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• How the West was won!

• From the Committee

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This week: “Don’t buy upgrades, ride up grades.” — Eddy Merckx, Belgian pro racer

Michael Langdon

How the West was won!

Chapeau to Alec Millet ex stalwart of the ACT Masters cycling scene, and now Perth resident, for bringing home a brace of Gold medals at the recent WA Track Championships. Alec took out the M7 Time Trial and Individual Pursuit Titles – with an impressive 2.35 in the IP. A great come back from Alec after a couple of tough years.

Alec and Fiona @ the Perth Speed Dome

Craig Kentwell
@ The Bundadome & via Batemans Bay

From the Committee

Topic: CRMCC March Committee meeting
Time: Mar 6, 2023 19:00

In person: Everyone is welcome to attend @ Raiders Weston.
Virtual: via Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 886 4309 2398
Passcode: 691756

Craig Tozer

From the Desk of the Handicapper:


Heath Chester A to B

Rob Langridge – Handicapper

From the Race Committee

Road Races and Directors

Volunteers required for Sunday. Please note that we are in need of ETCs and a first aid qualified volunteer.

We are still lacking a few Race Directors for upcoming races. Anyone able to assist, please advise the Race Committee

We are also looking to fill the remaining Vacant spots on the Calendar here

Please come forward and help our races happen. We will be looking to roster people into spots if they are not filled, so pick your spot before you are placed in one.

David Parker CRMCC VP


Tuesday, 28th February: Stromlo Criterium

Note: Registration required by 28 Feb 2023 3:30 pm.
Any requests for Grade changes should be sorted out with the Handicapper prior to registration.
Late entries may be considered in exceptional circumstances. Please email

Stromlo Forest Park – due to works onsite on Tuesday 28th February, potable water will not be available onsite. Two port-a-loos will be available for use at the Pavilion Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th, and the Blue Gums toilets will still have water access.

Race Director: Bradley Peppinck Contact: Ph: 0478028598

Marshals: Kerrie Muir

Narrabundah Track Racing

The Program for Thursday 2 March, 6.00PM is as follows:

5.30pm – 6.00pm: Warm-up and free practice.
6.00pm – 6.20pm: 8-lap graded scratch race.
6.20pm – 6.50pm: Paired Match Races (Omnium Event).
6.50pm – 7.10pm: 2-lap Handicap.
7.10pm– 7.30pm: Italian Pursuit.

Graeme O’Neill – Director

“This is timely reminder that all track riders need to be 2023 financial members before setting foot on the track, and this includes if you are officiating (for insurance coverage purposes). The track program will move to online registration and payment for next season. As many track riders are already using the RMS registration and online payment system for criterium and/or road race entry, we will be offering this rego and payment method for the remaining 5 track sessions this year. We will still be accepting cash on the day, and Square payment during this transition period. Please see the calendar entry for Thursdays

You will need to know your Club-assigned race number (not your TG number when you made your annual payment), which you can look up by doing a name search in the Results section of the RMS, and a credit card for making the $10 payment. If you are encountering issues, please contact Conan, the Club Membership Officer via  Should there be a track cancellation due to weather or personal circumstances, we will roll your entry fee over to the next session”. 

Conan LiuClub membership Secretary

Sunday, 5th March – Graded Scratch – Lookout Hill


Downtube Shifter Derby

Here they are–the men of steel.

The club’s inaugural Downtube Shifter Derby was held on a wet Stromlo track last Tuesday. The storm around 1500 on Tuesday may have put off a few possible entrants fearing water damage to their priceless machines, but I was happy that we had eight riders show up for 15 minutes plus two laps of no-holds-barred action. The riders were evenly matched despite the mixture of grades and it seemed that any attacks were short lived, as the effort to sustain them was too much on the steel bikes. The highlights were Paul Clare not being able to find the right gear, leaving a gap which I stole, and overhearing the comment about the BB axle length of one of the bikes. Somehow bike mechanic extraordinaire Peter Taylor had time to critique the mechanical set-up of one of the the bikes while competing.  ‘It looks about 125mm when it should only be about 115mm’ is not something you hear very often during a race. As I had built my Shogun Katana myself, I rode in fear of a public admonishment of my rudimentary mechanical skills. I briefly led into the home straight before being overhauled by Dale Kleeman, Peter and Paul. The next challenge was the barrel draw as competitors had the difficult choice of choosing between WD-40, metal polish and a microfibre polishing cloth or beer.  Thanks to Jeremy, Kerrie and Des Brown for their assistance in making it possible.

Rain and crits–clarification

There was a bit of speculation on CRMCC Facebook page about the likelihood of the crits being cancelled following the storm last Tuesday.

  • The general rule is that crits will only be cancelled if it’s too dangerous to ride or if nobody turns up.

Lightning or the threat of lightning, very strong winds or rivers flowing across the course would be the reasons to cancel. Races can still go ahead in heavy rain or no rain but a lot of water on the course. The rule for road races is more complicated as generally the race committee doesn’t want to conduct races with less than 20 competitors given the amount of time these races take to organise and the number of volunteers required to ensure a successful event.

SFP Criterium – 21st February

With ominous skies, moist conditions on track and a frightening array of God’s creations surrounding the parcours, a reduced field took to the course for CRMCC Downshifter Derby 2023 (15+1). Ian P and Dale K were ever present at the front of proceedings early. The peloton stayed tight, although strung out, for the first 7 minutes. With 8 to go Bruce M made a move up the front straight, took an easy 30m but then all together again down the back. Meanwhile marshals and directors were clearing ducks and kangaroos…and dodging puddles. Special shout out to Tony Beasley (who had a stent put in only 3 weeks ago) and was comfortably lurking at the back. With 2 laps to go it was still all together as the showers rolled in once again. In the final it was a bunch kick from the bottom corner with Dale K outclassing, Paul C and we think Peter T but it could have been Rob L for the bronze. Frankly, we’ll never know for sure. 

Running a ship tight schedule A (38+2) & C (35+2) were called next to the line and rolled away at exactly 5.50pm. Again, reduced fields fronted in both grades as the inclement weather persisted. Most of the race was very damp with light, misty rainicles…although virtually no wind. 11 A graders rolled the first few laps together before the attacks started on lap 3 with Dennis, Stu and Trent forming a 3 man break to a chasing 5, then 4 and basically…that was race over. 4 DNFs due to a combination of environmental fatigue…or just straight up good ol’ fashion out the back door fatigue. Stu bested Dennis in a tight two up sprint and Trent in the mix for 3rd. 

C grade mostly stayed together for the first half with Mark V very attentive on the front. At 10 to go, attrition had taken out a few and eventually a several singles were spread out around the track. A small bunch sprint saw Wayne B take it on the line from Mark V and Mark T.

B (38+2) & D were next up and it was getting blustery and c-c-cold. There were requests for early starts, shortened race times and all sorts of other shenanigans that were promptly denied by race officials. Darren B & Brendon L formed a very EB followed by the bunch who let them dangle for some time. B grade was back together at 20 to go and then Darren went again solo. He had half the main straight at 10 to go and it seemed like a dominant advantage. At 8 to go he’s caught. All together (less a few fade aways) for a bunch sprint into the final straight with Brendan L recovered enough for the W followed by Brian P and Ben Z. 

D (35+2) had only 4 on the line to roll out and they were all together and gentlemanly right until 10 minutes to go. You’d then say “it exploded”. It suddenly became 2 up front and 2 singles behind. And it stayed that way with Ian M taking the win from Greg M and Paul M a fair way back for 3rd. A triple M one might say. 

E (28+2) completed the evening in fading light and bouncing roos which meant a 20+2 was more appropriate. Only 2 well rugged up yet eager participants to start. Although they were swapping turns, Shirley-Anne seemed to be doing more of the work in the north easterly gusts and foreboding cloud cover. That is until the final lap where she opened the throttle and let it rip putting over 150m into Ross H by the finish. 

Big appreciation for all marshals and helpers to keep the racing safe, fast and animal collision free. 

Jeremy Gillman-Wells

Track Racing – 23rd February

Thursday 23 February provided good conditions for track racing. It was a bit cloudy, but warm. A strong
wind streamed across the track during practice, creating a tough headwind in the first turn. It
moderated as the evening progressed. Attendance (10 riders) was below par. However, it was again, a
good evening’s racing.

A Grade Scratch (8 laps)
John Paul De Sousa led off at an easy pace. The pace stayed steady through subsequent turns by Gavin
Stephens, Martin Graham, Wayne Benham and Craig Kentwell. On lap 6, Conan Liu ratcheted up the
pace, first gaping, then energising the bunch. Conan was eventually overtaken by John Paul De Sousa as
the bunch drew level. As the bell lap approached, all riders were packed in a tight bunch, jockeying for a
good launch position from the banking. Tim Jolly and John Paul De Soua launched attacks
simultaneously from the banking. The remaining bunch stuck like limpets, accelerating into the final lap.
It was another ferocious and entertaining final lap sprint, with Tim Jolly 1 st , Conan Liu 2 nd and Martin
Graham 3 rd .

B Grade Scratch (8 laps)
B Grade had just 4 riders, so the first half of the race was steady paceline riding. James Newhouse had
his race face on, eager to lap up points for the season points score. Points are awarded to the first 5
riders across the line – the absent 5 th rider’s points went begging, in this instance. By lap 6, the pace was
getting serious and about this time a pack of three launched into a long final surge. On the final lap Ian
Drayton attacked – somehow, this caught the other riders by surprise! However, James Newhouse was
able to close down the attack to get home first, with Ian Drayton 2 nd and Phil Coulton 3 rd .

1-Lap Standing Start Time Trial
The 1-lap time trial was challenging with riders accelerating into an immediate headwind. However, the
times were generally on par, so the wind appeared to have minimal effect. Most of the A grade times
were within 28 – 30 seconds. Tim Jolly set the benchmark for A1 grade with 28.18 seconds. However,
Gavin Stephens really raised the flag for A2 grade with the night’s best time of 27.91 seconds (43.2
km/hr average).

B grade had a good night, with their best times within cooee of A grade. James Newhouse set the
benchmark at 30.05 seconds (40.1 km/hr average).

4-Lap Handicap (A & B Combined)
The handicap race was an A grade affair with A grade riders taking the first four places and some honour
for B grade being salvaged by James Newhouse in fifth place. The race started with James Newhouse
taking a flyer and blasting past the limit rider after just one lap. James did a maximal effort. However,
the pursuit from A grade was relentless and four laps gave the strong riders just enough time to catch
and pass James. It was good, close racing with Conan Liu 1st, Martin Graham 2nd, Tim Jolly 3rd.

Italian Pursuit
10 riders again for this week’s Italian Pursuit. It was the one that got away – for Team 1 that is. John
Paul was at second wheel for Team 2; and this indicated a strong team as JP would usually ride midfield.
Indeed, the Phil Coulton professional Team 2 lead out placed them well from the start! Each rider in
Team 2 increased the lead and by the final lap the race was over for Team 1 with Team 2 anchor Conan
Lui well out in front for the final lap.

Major Placings:
8-Lap Scratch: (A1 Grade) Tim Jolly, Conan Liu, John Paul De Sousa. (A2 Grade) Martin Graham, Gavin
Stephens, Craig Kentwell. (B Grade) James Newhouse, Ian Drayton, Phil Coulton.
1-Lap Standing Start TT: (A1 Grade) Tim Jolly (28.18s), Wayne Benham (29.26s), John Paul De Sousa
(29.34s). (A2 Grade) Gavin Stephens (27.91s), Martin Graham (29.94s), Craig Kentwell (30.15s). (B
Grade) James Newhouse (30.05s), Ian Drayton (31.40s), Phil Coulton (31.94s),
4-Lap Handicap: (A&B Grades) Conan Liu, Martin Graham, Tim Jolly, Wayne Benham, James Newhouse.
Combined Italian Pursuit: Winner Team 2 (John Paul De Sousa, Conan Liu, Craig Kentwell, Gavin
Stephens, Phil Coulton).

Omnium Points Score:
Conan Liu (10), James Newhouse (9), Tim Jolly, Graeme O’Neill, Gavin Stephens, Craig Kentwell (8), Ian
Drayton (7), John Paul De Sousa, Phil Coulton, Wayne Benham (5), Sarah Stephens (3).
Season Point Score:
Tim Jolly (328), James Newhouse (285), Alison Hale (243), Conan Liu (241), Craig Kentwell (229), John
Paul De Sousa (178), Steve Jones (148), Wayne Benham (140), Ed Garnett (134), Warwick Wilson (127),
Ian Drayton (119), Gavin Stephens (113), Hamish Anderson (103), Graeme O’Neill (102), Mark Canaider
(89), Karen Clutson (86), Phil Coulton, Martin Graham (70).

Michael Langdon’s commentary on the Italian Pursuit here.

Graeme O’Neill and Michael Langdon