Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Masters Cycling

To all members,

What a wonderful year we have experienced faced with many challenges but able to cope with most and continue to have a great race program. Sadly our ability to run NSW events has been both costly and a challenge given the changes required to run events in NSW for both Traffic Controllers and Race Directors.

Thank you to all those who have made this a success and a special thanks to our race committee who have ensured our races have proceeded. Our race committee consists of long serving members like Rob Langridge, Chris Short, Dougal Torrance and new comers in David Parker and Conan Liu. Of course no club can operate without the roles of Membership Kirsti McVay, Treasurer Kevin Woods, Ian Morton (The Bleat) and Secretary Craig Tozer. All have ensured our club operates effectively and efficiently throughout the year.

We give a special thanks to Dougal Torrance who is finishing up with the club after more than 8 years as a member and helping out on the committee, taking on the role of President after the death of our president and then taking on the national Vice President and then President roles to ensure the continuity of the AVCC which is our parent body. We wish him well in the future cycling with his daughter.

Thank you to Kirsti McVay for her many years on the committee in roles of Membership and Treasurer. Kirsti has decided to no longer continue on the committee at the next AGM. Her efforts and contributions have been invaluable.

As a volunteer organisation thanks also goes to those who have volunteered and helped with roles throughout the year such as Race Directors, ETCs, Van drivers, Marshall and First Aiders. A special thanks to those who have provided assistance and refreshments at races.


A reminder to everyone that our AGM is 13 February and with the departure of Dougal (Race Committee) and Kirsti McVay (Membership) we will be seeking replacements on the committee. Please consider volunteering to help us through the next year by being on the committee. There are many roles we would like to obtain assistance to meet some of the suggestions made in the 2021 review.

1. Governance structure with some minor changes including separation of committee and race committee functions.

2. National affiliation which has been discussed at length this year

3. Training & Skills have advanced with the help of mentors in Mark Taylor & Matt Hinchcliffe. We can still have more help with those willing to do write-ups and links to existing trainings and skills available online an YouTube etc.

4. Social connections – where we need to develop more social rides and even social events outside cycle events such as a yearly get together or such. Anyone being our social organiser please let us know.

5. Supporting new members – we continue to do that but there is always room to improve and suggestions or help in this area is welcome.

6. Marshalling & Race Direction – this continues to evolve again help and suggestions encouraged.

7. Race participation – numbers continue to be sound, however, it would be great to increase our road and track participation rates. Ideas on how to achieve this are welcomed.

8. Communications – an area which is always challenging and thank you to our Bleat and Facebook messages this has kept us going. Of course if anyone is willing to step into areas we don’t cover we are happy to have whatever time you can contribute.

9. Club kit – many are now wearing the new design. We also need to redesign our logo and complete branding into CRMCC.

10. Suggestion to form a sub committee to increase our membership in the future.

The Presidents Award:

The Presidents Award for 2022 went to David Parker our Vice President after stepping up and beyond to ensure our race program was covered for this year. The Presidents Award replaces The Clubman award and is selected by members of the committee. David was selected from a wide range of nominations for his contribution to club cycling not only as an administrator but also cyclist and volunteer.


The AVCC agreed to keep fees to same for 2023 at a meeting held 18 December due mainly to our insurance remaining the same. Current members will be notified when renewals can be undertaken through an email.

AVCC President:

Congratulations to David Parker who was voted in as President of the national body at the 18 December meeting. David has agreed to take on the leadership role.

500 Club:

Congratulations to Bernie Crowe and Rosemary Robinson on achieving 500 events with the club.

Enjoy the break and feel refreshed and come back renewed and reinvigorated for the new year. Merry Xmas to all and racing resumes on the 3 January at our first event on the Crit track.

Best Regards,

Kim Malcolm,
Capital Region Masters Cycling Club President

Season Medal Presentations

2021-22 Summer SeasonWomen
Rosemary Robinson 1st, Alison Hale 2nd, Pat Rooke 3rd
(Not in attendance) 
2021-22 Summer Season – MenGerard Tiffen 1st, Dominic Romano 2nd, Dale Kleeman 3rd 
2022 Winter Season – WomenCat Riley 1st, Alison Hale 2nd (not in picture), Liz Lowe 3rd 
2022 Winter Season – MenJason Irwin 1st, Ian Preston 2nd, Steve Crispin 3rd 


Christmas Wheel Race – 13th December

D Grade scored the honours this year holding on to take the first three places.

Paul Morgan 1st, Liz Lowe 2nd, Brian Chugg 3rd

ACT Veterans Cycling ClubAnd thanks to Howard Moffat for pictures from the event:

Track Racing – 15th December

The final track racing session for 2022 ran on Thursday 15 December. The weather was cool with a brisk headwind in the front straight during the warm-up. The wind moderated slightly during the evening. Again, not the expected summer weather, though it was quite satisfactory for racing. Attendance was quite good, with 12 riders, 7 in A grade and 5 in B grade, plus several Track regulars who attended the evening’s presentation, drinks & nibbles. A Grade Scratch (8 laps)

The A grade scratch commenced slowly with Tim Jolly leading out. It seemed that the group were holding back for the evening’s wheel race. However, on lap 2 Tim stayed on the front and kicked the pace up before handing off to Conan Liu. Steve Jones and Ben Davis then took turns at the front. As Ben passed the start line, he kicked the pace up a further notch. Wayne Benham followed with a turn and again the pace notched up. The pack was motoring on lap 7 when Warwick Wilson stirred it up with a solid attack, sprinting from the front and out of the saddle. The pack started to string out before a group with Conan Liu, Tim Jolly and Steve Jones set off in pursuit of Warwick. Warwick managed to hold his lead well into the bell lap. However, by this stage the pursuing trio were starting to swoop past Warwick, forsaking energy conservation. In the frantic sprint for the line Tim Jolly just pipped Conan and Steve, so they finished in that order. B Grade Scratch (8 laps)

B Grade started off quick this week with Mark Canaider completing the first two laps on the front. Alison Hale (our Gold Medallist fresh from the QLD Masters Championships) controlled the B grade race well with a final chase down of James Newhouse. James stuck to the sprinters lane with two laps to go and forced the other riders high on the track to get around him. In the sprint Alison Hale took a close win from Hamish Anderson second and James Newhouse third. Christmas Wheel Race (6-lap handicap)

Twelve riders lined up for this trophy event, with Michael Langdon doing the starting duties in a very scientific manner, guided by his phone stopwatch. The Algorithm Master had distributed precise handicaps to the riders.

B grade have generally held the edge in the shorter handicap events. However, the longer wheel race event would give A grade time for a more tactical pursuit, and this is how the race unfolded.

The riders were counted down to their starting time and Ed Garnett (off 29 seconds) from the get-go took a screamer and applied pressure to the scratch riders immediately. Alison Hale found herself on the front very quickly – it was a quick start that put pressure on all riders.

By mid-race Alison Hale, Ed Garnett, Mark Canaider and Craig Kentwell looked good contenders. However, the A grade anchor bunch (the black assassin trio Tim, Steve and Conan) was timing their effort and making good progress in their pursuit. By the beginning of lap 4, the A grade pursuers had largely caught the limit riders and settled into good tactical positions, to recover for a final effort. The final push came on the bell lap, which saw A grade dominate the sprint, taking the first 5 places. Tim Jolly had a great sprint against Conan Liu and Steve Jones and was able to take a close win. This time Conan got the better of Steve Jones. They took second and third placings in that order. Wayne Benham and Ben Davis both put in creditable efforts to take the fourth and fifth places for total A grade domination.

Congratulation to Tim Jolly for capturing the Wheel Race trophy. For Michael Langdon’s Wheel Race commentary CLICK HERE.

Results Summary:
8-Lap Scratch: (A1 Grade) Tim Jolly, Steve Jones, Conan Liu. (A2 Grade) Craig Kentwell, Warwick Wilson. (B Grade) Alison Hale, Hamish Anderson, James Newhouse.
Christmas Wheel Race (6-Lap Handicap, A&B Grades): Tim Jolly, Conan Liu, Steve Jones, Wayne Benham, Ben Davis.

Season Point Score Update:
Tim Jolly (157), James Newhouse (139), Conan Liu (136), Alison Hale (132), Craig Kentwell (117), John Paul De Sousa (98), Steve Jones (88), Mark Canaider (81), Ed Garnett (78), Hamish Anderson (73), Wayne Benham (68), Ian Drayton (62), Graeme O’Neill (60), Bruce Griffin (56).

Graeme O’Neill & Michael Langdon

Racing Resumes

Racing will resume in 2021 with the first Crit on the 3rd January and Track Racing on the 5th January. The Road Racing Calendar is still to be advised.

Keep an eye out for an email from the AVCC advising registration details for next year.

Till then, have a great Christmas Break.