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When you ride hard on a mountain bike, sometimes you fall, otherwise, you’re not riding hard.
George W. Bush – Former American President

Michael Langdon

Zwift Critz Racing Starting the 4th of April

Carrying on from the Tuesday Summer crits, is the Tuesday Winter Zwift Critz. Currently the format is all grades 1 race, 1 start time 7pm, just add CRMCC and crit grade to your Zwift name.

Each week we will mix it up on a course with a bit of variety of flats and punchy climbs. There will be a results leaderboard at the end of the event. Let’s keep the legs primed over winter with your mates at CRMCC, whilst we do not have the pavilion to mingle, feel free to mingle and kudos the winners on our Canberra Region Masters Cycling Club facebook group on the weekly Zwift post.

It is a good chance to try to stick with the next grade or you can back it off a little and help encourage others to go beyond. Let’s keep the positive supportive vibe the CRMCC is known for.

To be a part of the racing you will need to join the CRMCC Zwift club in the companion app.
Any issues feel free to email Kev Wells @

From the Bleat’s South Coast Correspondent

New Mogo Mountain Bike Trails. Earlier this year, work commenced on the new Mogo mountain bike network. The $8million project will see over 120 km of new trails established and a refurbishment of the 30km of existing trails which surround Deep Creek Dam (about 5km south of Bateman’s Bay). 

The new trails will extend both to the East and West of Mogo and include a 16km trail from the 690m high summit of Mount Wandera. With trails for all skill levels, when completed the trails are expected to bring in over 40,000 visitors pa. 

As of late March, around 4km of new trails have been built and the trail builders are hoping to have up to 6 teams simultaneously working on construction. With some heavy equipment coming on line, it’s hoped that there’ll be 80km of new trails completed by the end of the year. 

Lots of fun can still be had on existing trails and the network gravel roads in the region – but riders should steer well clear of new trails and construction teams until the new tracks are officially opened.

Craig Kentwell – @ the Bundadome via Batemans Bay

From the Desk of the Handicapper:


Rob Langridge – Handicapper

From the Race Committee

Members interested in attending the CRMCC April 2023 Committee meeting – the details are as follows:
Monday Apr 3, 2023 @ 19:00 Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Join Zoom Meeting using this link
Meeting ID: 851 1096 4223
Passcode: 369358


Tuesday, 28 March: Stromlo Graded Criterium

Note: Registration Cutoff: Tues 28/03/2023 3:50 PM
Any requests for Grade changes should be sorted out with the Handicapper prior to registration. Late entries may be considered in exceptional circumstances. Please email

Race Director: Gerard Tiffen Contact: Ph: (0414323373)
Marshals: Kerrie Muir

Week 23, early sunset @ 7:04 – 20mins +2 laps

  • B/D – 20m +2 @ 5:50
  • E/F/G – 20m +2 @ 6:15
  • A/C – 20m +2 @ 6:40

Thursday, 30 March – 6pm @ the Bundadome

Narrabundah Track Racing Presentation

This track session will be the 22-23 presentation evening and the closing event for the track season.  We hope to see as many trackies as possible.  All other club members also very welcome.

There will be the usual practice and warm up from 5.30pm and a single Italian Pursuit event at 6.00pm, followed by the trophy presentations.

The club will provide drinks and nibbles.  If anyone wishes to bring a plate, it will be most welcome.

**Sunday** 2 April, 1.30pm – The Apollo – Graded Scratch – 28.0kms

First race of the winter season – we change from Saturday to Sunday races @ 1.30pm…

Race start: is at Apollo Road T junction. Finish is at Honeysuckle Campground. All grades U turn before the aero model club near Tharwa and return for a summit finish.
Riders: are to be mindful of other campground users when parking and using the facilities so that ACT Parks continue to allow our use of this venue. Extra clothing worn for the ride down to the start will be collected and brought back up to the finish.
Directions: Travel to Tharwa and follow Naas Rd south. Go past Namadgi visitors centre, over Tennent hill, and turn Right onto Apollo road. Park on top of the hill at the camping area, then ride back down to the T junction for the start.

Cutoff registration 1/04/2023 9:30 PM
Race Director – Chris Copeland – (0412643102)


CRMCC Criterium 21 March 23

A strong field of ducks, kangaroos, runners and other wildlife were joined by the hardy elite of CRMCC for a moist edition of Tuesday evening crits at The SFP.

A pre-race injury led to the scratching of one young jogger, and provided Alex Sommariva an opportunity to refresh his first aid skills – the youngster eventually being successfully released into the wilds of the running circuit to rejoin his herd.

E and F grades made an unsuccessful play for a ‘2 minutes plus 2 laps’ race, arguing that the only difference from the advertised schedule was a zero, which was nothing, really. They then suffered through arguably the wettest part of proceedings -and the slickest of the duck-lubricated corners – before the Race Director gave them time off for good behaviour.

In F grade, The early breakaway was reeled in down the finishing straight, with Mijo Spoljaric taking the honours in a tight sprint from DNS (no naming and shaming here).

E grade saw an uneventful truce broken only in the last couple of laps, with Robert Craine easing away from Ross Heazlewood to claim the prize.

A and C grades rolled away in slightly lighter but no less persistent drizzle. Gerard Tiffen sought some privacy off the front of A grade early – a wish which was respected by the chasing group but not so much by the ducks, who were feeling quite sociable by this stage of the day. While a last lap Close Encounter of the Anatidea Kind slowed his progression slightly, Gerard rolled through half a lap clear of the chasers, with Nathan Spillane edging Andrew Murrell for the minor placings. Krusty Bryant, Bruce Goodfellow, Tom Stewart-Moore and the late (but very much alive) David Parker deserve mention for braving the inclement conditions.

C grade held it all together until the bell, before Tony Rowley tried to spice things up. He was not able to hold the baying mob at bay, however, with Mark Taylor snatching the bikkies and Robert Langridge gathering the crumbs. Tony finished third, with Ben McMahon and Allan Bontjer in close order.

In the gathering gloom, a small group of B and D grade rolled off together as the ducks ceded some territory to the roos. An attempt by one roo to put an end to the day on the finish straight on the second lap gave everyone an early chance to test their brakes, and it was a tense 20 minutes or so thereafter, as a few more made their way across the track.

Dale Kleeman did the early pace setting as the grades rolled around trying to work out which black-clad rider was which, before they let Craig O’Neall have the honour of leading them around the last two laps. Dale took over in the sprint, leading Craig and Ian Preston to the line in B grade. Kevin Newhouse represented for D grade, and finished in the pack.

Thanks to Kerrie Muir and Ian Hutchings for valuable assistance, advice and guidance to the neophyte Race Director, and for animal wrangling duties. Also to Russell for pointing out which way around numbers go on the timing sign. And to Simon for first aid assurance, happily not required in the slippery conditions.

Rob Solomon – Race Director

Track Racing Report – Thursday 23 March

Thursday 23 March started in unpromising fashion with solid rain all morning.  The weather began to improve in the afternoon and the track session was called ‘on’ with some trepidation.  By race time, it was a little cool.  However, the track was dry, wind moderate and the sun had appeared.  Overall, excellent conditions for racing.  Attendance (9 riders) was again below par, but understandable given the uncertain weather.  This track session was the last competitive session for the 22-23 track season.

A Grade Scratch (8 laps)

Tim Jolly led off the A grade scratch for two laps at a comfortable pace before handing off to Gavin Stephens.  Gavin raised the pace marginally and quickly handed the lead to John Paul De Sousa.  Wayne Benham and Craig Kentwell followed with lead outs, Craig kicking up the pace a further notch so that the pack was at a fast tempo when Tim Jolly again rolled to the front on lap 5.  At this point, the race started to hot up.  The pack bunched up with all riders jockeying for good launch positions, over laps 6 and 7.  Unusually, Tim Jolly was the first to attack, mid lap 7.  Tim gained a small lead and was well pursued by Gavin Stephens and John Paul De Sousa.  The trio fought out an exciting last lap with a close finish ending with Tim Jolly 1st, John Paul De Sousa 2nd and Gavin Stephens 3rd.

B Grade Scratch (8 laps)

B Grade was pointless this week – yes this was a nil points race as the season point score had been finalised.  Therefore, the 4 riders experimented with kit and gears.  Hamish Anderson was riding a huge 52*12 gearing in slow motion.  James Newhouse already second for the season points was once again back for another race and lead the riders out on the bell lap.  Graeme O’Neill tried to hold James’ wheel but dropped off – at this stage Hamish Anderson got out of the saddle and pushed the 117 gear to warp speed to overtake James and win the race.  Phil Coulton motored past Graeme O’Neill for third place.

1-Lap, Standing Start Time Trial

The 1 lap time trial is an all-out sprint lap, quite technical and surprisingly fatiguing.  A grade times were mostly below the 30 second mark.  Gavin Stephens set the benchmark with a blistering lap at 27.90 seconds – a great effort!  Next best was Tim Jolly at 28.58 seconds, then John Paul De Sousa (29.44s) with another lap under 30 seconds.  A very good overall result for A grade.

B grades times were a little more dispersed ranging from 28.15 seconds to 33.53 seconds.  For B grade, Hamish Anderson set the evening’s stand out time at 28.15 seconds, eclipsing all but one of the A grade riders.  Hamish seems to thrive on the short sprint time trials.  In this instance, he was pushing what seemed a ludicrously high gear, necessitating him riding out of the saddle for most of the lap.  Somehow it worked, so who can argue with success?

2-Lap Handicap

This week the 2-lap handicap proved a good contest between A and B grade riders.  The near limit riders John Paul De Sousa and Gavin Stephens put in a big effort as did the B grade stalwarts James Newhouse and Hamish Anderson.  A bunched pack streamed past the limit riders around mid-race and from there it was a close fought sprint to the line.  John Paul De Sousa took the victory and was having a good night.  James Newhouse kept B grade in the fight, snatching second place from Gavin Stephens in third place.

Italian Pursuit

There were two teams of four riders again for this week’s Italian Pursuit.  Michael Langdon selected two quite evenly matched teams.  Hamish Anderson (team 1) rode with the high gearing from his time trial.  Despite this he successfully held the wheel of the team 1 starting rider.  All 8 riders started well.  However, Phil Coulton’s lead outs are consistently getting his team off to a very fast start.  Both teams put in flawless rides and handed off to the following riders efficiently.  However, team 2 eked out a small advantage over the contest.  Team 2’s anchor, John Paul De Sousa, after a big night of racing, was able to seal the win for Team 2 with a scorching final lap.

Michael Langdon’s commentary on the Italian Pursuit here.

Major Placings:

8-Lap Scratch: (A1 Grade) Tim Jolly, John Paul De Sousa, Wayne Benham.  (A2 Grade) Gavin Stephens, Craig Kentwell.  (B Grade) Hamish Anderson, James Newhouse, Phil Coulton.

1-Lap SS TT: (A1 Grade) Tim Jolly (28.58s), John Paul De Sousa (29.44s), Wayne Benham (30.02s).  (A2 Grade) Gavin Stephens (27.90s), Craig Kentwell (30.73s).  (B Grade) Hamish Anderson (28.15s), James Newhouse (29.64s), Phil Coulton (31.38s).

2-Lap Handicap: (A&B Grades) John Paul De Sousa, James Newhouse, Gavin Stephens, Hamish Anderson, Craig Kentwell.

Combined Italian Pursuit:  Winner Team 2 (Gavin Stephens, John Paul De Sousa, James Newhouse, Phil Coulton).

Final Omnium Points Score:
James Newhouse (18), Conan Liu (15), Tim Jolly, Phil Coulton (13), Graeme O’Neill (11), Gavin Stephens (10), Craig Kentwell, John Paul De Sousa, Wayne Benham, Martin Graham, Sarah Stephens (8).

Final Season Point Score:
Tim Jolly (391), James Newhouse (342), Conan Liu (290), Alison Hale (274), Craig Kentwell (242), John Paul De Sousa (224), Wayne Benham (178), Steve Jones (148), Graeme O’Neill (139), Ed Garnett (134), Gavin Stephens (128), Warwick Wilson (127), Ian Drayton (126), Hamish Anderson (120), Martin Graham (119), Phil Coulton (115).

The presentation of track trophies and medals will be held at the Bundadome on Thursday 30 March – all welcome!!.

Graeme O’Neill & Michael Langdon