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April 2023

Capital Region Masters – Weekly Bleat, Monday 24 April, 2023

Masters, In this week’s Bleat;

  • Track Nationals – Australian Champions
  • Racing this Week – Lookout Hill
  • Race Reports – Women’s Podium!
  • From the Race Committee – Race Numbers

Lest We forget


Many of our CRMCC Trackies use the CRMCC Velodrome season as a springboard onto the annual Masters Track Nationals. This year at Anna Meares Veldodrome (13-16 April) our Trackies did very well. Congratulations to all!

Jim Veal with Bailey MacDonald – National Champion Jerseys. (Jim coached Bailey when he first started at the Bundadome)

Sarah Stephens – National Champion WM3 Individual Pursuit


*Saturday* 29 April, 1.30pm – Lookout Hill – Graded Scratch (46 & 36 kms)

Format: Lookout Hill 3.5km toward Tharwa, U turn, 5km toward Point Hut, U turn to Lookout Hill, 3.5km towards Tharwa, U turn, sprint finish heading North on the long flat stretch of road before getting back to Lookout Hill.
Grades A, B, C, D – 4.5 laps, E, F, G – 3.5 laps. Start and Finish in different spots.
Description: Graded Scratch
Directions: Observation lookout on Tidbinbilla Road about 2.5 km towards Tharwa from Point Hut / Tidbinbilla Rd intersection (or about 4.5 km from Tharwa village).

Cutoff registration Friday 28/04/2023 9:30 PM
Race Officials needed: ETC x 1, & the Van driver


Uriarra Homestead – Memorial Handicap – Saturday 22 April 2023

A picture perfect Autumn day greeted the 40 riders contesting the CRMCC Memorial Handicap. The lack of any notable breeze served to encourage the early departees as they set off on the first of three laps. Each subsequent grade assembled on the start line to discuss race strategies and how they could all work together for the win before heading off up the hill full of bonhomie and energy. Lap 1 one was uneventful save for the usual vocal encouragement from mullet wearing P-platers and the coming together of C1 and C2 before the Uriarra Crossing turnaround. Lap 2 was much the same despite the best efforts of D to chase down the early starters and the coming together of A2 and A1. As the riders entered the final lap the gaps were closing and the combined A grade disintegrated as the pace picked up but, other than a reshuffling of the order in A, B, C and D nothing could be down to stop the remaining F grade rider, Elizabeth Lowe easing away from her two E grade companions, Sue Powell and Linda Stalls, on the final drag up to the finish line. Sue followed a few moments later and Linda did well to hold off the fast finishing C Grade pair, David Dickson and Tobias McLenaghan to take out the last podium spot. David Dickson took a consolation 4th place ahead of Tobias in the only true sprint finish.

Gareth Downey – Race Director

Elizabeth Lowe 1st – Sue Powell 2nd – Linda Stals 3rd – Congratulations!

C1 and C2 – on the Handicap

Here’s the contribution from the MyRide crew who formed much of C grade and the top 10 at Saturday’s handicap. Thanks to Toby McLenaghan for his view from the bunch. (Rob Langridge)

Far out what a race today! Rosie Hurt and Mark Moerman started off in C2 and with the group not really working together and Rosie missing the first turn around, they had their work cut out for them. The group was pulling heavy turns, tired quickly, leaving Mark out on the front and Rosie at the back unable to get to the front due to the power Mark was putting to the ground. With Krusty Bryant, Ian ‘Presto’ Preston and me, Toby McLenaghan, in C1 the chase was on! Krusty the freight train was lucky to not have a power meter because if he did, he would have blown it up laying down turn after turn to the point that no-one could roll around him. Many tried but he would just pull it back going down the back straight. After the Krusty show on the down hills, Presto the mountain goat would take charge coming back up the hill drilling it with the help of Mark putting the group into single file once again when out of nowhere Rosie over took them all to push the group forward again. Unfortunately, with the MyRide riders the majority of the work we couldn’t quite catch E grade, however we didn’t get caught by B and scratch and all managed a top 10 finish. Well done team, great racing.💪🏻💪🏻

Unbiased mentions to David Dickson who won the sprint at the end doing a heap of work on the front. Darren Blackhurst who was always pushing hard and helping direct the guys around making sure we were working as one. 

Daniel Ward on the final turn made what looked to be the first move in trying to break away but went too early and without a wheel to catch, soon tired and was rounded up not long after from an all-out effort from Krusty.  

All in all, it was such a fun race with C1 and C2 working together to try and not be caught. Such a great style of racing.

(The CRMCC Memorial Handicap is an annual trophy race dedicated to the CRMCC Members we’ve lost over the years. The race hasn’t been run for the last couple of years due to Covid disruptions).


Fabric Race Numbers Available for all Members

If you have been to a Race recently, you may have noticed the big bags of fabric Race Numbers available. These have been organised through Jimmy and MVMNT CLUB for all Club Members. I will bring them to each Race so please come out to a Race and grab your number when you can!

David Parker – Vice President

Michael Langdon

Capital Region Masters – Weekly Bleat, Monday 17 April, 2023

Masters, In this week’s Bleat;

  • Racing this Week
  • Race Reports
  • From the Race Committee

“It never gets easier, you just go faster.” Greg LeMond


*Saturday* 22 April, 1.30pm – Uriarra Homestead – Handicap (45km)

Format: Uriarra Homestead – Uphill to Short turn before the climb – downhill to top of Uriarra Crossing – back up to Homestead. 3 laps for a handicap.
Description: Memorial Handicap
Directions: Assemble at Uriarra Rd / Brindabella Rd, T-Junction. From North Canberra slightly faster Coppins crossing & right onto Uriarra Road. From Sth Canberra follow Cotter Road down to bridge crossing, turn right onto Brindabella Road.

Cutoff registration Friday 21/04/2023 9:30 PM
Gareth Downey – Race Director – (0409291500)


Sutton Driver Centre – Saturday 15 April 2023

This was the first round in the Sutton Super Series with those riders participating now with a head start over those who didn’t, but don’t worry those who missed out still have 5 more rounds to make up ground and claim a share of the prizes at the end of the series, so make sure you try to be there next time.

First grades up were A & B grade with small fields in each of 7 starters in A and only 4 in B.

The first few laps seemed very neutral in both grades before on Lap 4 A grade split apart leaving 2 groups of 3 and a single rider behind. The front group of Callum Henshaw, John Bridge and Gerrard Tiffen only continued to build on their lead over the next few laps until John was eventually dropped from the trio. With a roaring tailwind down the final straight the sprint was going to be a fast one and reportedly both riders were out of gears and couldn’t spin any quicker – it came down to a photo finish which the camera barely caught – it was that fast. Final result was Tiffen by almost a wheel over Henshaw and Bridge in 3rd.

B grade out on the course all stuck together making the work a bit easier on a windy afternoon. With all riders contributing to the pace and rolling turns well. It wasn’t till late in the race when Dimitar Dojcinoski attacked just after the final straight up the hill and got a gap on his opponents. The chase began unfortunately for Alana Forster – it became to much as she was dropped from the chase. Craig Tozer and Kieran Butler tried their best with Dimitar remaining too strong holding on over Kieran in 2nd and Craig in 3rd.

C & D grades were up next fielding the biggest start lists for the day of 15 (C) and 11 (D) – these fields had all the makings of being the hardest races to keep track of for the marshals – in the end however it was quite the opposite although there were several attempts in C grade for bunches to go off the front; none were allowed away and even more surprisingly none were dropped – all 15 riders were together down the final straight when the sprints opened up. Recently demoted B grade rider Tobias McLenaghan taking out the sprint (I’m sure the handicapper will have more to say about this) over our CRMCC Track champion Tim Jolly in 2nd and a couple of bike lengths later to Darren Blackhurst in 3rd.

D grade also making it easier than expected for the officials – mostly sticking together with only a couple of victims to the punchy climbs and the main bulk of the riders sticking together till the final laps as the race wore on – so did the toll on the legs. The final bunch sprint was eventually taken out by the strong finishing Mark Taylor over 2nd place Rosie Hurt and Mick Handbury rounding out the podium.

E & F grades were last to go – E grade fielding a very competitive 9 riders and 5 for F grade.

The initial laps sorted out who had the legs for the day and who didn’t with both grades having riders decide today was not their day. E grade kept a small pack together for most of the race and when the bell lap sounded the intensity picked up. The final Bunch sprint, and with the tailwind still blowing hard down the straight, Shirley-Anne Taylor decided to open her sprint from a long way out riding extremely hard all the way to the line holding off the bunch of Ian Morton in 2nd and Sue Powell in 3rd.

F Grade having a small field – it only got smaller pretty quickly with Lindsay Graham deciding it was not meant to be and Paul Robey being dropped from the group. That left only the tandem of Colin Calderwood and Lindy Hou against Chris Copeland and Elizabeth Lowe. As the race wore on, a small gap to the tandem opened up with the riders doing well; and a difficult and technical course on a standard bike not to mention on a tandem. The final result of the race was: 1st Elizabeth Lowe finishing stronger with 2nd Chris Copeland and 3rd Colin and Lindy.

Thanks to all who attended the races for the day as well as a big thanks to the volunteers Robert Craine for marshalling, Simon Whitehead for first Aid, Ian Hutchings and David Parker for driving the van.

Jason Irwin – Race Director


From the Race Committee

Crankys Bicycle Worx Voucher

Excel spat out the random number of Toby McLenaghan to make him the winner on this occasion for the Cranky’s Bicycle Worx $180 major tune service voucher. Congratulations Toby and many thanks to Stu from Crankys for his ongoing support.

CRuMbs out and about

Club members representing Canberra Cycling Club competed in the first Hayman Classic held on Sunday. This interstate race is multiple loops from Coppin’s Crossing up Fairlight road, onto Mountain Creek Road then back onto Uriarra road, offering all types of terrain and shocking weather to top it off! Kris McCreath was second in A grade, Ben Morrison and Stuart Griffiths took out the quinella in B grade. Andrew Chamberlain and John Paul de Sousa finished C grade. The Chamberlains must love tough courses with rough sections as Andrew’s son, Oscar, finished second in the Paris-Roubaix junior race the weekend before. 

Sutton Super Series Point Score

The first round of the Super Series was held at the training centre on Saturday. Conditions were excellent with the only problem being the number of punctures sustained by riders who rode to the course because of the shocking state of Pialligo Avenue. Those who competed on Saturday are eligible for the 12 bonus points if they compete in every other race. I nominate Ians Morton and Preston to bag the bonus points irrespective of what conditions are dished up between now and September.

RMS is on the blink at the moment but points allocation is as follows:

1st 10 points
2nd 8 points
3rd 6 points
4th 4 points
5th 3 points
6th onwards 2 points

Front runners at the moment are:

A Gerard Tiffen
B Dimitar Dojcinoski
C Toby McLenaghan
D Mark Taylor
E Shirley-Anne Taylor
F Liz Lowe

Rob Langridge – Race Committee

Michael Langdon

Capital Region Masters – Weekly Bleat, Monday 10 April, 2023

Masters, In this week’s Bleat;

  • What do Members want?
  • From the Race Committee – Sutton Super Series
  • Racing this Week
  • Race Reports

“I’m from Holland, and I’m used to rain”. Marianne Vos – Dutch Pro Cyclist

CRMCC – ideas / options

Since February’s AGM the committee has been working on priorities for the next twelve months, including progressing the outcomes of the survey done some time back. What has become obvious is that as a volunteer group with plenty of commitments outside riding, racing, training and spring classics we can only achieve so much on top of the day-to-day running of the club. Unfortunately, something always has to give and in this instance it’s those ‘nice to haves’ that help CRMCC remain the club of choice in our region. Improving the club and giving members more of what they want is still a priority, which is why we’re trialing a different road series format this year but we’re aware more is needed. The committee’s solution is to invite willing members to form a group to look at ways to improve the CRMCC experience and make the club sustainable into the future. Our hope is that this group will come back to the committee with ideas and options, or just the brutal truth about what you the members do or don’t want out of your membership. This may sound like some grass roots focus group conceived in an episode of Utopia but the reality is the committee can only do so much, and we need member buy-in. If you are interested in being a part of the group or have something else you’d love to champion (e.g. Social Coordinator) please reach out to Craig Tozer via the mailbox, or give me a call to chat on 0414 157 765 (I do a mean Rob Sitch impersonation!). 

Craig Tozer – CRMCC Secretary

From the Race Committee

Sutton Super Series Kicks off this Saturday!

This Saturday marks the beginning of the Sutton Road Training Centre Super Series. Six races will be held over the winter season at the Sutton Road Training Centre with riders accumulating the points gained from their places as they appear in the RMS:
1st 10 points
2nd 8 points
3rd 6 points
4th 4 points
5th 3 points
6th 2 points

Riders with the most points accumulated at the end of the series will be crowned champions for their grade.

Here are the main rules:

  1. The final round will be worth double points and riders that participate in all races will get a bonus 12 points.
  2. Prizes such as gift vouchers will be presented after the final race for first, second and third places.
  3. Riders must compete in the final race to receive the prize.
  4. Riders who are promoted will take their points with them to the higher grade.
  5. Point scores will be kept for each grade and updated after each round. 
  6. If more than one rider finishes with the same final score, a countback system of overall results will determine the higher place getter.
  7. The races may not all be scratch races, but a points race is another option.

If you are intending to compete, please make yourself familiar with the rules. Any feedback will be welcome prior to the first race but it might be difficult to make changes to the format after that.

Crankys Bicycle Worx Voucher

Another $180 Cranky’s Bicycle Worx voucher will be drawn by Excel random number selection on Saturday. You could be the lucky person this time so don’t miss out.

Rob Langridge – Race committee


*Saturday* 15 April, 1.30pm – Sutton Driver Training Course – Graded Scratch Race

Directions: Sutton Driver training centre
Approx 0.5 km along Sutton Rd from intersection of Sutton Rd and Pialligo Avenue

Cutoff registration 14/04/2023 9:30 PM
Jason Irwin – Race Director – ( 0434710310 )
Van Driver – needed
Robert Craine, Simon Whitehead – Marshals
Please advise the Race Committee ( if you can assist.


Addenda – CRMCC Criterium 28 March 23

F Grade – also raced on the night of the 28th; with Lyndsay Graham 1st, and Mijo Spoljaric 2nd.

Michael Langdon

Capital Region Masters – Weekly Bleat, Monday 3 April, 2023

Masters, In this week’s Bleat;

  • Final Season Points score…
  • From the Race Committee
  • Racing this Week
  • Race Reports

“I relax by taking my bicycle apart and putting it back together again”. Michelle Pfeiffer – American Actor
Michael Langdon

Summers Points…the score

A rainy crit and the end of daylight saving have marked an end to the summer season. Here are the winners and some commentary on how they got there.

Women: Linda Stals 79, Elizabeth Lowe 73, Cat Riley 55

Linda participated in 15 events over the summer including two road races. She amassed most of her points in E grade before being promoted to D. Liz completed 18 races including one road race. She had a few wins in D grade before being promoted to C grade. Third place Cat Riley participated in 13 events including marshalling twice and one road race. She won her first crit and was promoted by request.

Men: Steve Crispin 130, Michael Hanbury 108, Gerard Tiffen 107

Steve amassed his 130 points through winning three crits in A grade a handicap road race and directing a crit for a total of 16 participations. Michael participated in 21 events including race directing twice and two road races. He won one crit and one road race. Gerard participated in 15 events, winning 5 crits and one road race. He also race directed in the rain last week.


I’d like to apologise to race director Allan Bontjer and rider Gareth Downey for the mix – up with the results in the M4 crit champs a while back. Unbeknownst to everyone watching, Gareth Downey managed to stealthily finish in second and this was not recognised until a new finish order was sorted out on the podium. I didn’t inform Allan of this change so his race report had Gareth finishing in 4th and that’s how it originally appeared in The Bleat

Chris Copland–super van driver

Special thanks go to van driver Chris Copeland who when confronted with the van’s first ever flat tyre calmly figured out the peculiarities of spare wheels in a van and using various material available to him to get the wheel changed so he could take the equipment out to yesterday afternoon’s race. Well done Chris.

Rob Langridge – Handicapper

From the Race Committee


*Saturday* 15 April, 1.30pm – Sutton Driver Training Course – Graded Scratch Race

Directions: Sutton Driver training centre
Approx 0.5 km along Sutton Rd from intersection of Sutton Rd and Pialligo Avenue

Cutoff registration 14/04/2023 9:30 PM
Race Director – needed – Van Driver – needed – Marshal – needed
Please advise the Race Committee ( if you can assist.


CRMCC Criterium 28 March 23

Between holding an umbrella chasing roos and ducks, laughing with Kerrie Muir and discussing Eddies vs Marist with Simon – Our amazing tough racers were on the track in what could only be described as woeful conditions.

In all grades the numbers were pretty low. Riders worked together and held as a pack except in A Grade.
Notable Mentions: A Grade – James The Torpedo Thorpe Road away in an impressive win! A great sprint to finish the race in C Grade that video footage was required for Tony Rowley getting the nod over Rob Langridge. And a big mention to racer 547 showing up 7 weeks post total hip replacement we’ll done to Chris Copeland.  

A Grade – James Thorpe 1st, Nathan Spillane 2nd, Mark Terracini 3rd
B Grade – Tobias McLenaghan 1st, Ben Zeller 2nd, Ed Meeuwissen 3rd
C Grade – Tony Rowley 1st, Rob Langridge 2nd, Michael Hanbury 3rd
D Grade – Ian Morton 1st, Kevin Newhouse 2nd, Tony Sheehan 3rd
E Grade – Robert Solomon 1st, Ross Heazlewood 2nd, Robert Craine 3rd

Gerard Tiffen – Race Director

The Apollo Race – 2nd April 2023

This was a Sunday afternoon race with overcast skies and the occasional sun peeping through, ideal riding weather.  27 riders were registered to race and 25 showed up on the start line.  Second-hand information is that one of the non-starters had a mishap with a jersey and his wheel.  No injuries but a wrecked tire.

The 8 A-graders were away first. Steve Crispen came home first in 52:60 followed by Kristo McCreath and Bradley Peppinck in second and third respectively.  Daniel Lekhac punctured early on in the race and was a DNF.

Next away was B grade with 7 riders.  Dimitar Dojcinoski was the first B rider home at 1:00:27 followed by Martin Graham and Michael Rowland.  The only tight finish was the sprint to the line between Craig Linenmeter and Jonathon Glover.  Craig just managed to get his wheel in from for the finish but the two were duelling from the last turn to the finish and it could have gone either way with less than 1 second separting the two riders.  Well done guys.

Next away was C grade with 8 riders. Simon Costello was first home with a time of 1:02:00 followed closely by David Buckley and Ed Logue with only a minute separating first and third.

There were only 1 D grade and E grade riders and they rode in a single group with Brian Boyd getting home first in 1:13:26.

A big thanks to the support crew, and Paul Robey for providing first aid.  The three ETCs,  Darren Blackhurst, Sue Powell and Howard Moffat, lastly Jan Koehler for providing me with invaluable support at the start and finish and providing transport from the Honeysuckle creek campground to the start and back. 

Finally, the van had a flat so it was touch and go getting it to the race venue on time, and many thanks to my wife Wendy for her assistance to me in getting the flat tired changed.

Chris Copeland – Race Director

Track Racing Season 2022-23

The 2022-23 Track Racing Season concluded on Thursday 30 March with a team race, trophy presentation and drinks to celebrate another successful season.  The 2022-23 track season was a welcome change from recent seasons which were heavily disrupted by the combination of rain and Covid-19.  The weather was great this season, with only a single session disrupted by rain.

A total of 37 riders participated in one or more of the 22-23 track racing sessions.  Since the transfer of our track program to the Bundadome venue in 2014, a total of 79 riders from the club have participated in Track racing.  This season’s attendance was down on last year, with around 9 – 16 riders being the norm.  However, the enjoyment level from racing was as high as ever.

There were 21 evening track sessions with around 75 races over the season.  The season provided a variety of race formats including scratch races, handicaps, pursuits, match races, points races, sprints and time trials.  All races contributed points to an overall Track Championship.  This year Tim Jolly took out the Track Championship.  Tim is a most deserving winner as he attended every track session this year and has matured into an exceptionally strong track rider over two seasons.  It was good to see B grade riders well up in the Championship point scores.  James Newhouse (B grade) took out second place in the Track Championship with Conan Liu (A grade) taking third place.  Both riders had strong seasons and provided some exciting moments in their respective grades.  James is a track stalwart and regular podium finisher in B grade.  He also has amazing success in the short handicaps.  If there was a prize for most enterprising rider, Conan would take it.  He can be counted on to generate excitement in his races.

The track season was almost injury free. Gavin Stephens had a fall when his pedal clipped the high banking at slow speed.  However, this accident was relatively minor and Gavin was back racing in two weeks.  In the last eight years, we have had only seven relatively minor accidents at track.  Despite the speed, close quarters racing and lack of brakes, track racing is consistently the safest race discipline offered by the club.

The standard of riding was high and most of the regular riders improved considerably over the season.  As usual, it was difficult to select the most improved rider because most riders improved their performance markedly over the season.  However, this season’s award for most improved rider went to Sarah Stephens from B grade.  After entering track mid-season Sarah was soon giving Alison Hale a run for her money at dominating B grade.  Sarah also had great success in the recent NSW Masters Track Championship (WMAS3 – Gold in the Individual Pursuit, Silver in the Time Trial and Keirin).

The track season included a handicap Wheel Race just prior to Christmas, with the trophy taken by Tim Jolly.  Towards the end of the season, we ran a four-event Omnium Championship. The results for this event are decided by “the algorithm” which attempts to equalise the chances of all track participants, regardless of grading.  This year James Newhouse took out the Omnium Championship, capping off a very successful season for James.

22-23 Track Medal Winners
(L to R:  Sarah Stephens: Most Improved Track Rider, Tim Jolly: Xmas Wheel Race winner & Overall Track Champion, James Newhouse: Omnium Champion & Silver medallist for the Track Championship, Conan Liu: Bronze Medallist for the Track Championship).

This summary would not be complete without acknowledging and thanking all the parties who contributed to the track season.  This year, I would like to thank Michael Langdon, in particular.  Michael collaborated with me in running and reporting on the track events and considerably eased the burden of running the track racing.  Other contributors to the track season include the club committee who book the venue, support the track racing discipline and prepare the medals, Simon Whitehead from Sports Medicine, all those who assisted in myriad ways over the season and, finally, the riders who invariably displayed the best competitive spirit and camaraderie.

Graeme O’Neill – Race Director & keeper of “the algorithm”

Track Season Results
Christmas Wheel Race Results (1st – 5th):
Tim Jolly, Conan Liu, Steve Jones, Wayne Benham, Ben Davis.

Most Improved Track Rider
Sarah Stephens

Final Omnium Championship Points
James Newhouse (18), Conan Liu (15), Tim Jolly, Phil Coulton (13), Graeme O’Neill (11), Gavin Stephens (10), Craig Kentwell, John Paul De Sousa, Wayne Benham, Martin Graham, Sarah Stephens (8).

Final 22/23 Track Championship Point Scores
Tim Jolly (391), James Newhouse (342), Conan Liu (290), Alison Hale (274), Craig Kentwell (242), John Paul De Sousa (224), Wayne Benham (178), Steve Jones (148), Graeme O’Neill (139), Ed Garnett (134), Gavin Stephens (128), Warwick Wilson (127), Ian Drayton (126), Hamish Anderson (120), Martin Graham (119), Phil Coulton (115).

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