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September 2022

Capital Region Masters – Weekly Bleat, Monday 26th September, 2022


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Ian Morton

Track Racing


Daylight saving will soon be with us, and that means MASTERS TRACK RACING!!!!!

The track racing season will kick off with a Practice Session starting at 5.30pm on Thursday 6 October. There will be no racing. All interested riders are invited – particularly new riders and track novices. It is a great opportunity to give track a try!

Please note that Narrabundah Track is a high-banked, oval track suitable only for conventional fixed gear track bikes with a high bottom bracket. We are unable to accommodate road bikes on this track.


  • Narrabundah track is located off Goyder Street in Narrabundah.
  • We welcome riders to try a high-banked track for the first time.
  • New riders can get practical advice on gearing, bunch riding & track etiquette.
  • Interested riders can try out a track bike (see note following).
  • Experienced riders can tune up the machinery & motor.
  • All riders can express their preference for events & races.
  • The practice session will be around 1hr 30 mins starting at 5.30pm.
  • There is no formal structure to the practice. We can assist with introductory training, if requested.
  • You can do your own thing, if you prefer.

A few basics on track etiquette for the practice session:

  • Use the designated track positions for cruising, tempo or fast pacing.
    (The faster you ride the higher you should be positioned on track. Overtake outside other riders).
  • Hold your line – don’t make changes of speed or position unless you are clear of other riders.
  • Be very careful if you are crossing or moving on / off the track.
    (It is your responsibility not to impede other riders in this situation).
  • Start from the fence and be aware of riders approaching.
  • It is best to wear clear or light tinted goggles.
    (the shaded portions of track have very low visibility with regular sunnies).
  • All riders will need to be cautious, as there will be novice riders at the practice session.

Spare Track Bikes

We have access to spare track bikes if you are a novice and wish to try track racing. Note that you will need to bring your own pedals. You may need to pump up tyres (we will have a pump available) and adjust saddle / bar position. You will need to check over the bike for safety purposes. Although we will assist as far as practical, equipment safety and providing tools for fitting / adjustments is your responsibility.


Regular track racing will start on Thursday 13 October.

Last year was a great season with a dedicated track group and 32 riders participating over the season. However, why should they have all the fun. If you have thought about it, come and give it a try. We would like at 5 – 10 more regulars this season.

From the Committee

Reduced Membership Fee for Remainder of 2022

A reduced membership fee of $80 is now available for new members and non-financial members wishing to rejoin the club between now and 31 December 2022. Register via the AVCC online membership portal at


No scheduled event this week. The next race will be a Stromlo Criterium on Tuesday 4th October to kickoff the Summer Season.

Capital Region Masters – Weekly Bleat, Monday 19th September, 2022


In this week’s Bleat;

•  Winter Season 2022

•  CRuMbS out and about

•  From the Committee

•  Racing this Week

•  Race Report

Ian Morton

Winter Season 2022

The Winter Race season for 2022 has wrapped up with last weekend’s event at Uriarra. The season placings are;


1stCat Riley60 pts
2ndAlison Hale52 pts
3rdLiz Lowe32 pts


1stJason Irwin103 pts
2ndIan Preston102 pts
3rdSteve Crispin95 pts

Congratulations to the winners and well done to all the competitors.

CRuMbS out and about

Crispy and Ben get gongs in the Gong!

The masters nationals were held in Wollongong last week as a sort of test event for the world championships currently taking place there.

The venue’s proximity to Canberra resulted in a larger than usual participation by club members in the nationals with the highlights for the club being a record haul of two gold medals. Steve Crispin took out first in the TT and second in the RR while Ben Morrison was second in the criterium and first in the RR. Another highlight was Owain Tilley finally getting on the podium with a third in the M8 TT. Well done to everyone who put themselves in the toughest possible age-based racing available.


M8 Owain Tilley 3rd
M6 Brendan Byatt 5th
M5 Steve Crispin 1st *** Australian champion ***
M3 Anthony Murphett 2nd
M3 Rainer Wilton 5th
M2 David Parker 16th

M8 Brian Peak 7th (CCC)
M8 Bruce McMillan 13th
M7 Michael Foulds 6th (VIK)
M7 Bruce Goodspeed (former member) 5th
M5 Steve Crispin 4th (CCC)
M5 Marc Vroomans 12th
M5 Paul Hollings 19th (VIK)
M3 Ben Morrison 2nd (CCC)
M3 Rainer Wilton 17th (CCC)
M1-2 Kris McCreath 24th (CCC)
W5+ Elizabeth Lowe 20th (VIK)
W5+ Alison Hale 22nd (VIK)
W1-4 Peta Brill 10th (VIK)

Road Race
WM4 Peta Brill (Vikings) 6th
M1 Kris McCreath 3rd
M3 Ben Morrisson 1st *** Australian Champion ***
M3 Brad Peppinck 8th
M3 Anthony Murfett 16th
M5 Steve Crispin 2nd
M5 Stephen Blackburn 7th
M5 Nathan Spillane 20th
M7 Michael Foulds (Vikings) 10th
M8 Brian Peak 7th
M8 Bruce McMillan 10th

From the Committee

Reduced Membership Fee for Remainder of 2022

A reduced membership fee of $80 is now available for new members and non-financial members wishing to rejoin the club between now and 31 December 2022. Register via the AVCC online membership portal at

From the Race Committee

There was in incident at Saturday’s race at Uriarra where a number of our riders were hit with Nerf Gun projectiles during the second lap climb up Blue Range heading south. The information we have to date is that they were fired from a White dual cab Hilux, older model, P plates with 4 occupants.

Any members who are able to provide any more information are asked to pass it on to the Race Committee ( as we are looking to file a complaint with the Police.


No scheduled event this weekend. The next race will be a Stromlo Criterium on Tuesday 4th October to kickoff the Summer Season.


Uriarra Homestead – 17th September

Racing this Saturday was in stark contrast to the previous Saturday. It was mostly sunny but there were many passing showers. The wind was a feature mainly at the Uriarra Crossing where it was a strong crosswind and caused one rider to discontinue. There were only 14 riders and Grades A and B kicked off first with just 3 riders. The 2 A graders, Jason Irwin and Paul Scherl soon pulled away from B grader Todd Sowter. This was the pattern to the end with an ever-widening gap back to Todd. In the end, it was a tight finish as Jason Irwin won by a wheel from Paul Scherl.

As there was only 1 D grader, C and D grades kicked off together with C grade forming a peloton of 7 riders which gradually separated into a tight bunch of 4 riders – Gareth Downey, David Dickson, Ian Preston and Ed Logue. Gareth Downey was triumphant at the line with David Dickson a close second, and Ian Preston third. David made a half-hearted protest as Gareth had lost his number during the race pointing out he was therefore not officially in the race. This protest was dismissed. The remainder of the C and D grades finished soon after.

There were only 3 riders in grades E and F, Allan Bontjer (E grade), Cat Riley and Elizabeth Lowe (both F grade) and they started as a bunch in a shortened race of 1.5 laps instead of 2 laps. Cat Riley pulled out after half a lap citing the treacherous crosswinds at the Uriarra Crossing turnaround. Allan and Elizabeth both finished together in a very friendly finish.

Big thanks to David Witham for driving the tail car and going back to Stromlo Forrest Park to retrieve the food box that had the firelighter in it that the newbie RD/Van driver left behind. This ensured a hot drink for all finishers. Also thank you to Howard Moffat, Frank O’Sullivan and Tony Weir for setting up the course and acting as marshals. Big thanks to Simon Whitehead for first aid and fortunately not having to be used.

See you all again on 4th October for criterium at SFP.

Chris Copeland

Capital Region Masters – Weekly Bleat, Monday 12th September, 2022


In this week’s Bleat;

•  Meet your Committee

•  From the Committee

•  Racing this Week

•  Race Report

Ian Morton

Meet your Committee

Following the election of a new committee at the February AGM, members have requested to know more about our committee. President Kim is our first committee bio.

President: Kim Malcolm

Capital Region Masters Cycling Club

I joined Vets Cycling in 2011 after being encouraged a few years earlier by Jan Koehler and my neighbour Wayne Hall (who raced at the time). The only cycle racing I had done before this was in triathlons which I had taken up after age and injuries curbed my ability in my first sport of basketball.

Cycling is a non impact sport so this allowed me to continue participating in a sport. Initially I was attracted to endurance events such as Fritz’s Challenge, Around the Bay, the Community Ride in the Tour Down Under and the very first 3 Peaks Ride in 2010 (which starts and finishes at Falls Creek).

When I joined Vets (now CRMCC) I was fit and enjoyed the adventure of riding competitively. Deterioration though ageing, wear and tear have played havoc with me competing regularly in recent years.

I have been on the committee since 2012 and about 4 years ago I took on the responsibility of Trophy and Medals co-ordination following on from a long stint by Kev Hennessy.

I have found the Vets/Masters cycling community very encouraging and supportive. During the 11 years as a member I have seen enormous changes to the racing program including the inclusion of new compliance and safety requirements for conducting races including first aider presence, ETCs, new signage, Race Referee/Director manuals, a van replacing a trailer and now a container with solar power.

While I don’t necessarily make many events these days I am available via email if you have any concerns, suggestions and supporting comments. Please use

From the Committee

Reduced Membership Fee for Remainder of 2022

A reduced membership fee of $80 is now available for new members and non-financial members wishing to rejoin the club between now and 31 December 2022. Register via the AVCC online membership portal at

From the Race Committee

This Saturday’s race at Uriarra requires a Race Director, 2 x ETCs and Van Driver. Anyone willing to assist, please advise the Race Committee (


Saturday, 17th September – Uriarra Homestead

Reminder: All riders must register on the CRMCC Web site ( by 16/9/2022 6:00 PM prior to the race. There is no registration at the event.

Any requests for Grade changes should be sorted out with the Handicapper prior to registration.

Where: Assemble at Uriarra Rd / Brindabella Rd, T-Junction. From North Canberra slightly faster Coppins crossing & right onto Uriarra Road. From Sth Canberra follow Cotter Road down to bridge crossing, turn right onto Brindabella Road.
When: 1:30 pm.
Race Description:
Two laps of Uriarra Homestead – top of Uriarra Crossing – Condor Creek – Homestead.
ABCD do extra 1/2 lap to top of Uriarra Crossing and back.

Race Director:  tba Contact: Email: tba    Ph tba

Marshals: David Witham, Howard Moffat ETC, Vacant ETC x 2, Vacant Van Driver.


Uriarra Homestead – 10th September

Racing at Uriarra turned out to be a cracker last Saturday. The showers that passed through Canberra in the morning were banished to the east, the wind behaved itself, and the temperature climbed high enough to see many of the 17 starters rip off wind vests and arm warmers. Riders faced an additional challenge along the false flat as our black-and-white feathered friends were joined by two other mysterious swoopers who were ready to maul any unsuspecting stragglers as they dodged the potholes near the Crossing. The shortened Uriarra course between East-West Road and the Crossing was going to favour the speedsters despite some quiet grumblings about an ‘uphill finish’.

A Grade kicked off first, with a reasonably-sized peloton of 7, followed by a combined start of B and C with Ed Hall making a spectacularly late start after a mechanical around Cotter. Whilst the A Grade group stayed reasonably close together on the first lap, by the second a group of 5 had dropped Dave Parker and Aaron Thomson, with Aaron soon being joined by Brenton Clarke from B Grade who bridged the gap. The group of 5 stayed tight right up until the final sprint through the intersection, with Ben Morrison taking out the win just ahead of Gerard Tiffen. Paul Scherl snuck into 3rd place just ahead of Andrew McCosker and Nathan Spillane, with Dave and Aaron finishing further back. The three B Grade riders were strung out through various groups, with Brenton Clarke taking the win, Peter Young staying with the C Graders and Ed Hall using up the last of his bikkies for third.

C Grade followed the pattern of A Grade. The lead group stayed tightly packed for the first two laps, managing to shake off a few stragglers on the climb up the false flat right up to the downhill of the final lap. Coming back out of the Crossing, it was everyone for themselves. Ian Preston took the win just ahead of Darren Blackhurst on the line, with Ed Logue a minute behind for third. Special mention to John Paul de Sousa who after being dropped made up a significant amount of time on the last lap, only finishing behind Kevin Wells by 12 seconds, with Matt Hinchcliffe puncturing after surviving an attack from the mysterious swooper earlier in the second lap.

With no D Graders, the solo E and F Grade riders (Allan Bontjer and Lindsay Graham respectively) also started together. With a target to finish their two laps ahead of A Grade and get first dibs on the biscuits, Allan and Lindsay kept up the pace and managed to get their Arnotts Assorted first, crossing the line together two minutes ahead of A Grade.

Big thanks to Owain Tilley for driving the van and finding the missing keys to the flip signs; Sue Powell, Joel Rahman and Howard Moffatt for deciphering the traffic plan and marshalling; Simon Whitehead for being present for first aid and not having to be used; and to David Parker for stepping the newbie RD through the timing app.

See you again at Uriarra next Saturday.

Simon Costello

Capital Region Masters – Weekly Bleat, Monday 5th September, 2022


In this week’s Bleat;

•  From the Desk of the Handicapper

•  From the Race Committee

•  Racing this Week

•  Race Report

Ian Morton

From the Desk of the Handicapper

CRuMbs out and about

While the locals were battling the Iron Mike on Saturday, other members were further away contesting the NSW Masters Championships in Singleton.

Best result for the club was Brendan Byatt winning the TT in the M6 age group. From memory this is his first gold medal, although he’s been in the top four almost every other year. Owain Tilley got silver in the M8 TT.

In the M6 RR, Chris Short was 12th; in the M8 Brian Peak was 5th, Owain 6th and Bruce McMillan 7th.

In the criterium Bruce got the silver, with Brian in 9th. Well done to all.


Ed Hall C to B
Brenton Clark C to B

Rob Langridge
Club Handicapper

From the Race Committee

This Saturday’s race at Uriarra requires a Race Director, 3 x ETCs, Marchall and Van Driver. Anyone willing to assist, please advise the Race Committee (


Saturday, 10th September – Uriarra Homestead

Reminder: All riders must register on the CRMCC Web site ( by 9/9/2022 8:00 PM prior to the race. There is no registration at the event.

Any requests for Grade changes should be sorted out with the Handicapper prior to registration.

Where: Assemble at Uriarra Rd / Brindabella Rd, T-Junction. From North Canberra slightly faster Coppins crossing & right onto Uriarra Road. From Sth Canberra follow Cotter Road down to bridge crossing, turn right onto Brindabella Road.
When: 1:30 pm.
Race Description:
Uriarra Homestead – Uphill to Short turn before the climb – downhill to top of Uriarra Crossing – back up to Homestead. 3 laps for A-D Grades. 2 Laps others

Race Director:  tba Contact: Email: tba    Ph tba

Marshals: Vacant ETC x 3, Vacant Marshall, Vacant Van Driver.


Iron Mike – 3rd September

The coveted 50 km Iron Mike Handicap race is held annually in memory of ‘Canberra Old Boys Club’ hardman from the early 80s, Mike Paral who died in 1983. The original race format was run as a handicap, which the CRMCC upholds, whereas the AusCycling clubs now run it as a scratch race with 2 laps for 100km in total. It is considered one of Canberra’s cycling Monument races.

Thirty-five riders contested the 2022 Handicap edition with the 1 lap starting off at the Stromlo West car park, descending into the Uriarra Crossing, then climbing up on Uriarra Rd towards the Homestead, past Condor Creek to the end of bitumen, then home to sprint up the Three Sisters. The last time this race was run, was in 2020 when Ben Healy expertly burgled the win for C grade to etch his name into the perpetual club trophy.

With 14 of 35 riders or 40% of the competitors coming from C grade, would we see yet another C grade winner this year?

The conditions were relatively tame to previous years I am told, with partly sunny conditions and strong 25 km/hr ESE winds, creating a headwind for the run home up the Sisters. Riders also faced two active magpies on Uriarra Road.

After the marshals and ETCs setup their respective stations, we waited with cups of tea oblivious to the drama on the road that was unfolding. We were mostly out of touch with the ETCs due to a lack of mobile and radio coverage, with the satellite phone only on standby for emergency use, which fortunately, was never activated.

It is for this reason that I am thankful for contributions from all of the grades race descriptions of El diá menos pensado or the saga of their Least Expected Day. There is nothing more flattering and confronting than your peers writing about and describing your performance on the day!

Elizabeth Lowe and Chris Copeland in F grade kicked it off with 15 mins ahead of Alex Sommariva and Al Bontjer in E grade, and 45 mins ahead of scratch. Al Bontjer writes that “Liz Lowe was still in it when she passed Uriarra homestead on the way home, closely followed by Chris Copeland. Alex was in sight of both leaders. But, that is all I saw of the action.

Eight minutes later, 4 D graders departed, after they were all introduced to the first visitor of the day, Brian Boyd from Tumut. Mick Hanbury described that their “D Grade Captain Mark Taylor set up their ‘Let’s stick together guys‘ strategy, about which many of the C graders were envious.” [RD’s note I love good inter-grade banter!] Mick reports that the highlight on the way out was the magpie hitching a ride and snacking on the back of Anthony! “The 1st C grader had our measure just before the turn and he was quickly followed by 2 more. Working together, we felt we were still in with a chance until the dreaded 3 Sisters where our race began to unravel much like the Broncos, one by one we were picked off“, concludes Mick.

The massive C grade 14 member super band was split into C2 (6 riders) and C1 (8 riders). C2 set off 5 mins after D grade, and 3 mins ahead of C1, “full of bonhomie and camaraderie, but the rolling ground and gusty crosswinds made the planned cohesion difficult to maintain“, reports Gareth. “Somehow the five membered peloton stayed together until the top of the Uriarra climb before a couple of the crew decided to abandon ship. At this point Craig Lindenmayer, Gareth Downey and Rod Welch put the hammer down up the false flat towards the Homestead. Craig and Gareth forged ahead, rolling turns and fiddling with defective race numbers, they managed to keep a reasonable pace until two members of the equally fractured C1 made the catch on the approach to Blue Range Road.

Michael Carr reports that “C1 grade started at a red-hot pace with everyone strung out behind Ed Hall’s wheel. Ed Logue from C1 concurs that Ed Hall was on the front from around 2km in where he drove the group to Uriarra Crossing, after which Hall and Toby McLenaghan combined on the front. Near the top of the crossing, our second visiting racer of the day Brenton Clark went to the front where he and Hall swapped off turns to slowly drive the rest of C1 into Uriarra Road.

We passed several C2 riders before the C1 six slowly disintegrated with McLenaghan, Ian Preston and myself off the back before the initial rise past the Homestead. Dave Dickson was off not long after before Clark pulled clear of Hall where they continued to roll further ahead and were never seen in C grade again” concludes ex-sports-journalist Ed Logue.

Meanwhile, Gareth from C2 says “there was a bit of tit for tat and swapping of positions on the remainder of the climb to the end of the bitumen before C1’s advance party jumped ahead. Craig clung on for grim death until just before the turn around, but eventually the elastic snapped. Brenton and Ed Hall made a break for home leaving the chasers to mop up the rest of D and E grade.

Ed Logue from C1 reports that “Preston, McLenaghan and myself rejoined near the top of the climb before Condor Creek, rode together to end of the bitumen and on the descent, saw the top B and A2 riders as a group and a minute or two later the A1 steam train. The A2/B train of Hollings, Vroomans, Welsh, Irwin and Davies swept past us just after the Homestead, where we jumped on as freeloading passengers. McLenaghan then Preston were out the back on the Uriarra TT section as the group approached the Crossing.

Back to the rolling moss, where “Gareth used his superior descending physics to first catch and then gap Craig on the return to the Homestead before ITTing along the Uriarra ridge line to the foot of the Three Sisters where he almost caught the, soon to be, race leaders, Clark and Hall at the start of the climb. Sister One was kind and the gap closed significantly, but family sticks together and Sister Two took her spiteful revenge on the big fella before Number Three proved a sibling too far and Gareth fell back at a rate of knots. The rolling hills were tough terrain and the headwind suited no one but the buzzards and goshawks surveying the paddocks in search of prey. As the sole survivor from C2, Gareth pushed on into the increasingly cruel conditions hoping to hold off the inevitable chase. Just when it looked like a podium was secured A2’s Paul Hollings made the catch with about 2km to go. The superior rider surged ahead before the final mini descents played into the stoutly built rouleurs hands bringing the finish to a one on one sprint. Gareth managed to make the jump at the right time and held off the fast finishing Paul for 3rd on the line.

[Up ahead, the Race Director and marshals witnessed visiting C1 racer Brenton Clark surging ahead to cross the line first, followed Ed Hall C1, then Gareth Downey C2 and Paul Hollings A2 (the 2018 Trophy winner). As Brenton was a visitor on race day, the trophy gets awarded to Ed Hall, with medals to Gareth and Paul. Please contact us to receive these if you have not already done so.]

Ed Logue describes the carnage ahead: “over the crossing, once you made the right turn to begin the climb the field was visible as all grades made their way up the Three Sisters. Preston caught me by the First Sister and we rode together up the Second and Third ugly sisters. Halfway up the Third Sister The Imperial Forces of the A1 fleet (Crispin, Dimmock and Lekhac) were on hyperdrive as they passed us.

The 2020 Iron Mike champion Ben Healy writes that “B grade started at a cracking pace until the Crossing. From there the casualties were quick. First, Bruce Goodfellow had a gear mechanical, then Peter Young and Ben Healy were blown away by the pace by the time the Homestead was reached. All 3 were forced to ride solo for the duration, while Michael Davies, Paul Welsh and Marc Vroomans powered on as a group. A2 riders Jason Irwin and Paul Hollings caught the B grade stragglers well before the turn around, and the A1 pace line had done the same by the time we hit the Homestead on the way back. “Finally, let’s hear what Steve Crispin has to report from A grade:
A Grade started hot with a tailwind to the crossing. It’s interesting what happens when putting out 130% of FTP downhill with a tailwind. Once we hit the climb, we measured our efforts to balance our team’s strengths. Climbs were comparatively steady to keep our numbers advantage to the final run to the crossing before the Sisters started. We passed our first rider on their way back just before the bridge at Condor, and knew we were up against it. We climbed steadily again, descended hard and got over Blue Range return with a full compliment. This saw us smash 30s turns averaging 54kmh from the bottom of blue range to the crossing before all hell broke loose on the Sisters. Dan, Tristan and I broke away with our domestiques used for the day and we pushed the climbs. The sisters were done in 6 minutes into a headwind averaging 365w. From there, it was a TT of two, with Tristan putting in a sacrificial lead out 4km from the finish. Once released, I had the responsibility of finishing off the hard work of A1. I passed a couple, but could only get within 10 seconds of 4th and 5th place finishers Paul and Gareth. Fun race with great company. No horses were spared.

Race Director’s concluding notes.
A lot of planning goes into these races, and I counted some 62 signal messages, 24 emails, and countless phone calls between committee members that were made to prepare for this race. It is appropriate that we acknowledge the behind-the-scenes efforts of ex-President Dougal Torrance (liaison for ACT Roads approvals), current Vice-president David Parker, Kirsti and Ian McVay, Chris Short, Rob Langridge, and other committee members. We also thank Graham Lindsay, Darren Blackhurst, and Howard Moffat for their ETC expertise, David Buckley for collecting and driving the van and ensuring all the signs and equipment were loaded, Cat Riley for her pro-marshalling assistance and time-keeping, and for her delicious chocolate cupcakes, and Simon Whitehead for First Aid. Thank you to all clubbies and visitors for making this yet another annual event to remember.

Conan Liu

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