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Ian Morton

Vets Out and About

Vikings invade Wagga!

Conditions were perfect in Wagga for a 70km RR and 30 min crit on the weekend. Mark Taylor, Peta Brill and Michael Foulds entered in Div5 while I was in Div 4. The Div 5 RR was destroyed by Michael Foulds and a few other “eager” riders who overtook us in the Div 4 bunch. Michael ended up on the podium. The Div 4 RR was very leisurely with only a few dropped until the bunch split in the uphill sprint and with the usual cramps I limped in for about 8th. Mark got 6th in crit which was also a select bunch thanks to the power of Michael and others.


The Div 4 crit was fast and furious in the first few laps, shelling out all but 8 riders. Vikings rider Peter Storey went off the front with about 5 laps to go and some strategic blocking mainly by another Viking and a token effort by me helped him stay away. A Dulwich Hill guy rolled off his rear tubular with three corners to go but we all got safely around. Once again I was about 8th. The Wagga street course is a fast, smooth course full of corners and really worth trying, even with bursting lungs!

Robert Langridge

Pedal Power – Traffic Controller Course

Pedal Power ACT, in association with Roads ACT have scheduled a FREE Traffic Controller Course for the Cycling clubs and Community of the ACT for the past three years. Roads ACT have once again enabled FREE access to this training for two more dates in 2017.

The Traffic Controller training that is provided meets the NSW and the ACT requirements and provides the appropriate qualification to allow a registered person to control traffic at cycling (and other) events.

The Traffic Controller Training courses will be held for free for Canberra cycling clubs and cycling organisations in July and again in November. Spaces are limited for each training course.

Fully subsidised by Roads ACT these courses have been organised to assist in minimising costs on cycling clubs and organisations and help train volunteers, or club appointed marshals to fulfil the traffic controller duties at cycling events. We urge you to make use of this generous offer and assist your club and the broader cycling community by having more trained and skilled operators available for club and open events in the ACT. Please note ALL registrants must have a current driver’s license.

Course 1
Dates: Saturday 15 July
Time: Full day of training 8:30 – 5:30 pm
Location: Canberra Ave, Fyshwick
Cost: Free

Course 2
Dates: Saturday 11 November
Time: Full day of training 8:30-5:30 pm
Location: Canberra Ave, Fyshwick
Cost: Free

To register please go to:

Any problems or concerns please let me know.

Kindest Regard,

Stephanie Sleen | Program and Events Manager
I work Mondays (9-5) Tuesdays (9-2:30) and Fridays (9-5)
Ph: 02 6248 7995
Pedal Power ACT
Level 2 Griffin Centre, 20 Genge Street, Canberra City ACT | GPO Box 581, Canbera ACT, 2601

  1. Marshals are critical to the survival of our racing schedule as we simply cannot conduct races safely without them. Please note the policy on members marshalling a race a year to support club races athttps://actvets.cc/racing-with-us/marshal-schedule/. Note that members should not leave it to the last minute to try and find a replacement if they can’t make their allotted marshaling duty.

Dougal Torrance
President, ACT Veterans Cycling


Saturday, 8th July: Old Federal Highway Handicap – F & A Tonelli Trophy

Where: Gravel Pit – Intersection Federal Highway and Shingle Hill Way.
When: 1:30 pm.
Sign on: 15 mins before scheduled start time wearing your registered number.
Race Description:
Handicap – 3 laps, all grades.

Race Director: Ben Davis Contact: Email: bdavis@internode.on.net    Ph  0416014629

Nominated Marshals: Ben Healy, Theresa McLachlan, Andrew Murrell, Alex Sommariva, Warwick Wilson. Note: 1 more volunteer required. Please let Ben know if you can help out.

Upcoming Marshall Roster

The nominated marshals for upcoming events are;
– Jul 22 @ Dairy Flat: David Gunther
– Jul 29 @ Dalton: Jayson Clarke, Tony Sheehan, Brian Chugg, Lindsay Graham, Daniel Grillo
– Aug 5 @ Lookout Hill: Paul Ledbrook, Stephen Isbel


Stromlo Points Race – 1 Jul 2017

One of the coldest mornings in many years gave way to a beautiful bluebird day for points racing at Stromlo. With most riders preparing to become vampires over the next month and lock their remotes onto SBS to watch the tour we still had a roll-up of 42 riders.

A Grade

After the first sprint in A Grade which was a Battle between Steve Crispin and Marc Vroomans, Steve said to Marc “Come with me”, so off they went for a few laps and were soon joined by Michael Brice. The trio rolled turns at the front and built a good lead with Steve taking the 3 points on offer each time. The pace that Steve set in the group soon saw Marc drop back. However Marc’s place was soon taken by Ben Smith. For the rest of the race it was the two team Onya riders and Steve riding away from everyone else. I think they lapped nearly every other A grader! Steve scored maximum points for most of the remaining sprint laps and ended up with a sizeable 37 points after 45 minutes to take 1st place with Michael Brice grabbing 21 points to finish 2nd and Marc’s early work paying off to hang for 3rd with 13 points.

B Grade

This was tight racing for the whole 45 minutes with no riders getting any breaks or dropping off. This resulted in mass sprints every 2 laps which made for great viewing for those watching, but a nightmare for my marshal David who had to try to pick the riders each time. Made even more hard with some numbers written in pen in small font! In the end Jarrod Cook snuck home with 18 points, closely followed by Bean Healy on 15 and Rainer Wilton on 14.

C Grade

Great to see the tandem of Ashley Carruthers and Lindy Hou present at the start line for C grade. Great for us, but strikes fear into the others lining up as this tandem combination has serious power. Chris Kon tried his best to stay with the tandems for several laps until the rule of 4 legs is better than 2 and the tandem launched into overdrive. Some close sprinting for 2nd and 3rd place resulted with Chris Kon claiming the minor points each time. 1st Tandem of Lindy Hou and Ashley Carruthers 26 points. 2nd Chris Kon 18 points. 3rd Alwyn Chilver 14 points.

D Grade

Welcome to new rider Conan Liu who rode under the numbering system that we assigned him on the line (000). Always tough to work out which grade a new rider should begin in, however Conan fit in well in the D grade bunch as they rode together for the entire 35 mins. At each sprint lap it was close racing each time with Conan taking out some wins, Daniel Grillo also featuring heavily and Michael Hanbury also in the mix. In the end it was Conan taking out the win with 20 points ahead of Daniel Grillo on 12 and Michael Hanbury on 10.

E Grade

Another Tandem combination with John Barlow teaming up with Tony Beasley to race in E Grade. Also welcome back to Al Bontjer who has been off the bike for 6 months. Each sprint was a good tussle between the sprinting power of John Lowe and the tandem with John taking a few and the Tandem taking a few. In the end however it was John Lowe that prevailed with 17 points ahead of the tandem with 13 points and Al Bontjer on 7 points.

F Grade

Another closely fought affair with all riders scoring points. Another nightmare for us trying to judge from the sidelines with most sprints involving 2-3 riders on the line all separated by a tyre width. Kevin Newhouse took overall honours with 18 points ahead of Graham Hendrie on 12 and Angie Wren also 12. Graham got 2nd on countback after finishing higher in the final sprint.

G Grade

Bernie started with F Grade and cheekily contested several of the early sprints. I think he may have even got 3rd in one of them.

Thankyou to Phil Coulton for helping the runners get across the track safely during the racing. David Witteveen for the 2nd set of eyes on the line. It was actually one of the harder days to score with so many sprints coming down to the line. So job well done! Howard Moffatt for sign-on desk duties and the ever reliable Graham Hendrie for opening and closing duties. Tom Roberts was our sports med on the day and thankfully was not needed as everyone raced safely.

Ben Davis
Race Director