It’s the Gunning 2 Day event coming up this weekend.

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Ian Morton

Gunning 2 Day

Event Overview

The Gunning 2 Day Event will comprise 3 races;

  • 4 km Time Trial
  • 48 km Road Race
  • 48 km/96 km Road Race

General Classification

Overall classification will be based on aggregated points awarded across the 3 races based on position, finish bonuses and sprint primes;

Winner gets a score equivalent to the number of riders in the event, with last place getting one point. There will be a 6-point bonus for first, 4 for second and 2 for third. Eg. the winner in a TT with 10 riders will be awarded 16 points.

48km RR:
Winner of the 48km RR gets a score equivalent to the number of riders in the event, with last place getting one point. There will be a 3-point bonus for first, 2 for second and 1 for third. Sprint primes will be worth 3, 2 and 1 point.

96km RR:
Winner of the RR gets a score equivalent to the number of riders in the event, and so on with last place getting one point. There will be a 6-point bonus for first, 2 for second and 1 for third. Eg, the winner in a RR with 10 riders will be awarded 16 points. Sprint primes will be worth 3, 2 and 1 point.

Note: Riders MUST have completed stages 1&2 on the Saturday to be eligible to race in Stage 3 on Sunday.


Competitors who wish to be eligible for the General Classification must compete in all three events. Register for all three events in the RMS individually. Competitors may choose to compete in the Saturday Races only and results will go towards season results but will not quality for the 2 Day medals.

Water Bottles

For the 98km race on Sunday, the club will not be providing additional water bottles. Riders who require additional water for the second leg, may bring their own to be collected at the turn. The turn will be neutral to allow riders to pick up their bottles.


The Committee is still working on arranging a Porta-Loo. Details will advised later.


Following the Stage 3 on Sunday, there will be a medal presentation and light refreshments.


One more official is required to assist on Saturday and two more officials are required on Sunday. Please let the Race Committee ( if you can assist.


Saturday, 7th May – Stage 1 – Time Trial

When: 10:00 am.
Race Description:
Time Trial (4 km)

Saturday, 7th May – Stage 2 – Scratch

When: 11:30 am.
Race Description:
Gunning – Breadalbane – return, All Grades (48 km)

Sunday, 8th May – Stage 3 – Scratch

When: 10:00 am for ABCD, 11:00 am for EFG.
Race Description:
Gunning – Breadalbane – return, ABCD 2 laps (98 km), EFG 1 lap (48 km)

Reminder: All riders must register for each event on the ACT Vets website ( by 6/5/2022 6:00 PM prior to the event. There are no registrations on the day.

Any requests for Grade changes should be sorted out with the Handicapper prior to registration.

Where: Approx 1.5 km – North East of Gunning. Park off the road at the top of the hill.

Race Director:  Bob Miller Contact: Email:    Ph  0411 271 656

Marshals: Andre Swenson, Matt Hinchcliffe, Darren Blackhurst, Robert Langridge, Van Driver – Paul Robey


Smiths Rd – Naas Rd – 30th April

Mt Tennent Terror lives up to its name…

With the scarcity of suitable road race venues the Smiths Rd course (AKA Mt Tennent Terror) is now one of few the courses with low traffic in the ACT. Gone are the days of starting at Lookout Hill, doing a turn on the Pt Hutt Crossing road then zooming through Tharwa and onto the Apollo Rd and then returning.

The forecast for the entire week was not good, but once Saturday dawned the rain was gone and a few starters took advantage of the extended registration period to lock in their road season debut. Conditions were sunny but windy when ETCs Tony Weir and Brian Peek and marshal Karen Clutson gathered to perform the arduous task of setting up the signs for the race. Many thanks for making the day a great success. Simon, our first aider, was on hand, but his skills did not extend to fixing the various cardiovascular malfunctions caused by the Mt Tennant ridge and the howling gale.

Although it was all calm when the grades rolled out from Smiths Rd to Naas Rd onto the course, it was carnage by the time most grades returned after the first lap. By the end of the second lap there were no indications that the race was a graded scratch.

Completing two laps, Alison Hale led Simon Milnes and Shirley-Anne Taylor for the E grade podium. Chris Copeland was the solo finisher for F grade.

The unstoppable Garard Tiffen took out A grade followed by new rider Michael Rosser and Al Raitt.

There was actually a sprint in B grade where Jason Irwin got the better of Chris Short, with Michael Roland not far behind.

C grade was one for the history books, as Ian Preston broke away early and soloed to victory by a substantial margin. Missing at this triumph was Mrs Presto who loyally cheers him on at every crit without fail. Second was Owain Tilley followed by Damian Copeland.

D grade finished in a sprint between Stuart Roesler and Tony Beasley. Stuart won this, ensuring he will return to C grade. Anthony Dick was third in one of his rare road appearances.

One good aspect of this race was the appearance of a number of riders who’ve yet to enjoy many road races with the club. Welcome to David Parker, Jason Irwin, Michael Rowland, Michael Davies, Krusty Bryant, Scott Bird and Ed Hall. Let’s hope they return for more tests of their sanity and willpower.

And special thanks to Cat Riley for her home-made biccies.

I’m hoping for a good turnout at Gunning this Saturday. This is the easiest course to race in the region and shouldn’t be missed.

Rob Langridge