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  • Track Nationals – Australian Champions
  • Racing this Week – Lookout Hill
  • Race Reports – Women’s Podium!
  • From the Race Committee – Race Numbers

Lest We forget


Many of our CRMCC Trackies use the CRMCC Velodrome season as a springboard onto the annual Masters Track Nationals. This year at Anna Meares Veldodrome (13-16 April) our Trackies did very well. Congratulations to all!

Jim Veal with Bailey MacDonald – National Champion Jerseys. (Jim coached Bailey when he first started at the Bundadome)

Sarah Stephens – National Champion WM3 Individual Pursuit


*Saturday* 29 April, 1.30pm – Lookout Hill – Graded Scratch (46 & 36 kms)

Format: Lookout Hill 3.5km toward Tharwa, U turn, 5km toward Point Hut, U turn to Lookout Hill, 3.5km towards Tharwa, U turn, sprint finish heading North on the long flat stretch of road before getting back to Lookout Hill.
Grades A, B, C, D – 4.5 laps, E, F, G – 3.5 laps. Start and Finish in different spots.
Description: Graded Scratch
Directions: Observation lookout on Tidbinbilla Road about 2.5 km towards Tharwa from Point Hut / Tidbinbilla Rd intersection (or about 4.5 km from Tharwa village).

Cutoff registration Friday 28/04/2023 9:30 PM
Race Officials needed: ETC x 1, & the Van driver


Uriarra Homestead – Memorial Handicap – Saturday 22 April 2023

A picture perfect Autumn day greeted the 40 riders contesting the CRMCC Memorial Handicap. The lack of any notable breeze served to encourage the early departees as they set off on the first of three laps. Each subsequent grade assembled on the start line to discuss race strategies and how they could all work together for the win before heading off up the hill full of bonhomie and energy. Lap 1 one was uneventful save for the usual vocal encouragement from mullet wearing P-platers and the coming together of C1 and C2 before the Uriarra Crossing turnaround. Lap 2 was much the same despite the best efforts of D to chase down the early starters and the coming together of A2 and A1. As the riders entered the final lap the gaps were closing and the combined A grade disintegrated as the pace picked up but, other than a reshuffling of the order in A, B, C and D nothing could be down to stop the remaining F grade rider, Elizabeth Lowe easing away from her two E grade companions, Sue Powell and Linda Stalls, on the final drag up to the finish line. Sue followed a few moments later and Linda did well to hold off the fast finishing C Grade pair, David Dickson and Tobias McLenaghan to take out the last podium spot. David Dickson took a consolation 4th place ahead of Tobias in the only true sprint finish.

Gareth Downey – Race Director

Elizabeth Lowe 1st – Sue Powell 2nd – Linda Stals 3rd – Congratulations!

C1 and C2 – on the Handicap

Here’s the contribution from the MyRide crew who formed much of C grade and the top 10 at Saturday’s handicap. Thanks to Toby McLenaghan for his view from the bunch. (Rob Langridge)

Far out what a race today! Rosie Hurt and Mark Moerman started off in C2 and with the group not really working together and Rosie missing the first turn around, they had their work cut out for them. The group was pulling heavy turns, tired quickly, leaving Mark out on the front and Rosie at the back unable to get to the front due to the power Mark was putting to the ground. With Krusty Bryant, Ian ‘Presto’ Preston and me, Toby McLenaghan, in C1 the chase was on! Krusty the freight train was lucky to not have a power meter because if he did, he would have blown it up laying down turn after turn to the point that no-one could roll around him. Many tried but he would just pull it back going down the back straight. After the Krusty show on the down hills, Presto the mountain goat would take charge coming back up the hill drilling it with the help of Mark putting the group into single file once again when out of nowhere Rosie over took them all to push the group forward again. Unfortunately, with the MyRide riders the majority of the work we couldn’t quite catch E grade, however we didn’t get caught by B and scratch and all managed a top 10 finish. Well done team, great racing.💪🏻💪🏻

Unbiased mentions to David Dickson who won the sprint at the end doing a heap of work on the front. Darren Blackhurst who was always pushing hard and helping direct the guys around making sure we were working as one. 

Daniel Ward on the final turn made what looked to be the first move in trying to break away but went too early and without a wheel to catch, soon tired and was rounded up not long after from an all-out effort from Krusty.  

All in all, it was such a fun race with C1 and C2 working together to try and not be caught. Such a great style of racing.

(The CRMCC Memorial Handicap is an annual trophy race dedicated to the CRMCC Members we’ve lost over the years. The race hasn’t been run for the last couple of years due to Covid disruptions).


Fabric Race Numbers Available for all Members

If you have been to a Race recently, you may have noticed the big bags of fabric Race Numbers available. These have been organised through Jimmy and MVMNT CLUB for all Club Members. I will bring them to each Race so please come out to a Race and grab your number when you can!

David Parker – Vice President

Michael Langdon