Did you know that we have a couple of track cycling champions in our membership ranks? Several of our track stars have been competing interstate at NSW and National levels with some very impressive results. Congratulations to all those who competed.

NSW Track Championships

Kerry Knowler- Silver in WMAS5 500m TT, GOLD in WMAS5+ Point Race, Silver in WMAS5 Sprint, Silver in WMAS5 Ind Pursuit
Peta Brill- GOLD in WMAS3 500m TT, Silver in WMAS3 Ind Pursuit, GOLD in WMAS2-4 Scratch Race
Michael Langdon- Bronze in MMAS5 500m TT
Dom Rideaux- Silver MMAS6 Scratch Race

Masters National Championships

Peta Brill- Bronze WMAS3 Ind TT, Bronze WMAS3 Sprint, Bronze Women 3 Scratch race
Kerry Knowler- Bronze WMAS5 Ind TT, Silver WMAS5 Sprint, GOLD WMAS5 Ind Pursuit (WORLD RECORD pending), Silver Women 5 Scratch Race
Antony Bishop- GOLD MMAS5 Ind Pursuit
Dom Rideaux- Bronze MMAS6 Ind Pursuit