap meant you had to go flat out regardless of the lead you had over other riders, even the last rider across the line could win if the h’caps were in their favour.

Steve Crispin and Tristan Dimmock (both A1 grade) had a commanding lead on the road at the completion of the first lap, followed a couple of minutes later by Anthony Murfett (A2) and Jason Irwin (B). A group of 5 riders from A2, B, C1 and C2 followed a further 2 minutes later demonstrating the strength of some riders in the lower grades. Brian Peak approaching the wrong side of 70 was turning back time being part of the group, as was Michael Carr bouncing back from a break.

First back were Tristian and Steve by a good 4 minutes. Tristian getting half a tyre across the line ahead of Steve. Anthony Murfett was next over the line followed in another sprint finish by Jason Irwin. Rowan McMurray sauntered in next, apparently somebody had told him it was 100 lap event in honour of his escapades across the Nullarbor so was somewhat disappointed to see that the race was to be cut short by 98 laps.

Rowan was followed a further 2 minutes later by the composite grade pack, the lower grade riders managing to stay on to the higher grade riders courtesy of David Parker closing down any breakaways resulting from the climb up and over Tennant. Chris Short took the honours from that group narrowly beating a rampaging Brian Peak. Next in that group were Michael Carr, Ian Preston and David Parker.

After adding on the time h’caps the winner of the secret h’cap race was Jason Irwin, followed by Michael Carr, and third was Tristian Dimmock.

A big thanks to the volunteers for making the race happen – Dave McCook, Tony Beasley, Howard Moffat, Andre Swenson, Elizabeth Lowe and to out first aider Simon Whitehead.

Hopefully we will see more members coming out to future races.

Owain Tilley

ps Thanks to Ian McVay for assistance in sorting out the results on RMS.

Capital Region Masters – Weekly Bleat, Monday 18th July, 2022


In this week’s Bleat;

•  Vale Marilyn Beaverstock

•  From the Race Committee

•  Racing this Week

Ian Morton

Vale Marilyn Beaverstock

It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that Marilyn passed away in Hospital on 14 July after a long illness.

Marilyn was one of the 4 founding members of the ACT Vets along with Keith Davis, Barry Cole and myself. She was Secretary/Treasurer until the Vets were Incorporated, then she became the Treasurer. She was passionate with the Vets & helped it grow to what it is today. She did some racing with the Vets and won a number of medals at the AVCC and various Masters Games. She was also a keen cycle-tourist.

She toured through Europe on many occasions. She will be sadly missed by her daughter Kelli & her husband of 52 years.

The Funeral for Marilyn will be held at 10am on Thursday 21st July at William Cole Funerals in Belconnen.


From the Race Committee

We still require a Race Director and an ETC for this weekend’s race at Smiths Rd – Naas Rd.

Anyone willing to assist, please advise the Race Committee (

Note that all the entries from last weekend’s cancelled race at Dalton have been transferred to this weekend.


Saturday, 23rd July – Smiths Rd – Naas Rd Secret Handicap

Reminder: All riders must register on the CRMCC Web site ( by 22/7/2022 6:00 PM prior to the race. There is no registration at the event.

Any requests for Grade changes should be sorted out with the Handicapper prior to registration.

Where: South of Tharwa. Members to park on the side of Smiths Rd and start just around the corner on Naas Rd.
When: 1:30 pm.
Race Description:
Secret Handicap – Course is over Mt Tennant spur to Apollo Road and return. 2 Laps.

Race Director:  tba Contact: Email: tba    Ph tba

Marshals: Andre Swenson, Elizabeth Lowe ETC, Vacant ETC, Van driver – David McCook.

Capital Region Masters – Weekly Bleat, Monday 11th July, 2022


In this week’s Bleat;

•  From the Committee

•  From the Race Committee

•  Kit Portal

•  Racing this Week

•  Race Report

Ian Morton

From the Committee

NSW Racing

The Committee has agreed to put in place a NSW event protocol to manage appropriate use of the club’s (and hence members) financial assets given the average cost of professional traffic controllers per event in NSW is ~$1,500 (not including payments to club RD, drivers etc).

On the basis that the Committee has agreed that the club will continue to fund a portion of each NSW events on the basis of;

  • Minimum 30 entrants
  • Race entry fee $20
  • Rider notification of race cancellation (for entry or safety) by 1pm the day before following an assessment by the Race Committee.
  • Rider fees for a cancelled event will carry forward to subsequent races (eg 2 in ACT, 1 in NSW etc).

Note: The minimum requirements still means events are covering less than 50% of costs of the traffic controllers.

These arrangements will remain in place until club has sufficient NSW accredited traffic controllers (note that ACT accreditation is not valid in NSW). Currently the timeframe remains unresolved in achieving sufficient numbers of qualified NSW traffic controllers.

The change to the race fee will not apply to this weekend’s race at Dalton as we need to change the RMS to accept the revised fee.

From the Race Committee


To run the Race at Dalton this weekend we require the following: Race Director + 3 volunteers (lead and trailing car drivers, start/finish helper).

Please let the Race Committee ( if you can assist.

Kit Portal

Hi all, the CRMCC custom kit portal is now live for those who have asked and missed out on the first run or want to reorder additional gear. I have added new items such as a custom CRMCC Gilet, BaseLayer and club cycling socks (non-aero).

Here’s the portal link:

This will close on the 12th of July (1 week from now).

Delivery to your door will be around 6 weeks from the portal closure.

As always, inbox or email me at for any questions on sizing etc. I’ll help as much as I can.



ps We’ve had great feedback on the kit and would like those who’ve already bought crmcc/mvmnt kit to swing us a google review. We’ll flick you a discount code on your next purchase


Saturday, 16th July – Dalton – Graded Scratch

Reminder: All riders must register on the CRMCC Web site ( by 15/7/2022 8:00 PM prior to the race. There is no registration at the event.

Note: the Committee will make a decision by 15/7/2022 1:00 PM as to whether there are sufficient numbers to go ahead with the race.


Any requests for Grade changes should be sorted out with the Handicapper prior to registration.

Where: Travel to Gunning, Left onto Dalton Road at Gunning, Approx 10Km to Dalton. Park in Quary at left 100 meters before town.
When: 1:30 pm.
Race Description:
ABCD do 2 laps Dalton to Gunning. 1st to Dalton then U Turn at Start area. EFG do 1 lap. Then all head west on Boorowa Rd to end of bitumen (3k) and return to Dalton. Turn then north onto Rugby Rd to end of bitumen (5k) and return to finish in Dalton.

Race Director:  tba Contact: Email: tba    Ph tba

Marshals: Simon Whitehead, Vacant, Vacant, Vacant Van driver – Matt Hinchcliffe


Dairy Flat Road – 9th July

Almost perfect racing conditions greeted the rides for the Dairy Flat Road race on Saturday. The course was in pristine condition thanks for the pre-race sweeping and tree trimming efforts of Mark Taylor, Rob Langridge and Al Bonjter. A huge thanks to Linda Stals, Alison Hale and Simon Whitehead for keeping the race running smoothly and safely.

The Dairy Flat Road course is fast and flat but deceptively hard. It is a race of attrition with positioning on the corners essential to avoid the inevitable gaps created by a fast accelerating leaders. There were a number of riders who had not ridden the Dairly Flat Road race before and I hope they enjoyed the only ‘hot dog’ race format on the ACT Masters calendar.

A and B Grade were the first to race first for 50 mins. There was no time to enjoy the scenery in A Grade with Steve Crispin and Rainer Wilton on a mission early to break up the 8 rider group. After 10 minutes of racing the A grade race was splintered into several small groups with Steve and Rainer developing a handy gap ahead of Jason Irwin and Conan Liu. By mid-race the remainder of A grade had reformed into a chase group and, despite some big turns by Conan and Marc Vroomans, were not able to catch the leaders. In the final lap Steve accelerated away from Rainer for the win. Rainer still enjoyed enough of a lead to finish second with Marc Vroomans winning the bunch sprint for third ahead of Ross Goggin and Conan Liu.

The B grade race, despite some early surges from Gavin Stephens, stayed together for the first 20 minutes of racing. Ed Hall (riding from C grade), Michael Davies and Michael Rowland accelerated out of the top corner to put a gap into the group after 25 minutes and formed a strong leading group. They worked well together to moved away from the rest of the B grade field over the remainder of the race. In the final lap Michael Davis out sprinted Michael Rowland and Edmund Hall for the win. Gavin Stephens was the fastest of the rest closely followed by Matt Hincliffe.

C and D grade raced next for 40 mins. The C grade race was together for much of the race despite some big efforts early from Anthony Beasley, Mark Taylor and Brian Peak. Mark Taylor was particularly aggressive mid race with several efforts out of the top corner to try and split the race. His efforts where followed by Brian Peak and Jarrod Taylor in the second half of the race. In the end nothing stuck and it came down to a bunch sprint. Brian Peak had enough in the legs to take the win ahead of a fast finishing Mark Taylor and Jarrod Taylor.

D Grade was a race of attrition with Steve Sims, Russell Marston and Terry Danaher each taking long turns on the front and keeping the pace high. They were able to match each others pace for the duration of the race and, with one lap to go, were set for a sprint finish. Terry got the better of Steve in a close sprint with Russell close behind.

E, F and G Grades raced for 30 mins. E and F combined for the start but with some strong turns from Cat Riley were soon separated. The E grade bunch worked well together with Cat, Sarah Stephens and Rosemary Robinson each working hard to stay in front of the other grades and to keep the pace high. There were some strong surges from Cat and Sarah over the last ten minutes of the race but they could not split the group. Cat Riley opened the sprint to the line but Sarah Stephens came over the top in the last 50 metres with Rosemary Robinson close behind for third.

The F grade race between Lindsay Graham and Paul Robey initially looked evenly matched however Lindsay upped the pace half way through the race to establish a winning gap. Paul kept his head down and was determined to catch Lindsay but in the end ran out of time. Lindsay Graham took a solid win over Paul Robey.

A similar pattern followed in the G Grade with both Andre Swenson and Bernie Crowe working well together in the initial stages of their race. Andre was able to create a small lead over Bernie after about 10 mins and continued to build on it for the remainder of the race to take the win.

Special thanks again to Linda Stals, Alison Hale, Simon Whitehead and to Rob Langridge for helping out on the day.

Damian Copeland

Capital Region Masters – Weekly Bleat, Monday 4th July, 2022


In this week’s Bleat;

•  Racing this Week

Ian Morton


Saturday, 9th July – Dairy Flat Road – Criterium

Reminder: All riders must register on the CRMCC Web site ( by 8/7/2022 6:00 PM prior to the race. There is no registration at the event.

Any requests for Grade changes should be sorted out with the Handicapper prior to registration.

Where: Travel toward the airport and drop down onto the northern end of the track west of the second river crossing or, head to Fyshwick then west onto Dairy Road and follow on until you find a gate that delineates the cut off section.
When: 1:30 pm.
Race Description:
A/B 50mins 1:30pm.
C/D 40mins 2:30pm.
E/F/G 30mins 3:20pm.

Race Director:  Damian Copeland Contact: Email:    Ph 0450 903 676

Marshals: Linda Stals, Van driver – Alison Hale

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