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•  Race Registration Issues

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Ian Morton

Race Registration Issues

There are currently some issues with the on-line registration system payment form. We are currently looking into the issue.

The Race Fee has been set to $0 so Members should be able to Register without having to load the payment form.

From the Desk of the Handicapper

Crankys Bicycle Worx Vouchers

Stuart Carling from Crankys Bicycle Worx in Downer has kindly donated a number of Major Tune Service Vouchers to be drawn from criterium race entrants. These are worth $180 (excluding parts) and include a comprehensive tune check and adjustment of all components on the bike including a wash and degrease of frame and components.

The first voucher winner will be announced between the first and second races on 15 November. Riders must have entered a race and be present at Stromlo at sometime on the same evening. To avoid a committee member printing and cutting up the names of the hundred entries, the winner will be selected earlier using the the Excel random number function. Committee members are ineligible to claim the prize. You can check out Stuart’s services here.


Very friendly conditions have resulted in few breakaway winners in the past month, but this will change with a 30km/h westerly forecast for tomorrow! Riders displaying early season form have been duly rewarded with promotions.

Michael Rowland B to A
Andrew Yates B to A
Craig O’Neall C to B
Luke Philps C to B
Sonja Falez D to C
Ross Heazlewook F to E

Rob Langridge

From the Committee

AVCC Insurance

Back in July, the Committee (thanks to Dougal) looked at and compared the insurance coverage between AVCC and AusCycling and concluded that AVCC was more comprehensive. As a reminder, the following advice from AVCC outlines the current coverage;

The AVCC’s insurance will cover you for riding in events sanctioned by the AVCC (ie. events organised by an AVCC affiliated club) and for training rides etc. but it will not cover you for riding in other organised events (eg. events organised by AUSCycling, charities, councils etc). The organisers of these events will need to have their own insurance to cover the participants. The COCs are provided to each AVCC affiliated club at the start of the year. I have attached CRMCC’s COC.

This is the relevant paragraph from the Schedule of Cover –

For registered members of the AVCC, benefits are applicable to third party injury and property damage occurring during any and all bike riding activities 24hrs a day, unless the AVCC insured member is competing in an event / race that is not sanctioned or conducted under the endorsed protocols of the AVCC Inc.

Registration for 2023

Fees for next year have not been set (waiting on Insurance costs) so Members should not try to register for next year yet.

Reminders will be sent out once Registration is open.

First Aid Qualifications

Could members who are First Aid qualified to email the Race Committee ( so we can build a Master list for future reference?

Reduced Membership Fee for Remainder of 2022

A reduced membership fee of $80 is now available for new members and non-financial members wishing to rejoin the club between now and 31 December 2022. Register via the AVCC online membership portal at


Tuesday, 15th November: Stromlo Criterium

Note: Registration required by 15 Nov 2022 3:50 pm.
Any requests for Grade changes should be sorted out with the Handicapper prior to registration.
Late entries may be considered in exceptional circumstances. Please email

Where: Stromlo Forest Park

Race Description:
E/F/G 5:50 20 min 2 laps
A/C 6:25 A 38m 2, C 33m 2
B/D 7:05 B 38m 2, D 33m 2
Sunset @ 7:47

Race Director: Michael Golding Contact: Email:    Ph  0402 011 986

Marshals: Cat Riley

ps For those members riding home after the race, don’t forget your lights. It will be getting dark soon after the racing.

Thursday, 17th November: Track Racing

The Program for Thursday is;
5.30pm – 6.00pm: Warm-up and free practice.
6.00pm – 6.20pm: 8-lap graded scratch race.
6.20pm – 7.00pm: 2-lap standing start, time trial.
7.00pm– 7.20pm: Italian Pursuit.

Sunday, 20th November – Uriarra Homestead – Graded Time Trial

Reminder: All riders must register on the CRMCC Web site ( by 19/11/2022 6:00 PM prior to the race. There is no registration at the event.

Any requests for Grade changes should be sorted out with the Handicapper prior to registration.

Where: Assemble at Uriarra Rd / Brindabella Rd, T-Junction. From North Canberra slightly faster Coppins crossing & right onto Uriarra Road. From Sth Canberra follow Cotter Road down to bridge crossing, turn right onto Brindabella Road.
When: 9:00 am.
Race Description:
Uriarra Homestead – Uphill to Short turn before the climb – downhill to top of Uriarra Crossing – back up to Homestead.
3 laps for A-D Grades. 2 Laps others

Race Director:  tba Contact: Email: tba    Ph tba

Marshals: Russell Marston ETC, Vacant ETC x 2, Vacant Van Driver.


SFP Criterium – 8th November

An almost perfect evening for bike racing was duly delivered for the many riders who turned up to blow out the cobwebs built up on account of their recent lack of SFP crit racing opportunities.

The evening kicked off with a 21 rider strong A-grade and an even larger 26 rider C-grade peloton. In A-grade, an early 2 lap solo attack from Daniel Lekhac got things off with a bang, Daniel was then joined for a few more laps out in front by the numberless Trek rider for some more suffering before both were gobbled up by the Cartel led bunch. The racing from that moment turned into an on/off type affair for the most part. A few riders had their moments off the front in an attempt to lure a strong breakaway but it looked as if it was always going to come down to a bunch kick. The downhill bunch finish was certainly fast, James Meadley held out to salute the judges, followed by Michael Davies and the always-threatening Gerard Tiffen. (Most combative red number awarded to Daniel Lekhac for his many solo efforts).

C-grade was a more steady consistent affair, things got underway with Team Quon applying some serious pressure early to potentially shell a few off the back, but no dice. Luke Philips and Stephen Terracini were next to jump off the front for a lap and a half in the breeze before the bunch pulled them back. Next to go was Simon Costello, Mark Vardy, and an identifiable 3rd assailant for another spell off the front, again the bunch had everything in control, and the race headed to its inevitable bunch sprint. Craig O’Neall was too strong at the line, followed by Luke Philips and Michael Hanbury.

B & D grades were next to head out to race circuit, the 26 racer strong B-grade got things firing from the starting gun. Matt Hinchcliffe, Aaron Thomson and Michael Rowland jumped out to early lead and held the bunch at arm’s length for the first 10 minutes of the race before the peloton bought them back. Ed Meeuwissen, Toby McLenaghan and crowd favourite Krusty Bryant were next to have a crack out front before returning to the fold. Michael Rowland and Toby McLenaghan went away again, this time with Andrew Chamberlain for company, but the Dominator led bunch were having nothing of it and in a few moments it was all back together. Andrew Yates’ outlandish lycra apparel was thought to have been an attempt to blind and confuse the contenders at the finish line but unfortunately for Andrew 2nd place in the bunch sprint would have to suffice as Michael Rowland was just too good, 3rd went to the consistent Ed Meeuwissen.

D-grade was another large peloton of 22 racers, most of whom seemed more than willing to sit in behind the tandem of John Barlow and Ben Healy for some drafting practice in the early stages of proceedings. Ian Morton had a go at the 15-minute mark, Rob Langridge had a go at the 28-minute mark, however, another bunch sprint was on the cards. The sprint from Sonja Falez was just too strong for her rivals and the resulting victory would have had to be the most impressive of the evening, Sonja led Brian Chugg home for 2nd place and Ally Roche for 3rd.

E and F grades rolled away under the spectacular Blood Moon, unfortunately, F-grade visitor Robyn Smallwood missed the start by as much as 30 seconds as she was experiencing an electronics malfunction. Robyn to her credit, circulated strongly solo for the duration at the distant rear, to me Robyn was a winner and can certainly be proud of her effort. Both E and F grades circumnavigated SFP in bunch formations with style and with great enthusiasm. E grade was won by Linda Stals, followed by Chris Copeland and Brent Fraser. F grade victor Ross Heazlewood edged out Bob Miller and Lindsay Graham in 3rd place.

Track Racing – 10th November

Thursday 10 November saw the fourth track racing session for the 2022-23 season. Finally, the weather gods smiled on the session, with balmy conditions and light wind. The conditions were no doubt a factor in the good attendance (18 riders equally split between A and B grades).

The 8-lap A grade scratch race kicked off with Craig Kentwell leading out at a good tempo and doing one and a half laps on the front, before handing off to Steve Jones and then Conan Liu. Conan lifted the pace and successive turns by John Paul De Sousa, Terry Danaher, Ben Davis and Wayne Benham kept the pack really motoring. Tim Jolly rolled into the lead just before lap 7 and kicked up the pace further. At this stage, Craig Kentwell was looking very lively and was soon surging out at pace, establishing a handy gap but, ominously, also towing out Steve Jones and a small following pack. At the finish, Steve sprinted past John Paul De Sousa to take the win with John Paul and Conan Liu claiming the minor placings in that order. It was an honest and fast paced contest.

The 8-lap B Grade scratch commenced with Phil Coulton providing a genteel start. It progressed to riders taking half lap turns after Ian Drayton’s one lap turn substantially moved the group on from genteel pace. On occasions, Ed Garnett was seen poised high on the track on a superb steel, burnt orange, Garnetti frame. The crowd anticipated a flying attack – however it did not occur. Phil Coulton was soon back on the front handing off to the Alison Hale / Karen Clutson team with 4 laps to go. However, this was too far out for these sprinters – so half lap turns ensued – even second wheel pull ups too. Eventually, James Newhouse started a lead out with Alison Hale in tow, now commencing her launch sequence. From high on the track, Alison attacked James. Out of the saddle Alison shot down the banking with one lap to go with teammate Karen Clutson in hot pursuit. Result 1st Hale, 2nd Cluston 3rd Newhouse.

The second event featured 2-lap handicaps with two separate races, each hosting A and B grade riders. Race 1 was dominated by A grade with Craig Kentwell and Steve Jones putting in great efforts from back marks to overhaul the B grade riders for first and second placings. James Newhouse salvaged respect for B grade, by taking the third spot in Race 1. Race 2 saw Graeme O’Neill lead out on the limit handicap. However, Ed Garnett started like a Dapto Greyhound and overtook Graeme on first pass of the back straight. Ed slotted himself into the sprinters lane preparing for the bell lap. Alison Hale had seen this and tried to stay with the leaders. However, Terry Danaher was, by now, well positioned and moved through the draft of Ed Garnett to the lead. Karen Clutson was in the mix, but the back markers had left their run too late, as 2 laps goes pretty fast. The result was 1st Terry Danaher, 2nd Ed Garnett, 3rd Karen Cluston.

The third race event was a mystery race with the bell lap called at random between lap five and lap ten. To make it interesting, the race combined A and B grades with B grade given a half lap start. B grade sensibly worked together over the initial laps while A grade split up and pursued individually. This strategy worked for Conan Liu who powered through the laps to overtake all for the win. Alison Hale and Mark Canaider capitalised on the B grade strategy by holding on for second and third placings, respectively.

The final event for the evening was the usual Italian Pursuit. On current results, it seems that if Craig Kentwell is in your Italian Pursuit team, it will usually return a win. Yes, the team anchor (last rider), needs to stay the race. However, the mid team riders must keep the team together with a nuanced ride.

Team 1 started well with Graeme O’Neill (aka the algorithm master) surprisingly, not pulling a foot! From a good start, Team 1 worked well together with Karen Clutson and Alison Hale applying smooth and ever faster laps.

Team 2 had a genteel start and needed to lift the speed. Nonetheless, their start was coordinated and good enough. Some gaps soon appeared within Team 2 so kudos to Mark Canaider for holding the third lap together, handing over to James Newhouse for a steadying lap. Meanwhile Team 1, after several great laps, now experienced a mid-field difficulty. Team 2 had by then ironed out the gaps. Craig Kentwell then set the mid field mortise and tenon joint for Team 2 now really pick up speed, providing an excellent platform for John Paul (Diesel) D’Sousa and Conan Liu at Anchor. By the final lap, the Team 1 Anchor (Tim Jolly) had too big a job on his hands with Conan Liu completing a blistering final lap to build the Team 2 lead out to around 40 metres. Congratulations to Team 2.

For the flavour of the Italian Pursuit race, listen to the audio file of Michael Langdon’s Race Commentary. Thanks also to Michael for the better parts of this event write up.

Major place getters were as follows:
8-Lap Scratch: (A1 Grade) Steve Jones, John Paul De Sousa, Conan Liu. (A2 Grade) Craig Kentwell, Terry Danaher (B Grade) Alison Hale, Karen Clutson, James Newhouse.
2-Lap Handicap: (Race 1) Craig Kentwell, Steve Jones, James Newhouse (Race 2) Terry Danaher, Ed Garnett, Karen Clutson.
Mystery Race (7 Laps) Conan Liu, Alison Hale, Mark Canaider.
Combined Italian Pursuit: Winner Team 2 (John Paul De Sousa, Conan Liu, Craig Kentwell, Elizabeth Lowe, James Newhouse, Phil Coulton, Mark Canaider).

Season Point Score Update:
Alison Hale (72), Tim Jolly (67), Conan Liu (64), James Newhouse (59), Craig Kentwell (54), John Paul De Sousa (47), Ed Garnett (43), Mark Canaider (43), Phil Coulton (32), Hamish Anderson (31), Graeme O’Neill (29), Ian Drayton (26), Steve Jones (26).